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Aapki nazron ne samjha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe

Posted on: August 22, 2008

It is one of the immortal ghazals of Bollywood. When one of the biggest music directors of that time, Naushad, heard the ghazals of Anpadh ( other ghazal being ” hai isi mein pyar ki aabroo”), he found out who the composer was, and then phoned Madan Mohan and took an appointment with him. When Naushad met Madan Mohan, Naushad said that these two ghazals by Madan Mohan were equal to all the compositions that he ( Naushad) had ever created.

This was high praise indeed from a very respected and senior music director. This classy song had enough following among lay public too, so much so that this ghazal finished 4th in Binaca geetmala final of 1962. Not a mean achievement for a ghazal.

With the benefit of hindsight and wisdom gained with retrospective effect, it may appear that the lyrics are far too medieval, where a woman is depicted as a slave of the man, it must be kept in mind that this ghazal was written 46 years ago, and those days were much different from the present days.

Listening to the song dispassionately, it is a wonderful song. It is special in many ways. For once, this song earned Madan Mohan the sobriquet of “ghazal king” from Lata, and also the respect of his peers. Madan Mohan entered into a productive phase of his career after this song.

This ghazal is an evergreen ghazal, that retains its ability to keep us spellbound, despite being composed almost half a century ago. That is what timeless music is all about.

Song-Aapki nazron ne samjha (Anpadh) (1962) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Madan Mohan


Aapki Nazaron Ne Samjha, Pyaar Ke Kaabil Mujhe
Dil Ki Ai Dhadkan Thaher Ja, Mil Gayee Manzil Mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Ji Hamen Manzoor Hai, Aapka Ye Faisla
Ji Hamen Manzoor Hai, Aapka Ye Faisla
Kah Rahi Hai Har Nazar, Banda Paravar Shukriya
hans ke apni zindagi me kar liya shaamil mujhe
dil ki ae dhadkan thahar ja mil gayi manzil mujhe
aapki nazron ne samjha

Aapki Manzil Hoon Main Meri Manzil Aap Hain
Aapki Manzil Hoon Main Meri Manzil Aap Hain
Kyon Main Toofaan Se Darun Mera Saahil Aap Hain
Koi Toofanon Se Kah De, Mil Gaya Saahil Mujhe
Dil ki ae dhadkan thahar ja mil gayi manzil mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha

Pad Gai Dil Par Mere, Aapki Parchhaiyan
Pad Gai Dil Par Mere, Aapki Parchhaiyan
Har Taraf Bajane Lagin Saikadon Shahnaaiyaan
Do jahan ki aaj khushiyan ho gayi haasil mujhe
aapki nazron ne samjha pyar ke kaabil mujhe
dil ki ae dhadkan thahar ja mil gayi manzil mujhe
Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha …


You considered me worthy of your love
O my heart beats, stop right there and let me savour this great feeling, for I have reached my target

Yes, I submit to your decision
I whole heartedly thank you
on your decision to include me in your life

I am your target, you are my target
Why should I be afraid of storms, now that you are there to protect me

You have won over my heart
and I can see the wedding bells chiming all around
I have got the happiness of all the worlds

Audio Link
Aapki nazron ne samjha

8 Responses to "Aapki nazron ne samjha pyaar ke kaabil mujhe"

This was my sister’s favourite song…she would keep singing this song when we were kids….brings back nostalgic memories.

I love this song…Lata really sang at a completely different plane for Madan Mohan….she even admitted that he was her favourite music composer….

Very good movie also this was.


And this movie has many nice songs to listen to.


This in not just a nice song, its really special. Girls love this sort of fantasy and in the actual picturization there is the dream boy–can it get any better than that?


this song my one of favorite sng ……………….. i luv this soo much
lata is good n nice lady who sing such a nice sng with emotion…………………. thanks lata jiiiiii
for sing this sng…………..


dint knw it was a ghazal :P..still,wat a song!!..sounds so gud 2 hear it even now :)..


Here Is A Song I HEARD Many Times . Every Time I HEAR I FEEL Good And Nostalia Of 50s T 1960s Films


Atul’s description be considered final word for this superb evergreen composition.


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