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Yoon to humne laakh haseen dekhen hain

Posted on: November 29, 2008

Here is a song from the era when O P Nayyar was the king of all he surveyed in Bollywood music world. The song is so representative of O P Nayyar’s music. It is sung by Rafi and the Sahir was the lyricist.

If one just listens to the audio, it feels like a tonga (horse drawn carriage) is galloping ahead. In fact that is how it felt like while listening to many O P Nayyar tunes. In contrast, lisening to many R D Burman tunes ( two decades later) made me feel like a train was running.

When one watches the video, it could well be a tonga running ( in case of O P Nayyar music) or a train running ( in case of R D Burman music). When I watched this video, I discovered this to be the case. Shammi Kapoor, as irrepressible as ever, is riding in the rear of a tonga with Ameeta. Not one to sit idle, our hero decides to utilise the time to sing a song about his travelling companion.

If you sing a song like this for a strange girl, you will be accused of “eve teasing” in India even today, so just imagine how it must have been like 50 years ago. But Shammi Kapoor being Shammi Kapoor, and this being a movie, he gets away scot free. And I am sure his roadside Romeo like conduct does not stop him from winning the affections of the lady either, I believe.

Only if real life was like that for most wanna be Shammi Kapoors !

Post Update: 09 Oct, 2018
This song also has a shorter female version sung by Asha Bhosle. This is picturized on Ameeta, with Pran and Shammi Kapoor also in the frame. Anekant ji has provided the link for that version, which is now included below.

Lyrics for the Asha solo version are the same as the first stanza of the complete Rafi version.


(Rafi Solo Version)

(Asha Solo Version)

Song-yoon to hamne laakh hasseen dekhe hain(Tumsa nahin dekha) (1957) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir, MD- O P Nayyar


yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain
tumsaa nahin dekhaa
ho, tumasaa nahin dekhaa
yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain
tumsaa nahin dekhaa
ho, tumasaa nahin dekhaa

uf ye nazar uf ye adaa
uf ye nazar uf ye adaa
kaun na ab hogaa fidaa
zulfen hain yaa badliyaan
aankhen hain yaa bijliyaan
jaane kis kiski aaegi kazaa
yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain
tumsaa nahin dekhaa
aha …

tum bhi haseen rut bhi haseen
aaj ye dil bas mein nahin
tum bhi haseen rut bhi haseen
aaj ye dil bas mein nahin
raaste khaamosh hain
dhadkane madhosh hain
piye bin aaj hame chadhaa hai nashaa
yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain
tumsa nahin dekha
ho tumsa nahin dekhan …

tum na agar bologe sanam
tum na agar bologe sanam
mar to naheen jaayenge ham
kyaa pari yaa hoor ho
itne kyun magroor ho
maan ke to dekho kabhi kisikaa kahaa
yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain
tumsa nahin dekha
ho tumsa nahin dekhan
yoon to hamne laakh haseen dekhe hain
tumsa nahin dekha
ho tumsa nahin dekha


15 Responses to "Yoon to humne laakh haseen dekhen hain"

Shammi is the king of teasing! Partly why I love him so.

Partly? There are many who love him entirely because of that.;)

Well, I also love him because he’s SO SO handsome 😉 I’m shallow that way.

R. I. P. Shammi Kapoor

Is it so ! RIP, Shammi Kapoor, the legend of our times.

Atul ji,

What a sad news for today. Shammi Kapoor passed away at 5.15 am today morning.

21 October 1931 – 14 August 2011

A legend and an idol, a favorite from childhood days. Have seen him active till recently, and hence surprised and saddedned by this news. What to say. . .


RIP Shammi Kapoor!!!
actually i liked d way Aditya Raj kapoor (his son) broke the news on the news channels this morning and i quote—“My father; Shammi Kapoor; uzr favourite; i am also his fan- passed away this morning”. then he went on to say ” now we will be able to see him in his pictures and movies”
god that was really heart wrenching. and i ve been watching all the obituary programmes in the various news channels all day. and also saw 2 fabulous movies through the day—Pagla Kahin Ka and Brahmachari

The video is no longer available. There are new video links available on YT.

There is something so mesmerising about the kapoors and Shammi Kapoor takes the cake. He is no doubt the heart throb of millions. If just seeing him on screen we fall in love with him and his crazy antics, to see him in person must have been really something – I am sure none of his heroins had to ACT falling in love with him on reel or in real life!!

Who is the tonga driver???

Rafi Version :

Asha Version :

Female version picturised on Ameeta, Pran & Shammi Kapoor contains only first stanza of male version.

Thanks Anekant ji,

The post has been updated now to include Asha solo version also.


This Thanks goes to Ultra Bollywood, main to sirf nimitt bana.
Now Tumsa Nahin Dekha (1957) joins the club of Movies-all songs covered.

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