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Guni Janon bhakt janon

Posted on: August 5, 2008

It is a movie that has long been forgotten , but this movie was lit up by this one awesome comedy song sung and performed on the screen by the one and only Kishore Kumar. It is a tremendous comedy song written by that lesser known lyricist Qamar Jalalabadi and composed so well by Kalyanji Anandji. Kishore Kumar has sung and acted with characteristic exuberance in this song.

It is my privilege to present this hidden gem that deserves to be ranked as one of the unforgettable comedy songs from Kishore Kumar. Kishore Kumar, the genius is at his best here while singing as well as acting. This song, though largely forgotten now was ranked 4th in 1971 Binaca geetmala finals. It was that popular in its days.

After watching Kishore Kumar in this song, one cannot help but ask why his comical acting talent was not exploited more. First Padosan, and then this scene from Aansoo aur Muskaan show what Kishore Kumar was capable of as a comedian. Perhaps his busy singing schedule, as well as lack of suitable acting offers were the reasons why we did not see Kishore Kumar in more such roles in coming years.

One can easily see that it is an off beat song. And it is the lyrics that makes it so. And the lyricist Qamar Jalalabadi has really let his creative juices flow in torrents, when one looks at the lyrics.

Such a song is to be enjoyed by listening to its original lyrics, and I am not going to try and translate this song. A song like this cannot be translated properly, in my opinion, nor is it required to enjoy this song.

Song- Guni Janon bhakt janon (Aansoo aur muskaan) (1970) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


guni janon re bhakt janon
guni janon bhakt janon
Hari naam se naata re jodo bhai maayaa se munh modo re
Jagat-Naarayan ki jai-jai bolo-bolo
Nagad-Naarayan ko chhodo re
bolo re
Jagat-Naarayan ki jai-jai bolo-bolo
Nagad-Naarayan ko chhodo re

are raj-dhan are gaj-dhan
raj-dhan gaj-dhan gaj-dhan raj-dhan
sarega ma pa dha ni sa san ni dha pa ma ga re sa
dhanya Prabhu waah waah
raj-dhan gaj-dhan raaj-dhan anaaj-dhan
laal ratan dhan khaan re
laal ratan dhan khaan re
aayo re jab santosh-dhan baaba sab dhan dhool samaan re
bolo re sab dhan dhool samaan re
dhan to hai
dhan to hai deevaar ret ki dhan se preeti todo re
Jagat-Naaraayan ki jai-jai bolo-bolo
Nagad-Naaraayan ko chhodo re

duniya karti roop ki bhakti
kaisi maaya-roop re
kaisi maaya-roop re
are ham to uske bhakt hain bhakton jisne banaaya roop re
bolo re
jisne banaaya roop re

sundar naari preetam pyaari
sundar naari preetam pyaari
pyari chhavi dikhalaaye
o swami ji
pyari chhavi dikhalaaye
o swami ji chup re
Roop Narayan ki jai jai bolo bolo Jagat Narayan ko chodo re
Jagat Narayan ki jai jai bolo
Jagat Narayan ki jai jai bolo bolo Roop Narayan ko chodo re
Roop Narayan ko chodo re
Roop Narayan ko chodo re
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan

suno-suno chal-chitram ki kathaa sunaaye
kathaa sunaaye bhakt Kishoram
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan

brhmaande he koti sitaaram prthvi par bhi anek sitaaram
are aashirvaadam AshokaKumaaram
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Prithviiputram RaajaKapuuram ShammiiKapuuram ShashiiKapuuram
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Raamam Shyaamam DiliipaKumaaram PuurabaPashchim ManojaKumaaram
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
are premapujaarii Devaanandam
Roop pujaarii I. S. Jauharam
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
are Niilamakamalam RaajKumaaram
yaade yaadam SuniilDattam
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
are ittefaaqam RaajeshaKhannam jay jaanii Raajendranaatham
uchhalamakuudam jai Mahamuudam
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan

are svarg lok mein ek hai Indr
are priithvi kaare teen hain Indr
are jai Jeetendra jai Dharmendra jai-jai-jai ho jai Raajendra
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan

Jagat Naaraayan ko chhod ke santon
Nagad Naaraayan ke sab hain yaaram
Nagad NaaraayaN ke sab yaaram
Nagad NnaaraayaN ke sab yaaram

in sabake peechhe
are peeche pad gayaa income Taxam
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
peeche pad gayaa income Taxam
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan

are bam-bam naache KishorKumaaram
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
bam-bam bam …
Jai Govindam jai Gopalan
bam bam

12 Responses to "Guni Janon bhakt janon"

I love this song. Kishore was so talented – I think he could just do anything he felt like doing. And indeed his sense of comedy and total lack of inhibition meant to me that he was the ultimate muppet. 🙂

And you have rightly not tried to translate this song.
This is a song that needs to be enjoyed in its original form.


Atul, one thing.
When I click on the video, I get this “we’re sorry, this video is not available” msg.
Of course this is quite common but since there is no youtube link to click on, I tend to go to youtube and then search for the song there (like I did with this one).
Is it intentionally that you are not putting the youtube link ? I know you said something about the loading time.
No problem as such since anybody who is interested will always go to youtube to watch the song but just thought you should know.


raja, sorry for the inconvenience. I have provided the right link, but for some reason the message ” this video is not available” is being displayed on clicking. This video is very much available. I am trying to work out the reason for this message. In the meanwhile, I have just provided the youtube link for the song.


Yes, I have worked out what was causing the trouble. It is a song that is a must watch. And the link is working now.


Like so many KK songs this is so enjoyable. I’m not sure but did this come at a time when the IT people were raiding film stars homes? There was a time when that happened back then and I was visiting Bombay. KK was multi-talented but I loved him in his comedy roles most. And congrats on your centuries.


Indeed, Kishore Kumar has his problems with income tax. Back then, the tax rates used to be ridiculous. People in the highest test bracket were required to pay something like 97% of their income as income tax, and industrialists were actually supposed to play more tax than their turnover.


It was said that tax problems forced Kishore Kumar to opt for playback singing in ’68. Until that time KK sang only for himself & Dev Anand. He was more interested in acting till then.
I remember this song being played last (top slot ), in Binaca . Rather , this song was what made me & some of my friends listen to Binaca Geetmala . We were in fifth std then .But I still remember our singing it in school during the break !


@ Atul ji- Kindly add the ‘year tag’ of the year 1970 to the two songs of this film already posted on the blog please !!!


That name: BINACA GEETMALA brings smile to my face. The current generation will never know how was it like to LISTEN and ENJOY it. It was part of millions of INDIANS on Wed 8pm to 9pm. and I also use to try and sing this GEM. It is just un-believable song by THE GENIUS.






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