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Gussa itna haseen hai to

Posted on: October 5, 2008

Rajesh Khanna, the superstar of late 1960s and early 1970s had fans swooning over his mannerisms. Whatever he touched turned to gold those days.

Maryada was a movie where he acted opposite the ageing heroine Mala Sinha. This movie, though largely forgotten now, had some awesome songs. One Mukesh song from this movie, viz “jubaan pe dard bhari daastaan chali aayi” has already appeared in this blog.

Here is another song from this movie. This song was sung by Kishore Kumar and it was a timepass tapori song. This song was quite popular during its time, and I still find this song just as nice to listen to. I have now watched the video as well and I realise that the song was picturied rather well. Rajesh Khanna indulges in what could only be described as eve teasing in India, and gets away with it. In real life, one should not try it with a stranger girl, because then one will surely run the risk of being booked for eve teasing. Yes, “eve teasing” is a uniquely Indian word, and tapori songs like this may well have helped coin this Hinglish term.

The audio of the song itself is quite melodious, and has always been a favourite song with me. And Kishore Kumar ( as well as other great singers of the era) had the ability to lift songs on mundane situations into the realm of greatness. This is indeed one such song, at least as far as I am concerned.

Song- Gussa itna haseen hai to pyaar kaisa hoga (Maryaada) (1971) Singer- Kishore Kumar, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD- Kalyanji Anandji


ga ga ga ga ga gussa
Gussa itna haseen hai to pyaar kaisa hoga
O pyar kaisa hoga
are aisa jab inkaar hai to
ikraar kaisa hoga
ikraar kaisa hoga

didi rei didi rei
didi rei ee ee

palken uthi huyi si hain
aankhen jhuki huyi si hain
palken uthi huyi si hain
aankhen jhuki huyi si hain
dilkash raseele hothon pe
baaten ruki huyi si hain
khaamoshi aisi hai to
izhaar kaisa hoga
izhaar kaisa hoga
ga ga
Gussa itna haseen hai to
pyaar kaisa hoga
O pyaar kaisa hoga

didi dei
didi dei
du du du oo oo

dekhoon agar to ghabraaye
chhooloon agar to sharmaaye
dekhoon agar to ghabraaye
chhooloon agar to sharmaaye
chhedoon zara saa to
maare sharam ke mar jaaye
taubaa taubaa
taubaa aisa sharmeela
dildaar kaisa hoga
dildaar kaisa hoga
ga ga
Gussa itna haseen hai to pyaar kaisa hoga
O pyar kaisa hoga

2 Responses to "Gussa itna haseen hai to"

Oh Atul–I love this song, it’s so much fun! And I sure wouldn’t mind being “eve-teased” by Rajesh Khanna either 🙂

Other than the Mukesh number you mention (one of the best ‘sad’ songs in Hindi cinema IMHO), the other fun one is the duet “Chup ke se dil de de”. There’s a story related to this song from Mala Sinha (here is an excerpt from the original article, link to it is at the bottom).

“Her Maryada hero Rajesh Khanna was really naughty and always playing pranks. “We were shooting the song ‘Chup ke se dil de de …’ in Filmalaya Studios, I was all dressed to kill with a plunging neckline and on my way to the set I heard a piercing wolf-whistle. I turned back to lash out in anger and there I saw Rajesh sitting under a tree telling me mischievously, ‘My compliments!’. My anger just evaporated,” she recalls.”


That is some great information, Suhan. I look for such small but interesting tid bits.


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