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Jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar mein

Posted on: December 31, 2008

I have mentioned it earlier that “Mera Saaya” was full of outstanding Lata-Madan Mohan songs that have gone on to become immortal evergreen songs. But pray which of “Mera Saaya” songs became the most popular those days? It was none of these Lata songs, or even the Rafi one.

The song that caught the imagination of the audience those ways was the light hearted song sung by Asha Bhonsle viz “jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar me”.

It is difficult to imagine that the racy music of this song was a Madan Mohan composition. For long, I thought that it was an O P Nayyar composition.

This shows the versatility that O P Nayyar was capable of. This song had finished number 2 in Binaca getmala finals of 1966. This was the best ever performance for a Madan Mohan song in Binaca geetmala till then.



Song-Jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar mein (Mera Saaya) (1966) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Madan Mohan


jhumkaa giraa re
jhumkaa giraa re Bareli ke bazaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re Bareli ke bazaar mein
jhumkaa giraa jhumkaa giraa
Jhumka giraa haay haay haay
jhumkaa giraa re Bareli ke bazaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re …

sainyaa aaye nain jhukaaye ghar mein chori chori
sainyaa aaye nain jhukaaye ghar mein chori chori
bole jhumkaa main pahnaa doon, aajaa baanki chhori
main boli naa naa naa baabaa, naa kar joraa-jori
laakh manaayaa, sainyaa ne kalaiyaa naahin chhodi
haay kalaiyaa naahin chhodi
phir kyaa huaa?
phir? phir jhumkaa giraa re ham donon ki takraar mein
jhumkaa giraa re Bareli ke bazaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re …

ghar ki chhat pe main khadi, gali mein dilbar jaani
ghar ki chhat pe main khadi, gali mein dilbar jaani
hanske bole neeche aa, ab neeche aa deewaani
yaa angoothi de apni yaa chhallaa de nishaani
ghar ki chhat pe khadi-khadi main huyi sharam se paani
haay huyi sharam se paani
phir kyaa huaa?
daiyaa! phir jhumkaa giraa re ham donon ke is pyaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re Bareli ke bazaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re …

bagiyaa mein balmaa ne meri lat uljhi suljhaayi
bagiyaa mein balmaa ne meri lat uljhi suljhaayi
thaamke aanchal bole, gori tu mere man bhaayi
aankh jhukaake kuchh naa boli
kuchh naa boli haay, haay,
aankh jhukaake kuchh naa boli, dheere se muskaayi
sainyaa ne jab chhedaa mujhko, ho gayi haathaapaayi
haay ho gayi haathaapaayi
to phir kyaa huaa?
phir jhumkaa giraa re, main kyaa boloon bekaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re Bareli ke bazaar mein
jhumkaa giraa re …

17 Responses to "Jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar mein"

I would never have guessed that this was a Madan mohan song if it were not for your blog. It is a terrific song and I still remember a bunch of us dancing to this once upon a time.

Thanks for all your efforts.


It is a pyaari dhun.


Madan Mohan’s songs were simply outstanding. Now Jhumka Gira Re seems to have become one of the most popular numbers for reality shows, with so many people overdoing Asha’s nuances and expressions: just goes to show what a master of the art she is!


One of the best compositions.

There is a very popular “laawani” song performed in a “tamaashaa” based movie “Sangte Aika” in Marathi (in 1960?) called “Bugadi Mazi Sandli Ga, Jaata Saatarya Laa Ga Jaata Sataaryalaa” which means “I lost my earing while going to Sataara.” That movie ran for 4 years or more in Pune, perhaps the longest running Marathi movie ever.

Madan Mohan has wonderfully captured the style and essence of the Marathi folk composition in this song. (the movie Mera Saaya was based on another marathi movie called Pathlag).

Wish you all a happy new year!


It was only last year that I myself came to know that this song was composed by Madan Mohan. I recall that one newsitem had erroneously attributed this song to O P Nayyar when O P nayyar died last year.

MMfan, the detailsabout the origin of this song given by you is quite informative.


It did not occur to me that these two songs were so closely related until I saw your post, which jogged my memory and , of course, the web and Youtube are the modern means of connecting to everything and everyone…a way to explore (and to expose, I suppose) …

Thank you for adding to the joy of music and have a wonderful year!


Don’t tell me? Madan mohan? But I really thought it was OP Nayyar…suprising…

ANd by the way, I am liking your blog…do you do even new gems like…genda phool…n Dhiktana…


Good songs are good songs, whatever their vintage. Just a few days back I posted several new songs on Holi.

It is just that I am quite uninformed on new songs, so I keep myself confined to familiar songs, which incidentally hapened to belong to the golden era of Bollywood music.


Atul, can you post any of these :

1. humne to dil ko apke kadamo pe rakh diya ( mere sanam op nayyar rafi asha )

2. Chand takhta hai idhar aao kahin chup jaaye Suman Rafi

3. Maana Ki Tere Pyaar Mein Rusavaayiyaan To Hain DIL SACHCHA CHEHRA JHOOTHA

4. kyo hai akela tu diwane = -usha iyer from a film called bees saal pehle.

5. Panthi hoo mai us path ka = Door Ka Raahi-

6. kisne mujhe chauka diya : film= Teri talash mein (?)

7. hamare baad kisi ko ye zindagi na mile rafi -film= Chandi Ki Deewar

8. shko ne jo paaya hai talat – talat -film= Chandi Ki Deewar

9. Street singer 1938 – Babul Mora Nehar choot Ho Jaye

10. Ek shab ke musafir hain hum to… yeh duniya musafir khana hai….Na apni koi kahani hai….. na apna koi afsaana hai….
Film: Maikhana Singer: Mahesh Chandra Music: Brij Bhushan

11. Ik nanhi munni ladki thi = rafi, film= Ik nanhi munni ladki thi

I’m sure you have resources to find these RARE TREASUREs. And, Many many ThanX in advance / anticipation. I cldnt find them on youtube or dailymotion.


I have already posted the song “ik nanhi munni ladki thi ”

Ek nanhi munni ladki thi (1970)(1)
Ik nanhi munni ladki thi (Ek nanhi munni ladki thi)

and “Panthi hoon main

Panthhi hoon main us pathh kaa (Door Kaa Raahi)

and Baabul mora

Baabul mora naihar chhooto hi jaaye (Street Singer)(1937)


Thanx, Atul, but i was lookin for videos (ie. ilnks in yr earlier postings.)- Can you do this ???


[…] in his lifetime was not a ghazal by Lata but a mela song by Asha Bhonsle. It was the hugely popular Jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar me from “Mera Saayaa” […]


[…] geetmala during Madan Mohan’s life time was not a Lata song but an Asha Bhonsle song, viz Jhumka gira re Bareli ke bazaar me(Mera Saaya). With ASha Bhonsle, Madan MOhan has also come with with a fabulous song like Shokh nazar ki […]


Here is the song of this beauty



Whose male voice is “fir kya hua?” In this song?

Like was seeing this YouTube video and there is a mention in there about the voice that says ‘फिर क्या हुआ?’ It say that it was the voice of Vinod Sharma the radio announcer.


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