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Yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chhaahiye

Posted on: December 8, 2008

“Chhaila Babu” was a movie that proved a big flop and in a way this was one of the movie that began Rajesh Khanna’s rapid slide from superstardom.

The song shows a disguised Zeenat Aman slipping away with a big suitcase, only to be caught up with disguised Rajesh Khanna. Unlike most Bollywood movie, here both hero and heroine are obviously after money and each one of them wants to decamp with the booty alone. The Bollywood audience were not used to such mercenary behaviour from their superstar, or from any mainstream hero and heroine. I suppose the audience may have felt let down and this may have been a big reason why this movie flopped.

Coming to the song itself, it is not just the hero and the heroine, even the villain (Ranjeet) and his goons are after the money and these baddies are in hot pursuit of the two. What do the two fugitives do in such a case ? Simple, they break into a song and in the song they both actually haggle over the suitcase trying to convince each other why he/ she should hand over the money to the other. How very discreet of the two. I am sure the hero and heroine would have been totally unnoticed among the dancers.

The dancers, incidentally are dressed up vaguely as Red Indians. Their Tepees ( triangular tents) seem to have magical property. The hero/ heroine when pursued by the villains go inside and just vanish into thin air, only to appear somewhere else, again singing the same song.

Listening to the music, one may believe that R D Burman is the music director. The picturisation as well as the music is vaguely reminiscent of the song “hum bewafa hargiz na thhe” in “Shalimar”. But it turns out that Laxmikant Pyarelal is the music director in this movie.

This movie was a flop, but this song was quite popular at that time. In fact, this song may be the only thing surviving from this movie.

Song- Yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chhahiye (Chhaila Babu) (1977) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhonsle,Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD- Laxmikant Pyarelal


ho yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chahiye pyar chahiye ke paisa chahiye
yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chahiye pyar chahiye ke paisa chahiye
paisa kyaa karna hai tere liye jeena hai tere liye jeena hai tere liye marna hai
yaar dildaar tere jaisa chhahiye pyaar ke liye magar paisa chhahiye
ho yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chahiye pyar chahiye ke paisa chaahiye

dil kahin aur aankh kahin aur
mere jhoote baalma tere dil mein chor
dil kahin hai aankh kahi aur
mere jhoothe baalma tere dil mein chor
daulat ka deewana banta hai parwaana
parwaana to naam badnaam nahin aisa chaahiye
pyar chaahiye ke paisa chaahiye
yaar dildaar tere jaisa chhaahiye pyaar ke liye magar paisa chhaaiye

saathi tere saath me aise aisi raat me
dulhan jaise ho koyi choron ki baraat me
saathi tere saath me aise aisi raat me
dulhan jaise ho koyi choron ki baraat me
lut jaayegi raani teri ye jawaani
ye jawaani
tujhe nigahbaan mere jaisa chhahiye
pyar ke liye magar paisa chahiye
yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chhahiye pyaar chaahiye ke paisa chahiye

lalalala lalalala
lalalala lalalala
dekh bahaane chhod de jhootha rishta tod de
mera kehna maan le zaalim yeh zidd chhod de
mat kar beimaani
mat kar naadaani
mat kar beimaani
mat kar naadaani
dekh bahaane chhod jhootha rishta tod
mera kehna maan yeh zidd chhod
mat kar ye beimani
mat kar naadaani
pyar chaahiye ke paisa chahiye
na pyar chaahiye na paisa chaahiye


7 Responses to "Yaar dildaar tujhe kaisa chhaahiye"

Thanks for this, I love the film. It’s so much fun and the songs are all really wonderful!

I have heard this song many a times, but I was not aware how it was picturised till two days ago.

Memsaab’s right, a really crazy but fun film. Actually Atul it was quite a hit at the BO, one of the few ones at that time for Kaka. The songs, of course, were quite popular then. This one is so much fun 🙂

Well if you say so ! I was under the impression that most Rajesh Khanna movies after 1976 were flops.

just because a film flops doesn’t mean it’s not good 🙂 Plus, I think for Rajesh Khanna people’s expectations were so high after his superstar years that he was written off when he stopped delivering ONLY hits.

Yes, you are right. I know for sure that many great Rajesh Khanna movies came about in 1980s when he was no longer a superstar, and these movies did not succeed.

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