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Bairan neend na aaye

Posted on: December 15, 2008

I first listened to this song last year, while researching Madan Mohan. And I absolutely loved this song. What a song ! I could not have enough of this song.

Then I found out more details about this song and came to know that the movie was called “Chacha Zindabad”. Lyricist was Rajinder Krishan. In fact, Lata, Madan Mohan and Rajinder Krishan was a combination that could be counted upon to come up with such memorable songs.

This by now forgotten movie had Kishore Kumar and Anita Guha in the lead roles. I have realised that Lata sung some of her best Madan Mohan compositions for Anita Guha. Lata songs of this movie, as well as that of “Sanjog” were picturised on Anita Guha.

Though this song was nowhere in the contention among top songs of the year in Binaca geetmala, this song has steadily gained popularity among listeners who appreciate class.



Song- Bairan neend naa aaye (Chacha Zindabad ) (1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD- Madan Mohan


aaaa aaaa
bairan neend na aaye
bairan neend na aaye
mohe bairan neend na aaye
moraa jiyaa ghabraaye
bairan neend na aaye
mohe bairan neend na aaye

sooni padi meri palkon ki galiyaan
sooni padi meri palkon ki galiyaan
kaun khilaaye nindiyaa ki kaliyaan
apne bhii hain paraaye
mohe bairan neend na aaye
bairan neend na aaye

laakh jatan karoon aankh naa laage
laakh jatan karoon aankh naa laage
so gayin khushiyaan aur gham jaage
ghaayal man kit jaaye
mohe bairan neend na aaye
bairan neend na aaye

yaad aayen jab pyaar ki baaten
yaad aayen jab pyaar ki baaten
aur bhi lambi ho jaayen raaten
bhor nazar nahin aaye
mohe bairan neend na aaye
moraa jiyaa ghabraaye
bairan neend na aaye

7 Responses to "Bairan neend na aaye"

Wow !!!
I am hearing this song after more than 30 years !!!
Very pleasant to listen to.
Had no clue which movie – and obviously no clue about the music director.

In fact I was not even sure of the words so there is no way I would have found it out on the net. Only when I heard the tune did I begin to recognise it and now I know the words.

Thanks a lot, Atul.


Nice to know that you too re dicovered this song again. It just confirms my theory that there are so many old gems in Bollywood music that need to be re discovered.


This is a beautiful song, but I came here, expecting to find the song “Neend na mujhko aaye dil mera ghabraaye …” with Sunil Dutt and Shakila, sung by Hemant Kumar and Lata. I had forgotten all about this song, but I remember it now, after listening to it here. You are doing a great job here, bringing back all these old beautiful songs for our listening and watching pleasure. Thanks.


It was gratifying to read your post about this song… my iTunes program keeps track of the songs that I play most on my iPod and this song has been #1. While there is a tough competition among Madan Mohan’s songs for the top spot on my iPod, this song has some kind of magnetism about it… its beauty doesn’t seem to wear off… in fact, it seems to grow each time one listens to it. Is it because of Lata’s voice? Or is it because of the lovely sitar interludes, or the melody in the kaafi raga or the beat or the words themselves or all of the above? It is hard to tell. What is your take on it?


The movie Chacha Zindabad has an interesting mix of other delightful songs by Kishore Kumar, Asha and Manna Dey. Kishore’s Des Chhudaye Bhes Chhudaye is a riot… it’s a showcase of Kishore Kumar’s range of talents. Asha’s Nazre Uthake Jara dekh Le is a rollicking RockN’Roll number and Manna Dey has the classical number Preetam Daras Dikhao. Also, the duet Bach Gaye is a comical mix of classical and western music. Isn’t it amazing what a wide range this composer had?


lataji madan mohan combination always creat wonder.


One of my very favourite songs. Lataji’s voice is superb and so is MM’s composition.A very beautiful song.


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