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Ae mere dile naadaan tu gham se na ghabraana

Posted on: August 1, 2008

This song is different from the usual songs that I have so far presented in this blog. For once, it is the first female solo song in this blog. But more than that, it is different in the sense that its popularity with retrospective effect among music lovers defies explanation.

It may look like a sad song, because it contains words like “gham”, Zakhm” etc, and also because it is sung in a slow tempo, like sad songs. But in reality, this song is one where the lady puts up a brave face and resolves to fight on, despite facing heavy odds in life.

One of the great songs of early 1960s, it has got more popular with time among discerning audience. Of course, it was not all that popular among ordinary listeners during its days. This song never made it to binaca geetmala finals. Whenever I come across good philosophical songs like this, I almost second guess that such songs may not have done well at the popularity contests like Binaca geetmala.

The one main reason why the song was not popular with Jhumritalaiya audience could be because it was part of a C grade movie. Look at the name of the movie. It is called “Tower house”, not quite a mainstream title for a movie in those days.

Ravi was one of those music directors who would give his best however rubbish the movie itself may be. And now, no one recalls the movie, but the song is regarded as a classic by everyone. And the lyrics were penned by that lesser known lyricist Asad Bhopali, who was so underestimated during his days that he got much fewer assignments that he deserved. Just go through the lyrics. One may not be fully able to understand what he is trying to say, but one can realise that it is some high philosophical poetry.

It is the second song with Asad Bhopali’s lyrics in this blog, and we can see that he was something special. His philosophical lyrics and the songs composed on them may not have had much commercial and popular success, but it appears to me that in his lyrics, we have a treasure waiting to be discovered.

This song is my song of the day for today.

This song is a two version song. The second (sad version) was not available online for a long time. And that had prevented this movie from getting YIPPEED.

Song-Ae mer dile nadaan tu gham se na ghabraana (Tower House) (1962), Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-Ravi


ae mere dil-e-nadan tu gham se na ghabarana

ik din to samajh legi duniya tera afsaana
ae mere dil-e-nadan tu gham se na ghabarana

armaan bhare dil mein zakhmon ko jagah de de
bhadke huye sholon ko kuch aur hawa dede
banti hai to ban jaaye yeh zindagi afsaana
ae mere dil-e-naadaan tu gham se na ghabrana
ik din to samajh legi duniya tera afsaana
aye mere dil-e-nadan tu gham se na ghabrana

fariyad se kya haasil rone se nateeza kya
bekaar hai yeh baatein in baaton se hoga kya
apna bhi ghadi bhar mein ban jaata hai begaana
ae mere dil-e-nadan tu gham se na ghabrana
ik din to samajh legi duniya tera afsaana
ae mere dil-e-nadan tu gham se na ghabrana


Oh my naive heart don’t be afraid of sorrows

A day will come when the world would realise the truth about you

Let there be space for hurt in your hopeful heart
let the fires of longings be stoked some more
If it had to be so, let my life become a tale

Complaints get you nothing, crying takes you nowhere
These are idle talk that achieve nothing
Those we consider our own may turn up against us in no time

Oh my naive heart don’t be afraid of sorrows


10 Responses to "Ae mere dile naadaan tu gham se na ghabraana"

Wow…I last heard this song more than 25 years ago…I used to have a Lata classics cassette at that time and it had this song….Lovely song…one that would fit in well in a “bhoole bisre geet” programme. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to it again.

Thanks, Atul.

It is very difficult for me to explain what it is that makes this song so nice to hear it. But there is unanimity among aficionados of Bollywood music that it is such a nice song to hear.




I will post the translation of the song in the writeup too (time permitting).

This is a multi-part song and its 08:33 min composite video clip is now on YouTube at

I think the song is somewhat like ” Ayega aayega..’ from ‘Mahal’. Hence an instant appeal to all.
K S Shenoy

Full video song with both parts

Lyrics of sad but most inspirational part of the song.
A master stroke by Shayar Asad Bhopali Sb.

Maalik ne tujhe di hai ye zindagi jeene ko
Toofaan men rahne de tu apne safine ko
Jab waqt ishaara de saahil pe pahunch jaana

Aye mere dil-e-nadaan tu gham se na ghabraana
Ik din to samajh legi duniya tera afsaana
Aye mere dil-e-nadaan tu gham se na ghabraana……….
tu gham se na ghabraana,,,,,,,,
tu gham se na ghabraana…………

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