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Aapse humko bicchde huye ek zamaana beet gaya

Posted on: October 1, 2008

I have mentioned in the past that I had a diary in 1970s, in which I noted down the lyrics of the songs that I liked the most. A few of the songs noted at that time have become forgotten, though they are just as good to listen to now as they were then.

One such song was from the movie called “Vishwaas” released in 1969. This song “aapse humko bichde huye ek zamaana beet gaya” is such a wonderful song. The lyrics was written by an up and coming lyricist called Gulshan Baawra, and the music was by Kalyanji Anandji. I have been under the impression for much of the last three decades that this song was sung by Mukesh. While listening to this song again ( after locating the hard to find video clip), I realised that Suman Kalyanpur also figures in this song. Moreover, I realised that the male voice was not Mukesh, but Manhar, also known as Manhar Udhas, who now a days is better remembered as the brother of Pankaj Udhas.

I was surprised how I could be so mistaken about the identity of the male singer for such a long time. I looked at my diary. Lo and behold- I had correctly written the singers name as Manhar and Suman Kalyanpur there. I heaved a huge sigh of relief.

While watching the video of the song, I saw that it was Jeetendra, now better known as the father of Ekta Kapoor, who was the hero.

In the last stanza of the song, a lady suddenly makes her appearance in the trademark attire prescribed for heroines in bollywood movies those days- viz white transparant sari. Her hairstyle was so ghastly ( by modern standards, of course). The hairstyle covered her two ears and cheeks entirely,and extended below her head till her waist in the form of a ponytail. The makeup had her looking like a Maharashtriyan lady. Who was it, Bhagyashree’s mom perhaps ? I took a closer look. She looked like the mother of Sen sisters. It cannot be. She could well be their grandmom. I googled, and found that I was wrong. It was not Suchitra Sen, but a Sen nevertheless. She was Aparna Sen, another “Sen”sation from Bangla movies those days. Unlike Suchitra Sen,whose daughter (Moon Moon) and grand daughters (Rea and Rhaima) have been Bollywood actresses, Aparna Sen created a relatively smaller dynasty- her daughter is actress Konkona Sen Sharma.

As I mentioned earlier, this song is by and large forgotten by now and so I do not think younger generation listeners may have been exposed to this song. This song is a hidden and forgotten gem from an era 40 years ago, when mothers and fathers of present day starlets were enjoying their days under the sun.
So here it is. I am proud to re- present this song for the listeners, and viewers of Bollywood filmy music.



Song- Aapse humko bichchde huye (Vishwas) (1969) Singer-Manhar Udhas, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Gulshan Baawra, MD- Kalyanji Anandji


Aapse hamko bichde huye
Aapse hamko bichde huye
ek zamaana beet gaya
Apna muqaddar bigde huye
Apna muqaddar bigde huye
ek zamaana beet gaya
Aapse hamko bichde huye
ek zamaana beet gaya

Aapse milke in aankhon me
kitne khwaab sajaaye the
Jis gulshan me humne milke
geet wafa ke gaaye the
Us gulshan ko ujde huye
Us gulshan ko ujde huye
ek zamaana beet gaya
Apna muqaddar bigde huye
Apna muqaddar bigde huye
ek zamaana beet gaya

Qismat hamko le aayi hai
Gulshan se veeraane mein
Aansoo bhi naakaam rahe hain
Dil ki aag bujhaane mein
Is veeraane mein jalte huye
Is veeraane mein jalte huye
ek zamaana beet gaya
Aapse hamko bichde huye ek zamaana bet gaya
Apna muqaddar bigde huye
Apna muqaddar bigde huye
ek zamaana beet gaya

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