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Tumko piya dil diya kitne naaz se

Posted on: January 4, 2009

While posting songs in this blog, I have noticed that it is either the audio or the video, which is often better than the other. But there are some songs in which both audio and the picturisation are outstanding.

Here is just that kind of a song. The song is outstanding and the picturisation is just spectacular. And interestingly enough, this movie is not all that well known, as it was a C grade movie. If this movie is still remembered today, then it is mainly for this particular song.

What a song! The singers are the Mangeshkar siblings, Lata and Usha. The lyricist is Farooque Qaisar, and music director is G S Kohli. It is so sad that a music director of his calibre failed to make much headway in Bollywood. This particular song would always remind us of what G S Kohli was capable of.

And what about the picturisation ? Just eye candy. The colourful setting shows two pretty ladies give a virtuoso dance performance. Looking closely, one can see that one of the dancers in Helen. We are used to Helen dancing a cabaret in Bollywood movies, but watching her dance on a desi attire makes for quite a pleasant change.

And who is the other dancer ? It is Ragini, sister of Padmini and Lalitha. If Mangeshkar sisters were known for their singing, then these sisters were known for their dancing. In fact there were some other teams of dancing sisters too those days who used to perform dances in movies.

This was a C grade movie, and one can see Ajit, the hero of this movie in this song too.

The movie has been forgotten, but there is no way this song ( its audio as well as picturisation) can be forgotten by those who get to savour it.



Song-Tumko piya dil diya kitne naaz se (Shikari) (1963) Singers-Lata,Usha Mangeshkar, Lyrics-Farooque Qaisar, MD-G S Kohli

tumko piyaa dil diyaa kitne naaz se ho
nainaa lad gaye bhole-bhaale kaise dagaabaaz se ho
tumko piyaa dil diyaa kitne naaz se ho
nainaa lad gaye bhole-bhaale kaise dagaabaaz se ho
tumko piyaa dil diyaa kitne naaz se ho

haay re duhaayi teri zulmi piyaa ho
dhadke anaadi jiyaa ye kyaa huaahaay zulmi piya
ye kyaa huaahaay zulmi piya
uyi main mar gayi laaj ke maare dekhaa kis andaaz se ho
tumko piyaa dil diyaa kitne naaz se ho

laagi najariyaa tori jaadoo bhari ho
maangi bahaaren hamne bijli giri haay jaadoo bhari
bijli giri haay jaadoo bhari
dil ke soye armaan jaage teri hi aawaaz se ho
tumko piyaa dil diyaa kitne naaz se ho
nainaa lad gaye bhole-bhaale kaise dagaabaaz se ho
tumko piyaa dil diyaa kitne naaz se ho

18 Responses to "Tumko piya dil diya kitne naaz se"

Wow…finally !!!

This is definitely one of my favourite songs. And I am not exaggerating. It is just so good to listen to. And the picturisation too is so appealing to the eyes.

There have been many remixes of this song (which have made the song even more popular) but the original – this one – still stands out as special.

Thanks Atul for posting this.


Great song—all the songs in this film were outstanding, actually. And the movie was completely insane, but lots and lots of fun 🙂 The sets and costumes alone are worth watching it for! (plus Madan Puri and KN Singh)…


The colourful set for this song is just mind boggling. K N Singh is also there ? Then this movie must be watched. As it happens, I think its VCD is there with me lying somewhere. 😉


Great song! The other dancing sisters were Sai and Subbulakshmi, and I remember two of their pieces – “Aplam chaplam…” from Azaad, and “Reshmi salwar kurta jaali ka …” from Naya Daur. Did Padmini and Ragini do any dances together in Hindi? I cannot remember seeing them together in any Hindi song, but then you and Raja and others here know more songs than I do, so maybe one of you knows some of their pieces.

I loved seeing Helen in this piece, which was so unlike her usual numbers.


hullo Lalitha
methinks “Reshmi Salwar Kurta Jaali Ka” was picturised on “KumKum and Minoo Mumtaz”. correct me if i am wrong Atulji


@Lalitha, one of the most famous dances in Hindi cinema is indeed a Padmini and Ragini combo.

It is called “tu hai mera prem devta” from the movie Kalpana. You can find it on youtube.

I have already sent Atul a farmaish for it. 🙂


Okay, I just saw the Padmini – Ragini dance number for “Tu hai mera prem devta ..” and it is great. By the way, does anyone know the name of the song for which there was a Padmini -Vyjayantimala dance in the movie “Raj Tilak”? That was supposed to be an all time great dance, and I have searched for it several times and never found it.


Here’s the link to the Padmini -Vyjayantimala dance in the movie “Raj Tilak”. Hope you enjoy watching it.


I only know the Tamil song and it is from the movie Vanjikottai Vaaliban available on youtube. I’ve seen the Hindi version but can’t remember the song. About the childrens’ song re the lion seeing its reflection in the well starting with the line’Zara saamne to aao chhaliye’ it is from MainChup Rahungi. Couldn’t find that either.


For your information & knowledge “Zara saamne to aao chhaliye” is sung by Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar and picturised on Manhar Desai and Nirupa Roy for the film “Janam Janam Ke Phere”. The children’s song that you are talking about from Main Chup Rahungi is ” Aaye na baalam kaa karoon sajni “. It is a parody song which has a medley of 13 songs, also taken from other Hindi films. One of the medley is …Zara Saamne To Aao Chhaliye. Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it.


Atul has discussed this song in detail in his blog “Aaye Na Baalam” – Main Chup Rahungi [1962]


Is is enchanting song. I like this song very much. But sad that the volume of this is very very low, over here.








audio link


audio link:


working video


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