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Teri duniya se hoke majboor chala

Posted on: October 19, 2008

The movie “Pavitra Paapi” is by and large forgotten. The fact that this movie had the lyrics and music by Prem Dhawan is also not known to many. But this forgotten movie has a song that is extremely well known.

This song, “teri duniya se hoke majboor chala” is a memorable sad song of the category that I have unofficially named as “chal ud ja re panchi” category. Songs of this ilk tend to get preferred by heartbroken people who are so disappointed and heartbroken in their lives that they decide to call it quits and who decide to go away from their familiar surroundings,leaving their near and dear ones behind.

This song is sung by Kishore Kumar and it is one of the very best sad songs that Kishore Kumar sang in his career. I have been posting the list of the best sad songs of Kishore Kumar in my other blog, and this song figured in part I of the list of sad songs by Kishore. Yes, Kishore Kumar has sung so many outstanding sad songs that I felt the need to post the lists of such songs as part I, part II.. etc.

Song- Teri duniya se hoke majboor chala (Pavitra Paapi) (1970) Singer- Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD- Prem Dhawan


teri duniyaa se ho ke majboor chalaa
main bahut door, bahut door, bahut door chalaa
teri duniyaa se ho ke majboor chalaa
main bahut door, bahut door, bahut door chalaa
teri duniya se

is qadar door se phir laut ke bhi aa na sakoon
aisi manzil ke jahaan khud ko bhi main paa na sakoon
aur majboori hai kyaa,
aur majboori hai kyaa, itnaa bhi batlaa na sakoon
teri duniyaa se ho ke majboor chalaa
main bahut door, bahut door, bahut door chalaa
teri duniyaa se …

aankh bhar aayi agar, ashqon ko main pee loongaa
aah nikli jo kabhi, honthon ko main see loongaa
tujhse waadaa hai kiyaa,
tujhse waadaa hai kiyaa, is liye main jee loongaa
teri duniyaa se ho ke majboor chalaa
main bahut door, bahut door, bahut door chalaa
teri duniyaa se …

khush rahe tu hai jahaan le jaa duaayen meri
teri raahon se judaa ho gayin raahen meri
kuch nahin saath mere,
kuch nahin saath mere, bas hain khataayen meri
teri duniyaa se ho ke majboor chalaa
main bahut door, bahut door, bahut door chalaa
teri duniyaa se …

7 Responses to "Teri duniya se hoke majboor chala"

Thanks, Atul, this was also on my farmaish list.
Indeed it is one of Kishore’s best sad songs.
He is just too good – and the lyrics are also brilliant.

Aankh bhar aayee agar, ashqon ko main pee loonga
Aah nikli jo kabhi, honthon ko main see loonga

Isn’t this just too good ?


true. And I am surprised that the lyricist of such a wonderful lyric, who was also the music director of this song, has been forgotten.


this song is very utmost song. truly nice


What an amazing sad song. what lyrics. I remember seeing this song on Doordarshan and I always liked Parikshit Sahni, he seems to have quite a few wonderful sad songs to his credit. Mile Na Phool from Anokhi Raat. Also, there is a song picturised on Parikshit when he was a kid, with Baby Tabassum in the movie Deedar (1951). Should look at other songs he has been part of, I am sure we will find a few gems there. Another tag you could have is the actor who was picturised in the song :).


Very nice song…..


wat a song! 😦


A real touching song for the heartbrokens . It was played a number of times on the radio when Kishoreda breathed his last . The movie Pavitra Paapi is also a good one , involving Ajay Sahni , Tanuja , Balraj Sahni and IS Johar in the lead roles . It is surprising that Prem Dhwanji could compose such a great music . Ajay Sahni later changed his name to Parikshit Sahni for a reason unknown to me . Can Atuljj or anyone of the knowledgeable blog rleader elaborate ?


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