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Pinjre ke panchhi re tera dard naa jaane koye

Posted on: January 13, 2009

Pradeep, the lyricist of 1940s and 50s ( he in fact was active till 1970s and 80s too) has written some immortal songs in Bollywood movies. Be it religious songs or patriotic songs, his songs often became iconic songs.

In addition, he also wrote songs that were written from the point of view of a common man or a philosopher.

We have had singers cum actors, singers cum music directors, and also lyricists-cum music directors, but Pradeep was a singer-cum-lyricist. That way, he was a rare breed of artist.

Pradeep has sung just a few songs, but those songs have become immortal.

Here is one of the immortal songs written and sung by Pradeep. I could not locate the video of this song, but the audio is all one needs to savour this song.

The song is deeply philosophical, and one that makes the listeners think. Every time I listen to it,my heart actually goes out to the pinjre ke panchhi ( caged bird). Kavi Pradeep wrote this lyrics decades before animal protection groups actually came up and started taking up the cause of animals.

More than animal protection, this song makes me think of a deeply moral issue. We talk of human rights, but what about animal’s rights ? If human beings are not supposed to enslave other human beings ( as was the case till two centuries back), then why should they enslave animals ? In what way are the domesticated animals different from slaves ? Worse, some of these animals are reared up only to eat them.

In this song,Pradeep talks about the sorrow of a caged bird, and I must say I am actually forced to think of the caged bird every time I listen to this song.

As one can notice, Pradeep possessed a mesmerising voice, almost pied piper like, and his voice could leave a deep influence on the minds of the listeners. This song is a very good example.



Song-Pinjre ke panchhi re tera dard na jaane koye (Naagmani) (1957) Singer-Pradeep, Lyrics-Pradeep, MD- Avinash Vyas


pinjre ke panchhi re, tera dard na jaane koye
tera dard na jaane koye
baahar se to khaamosh rahe tu
baahar se to khaamosh rahe tu
bheetar bheetar roye re
he bheetar bheetar roye
tera dard na jaane koye

kah na sake tu, apni kahani
teri bhi panchhi, kya zindagaani re
kah na sake tu, apni kahani
teri bhi panchhi, kya zindagaani re
vidhi ne teri katha likhi aansoo mein kalam duboye
tera dard na jaane koye
tera dard na jaane koye

chupke chupke, rone waale
rakhna chhipaake, dil ke chhale re
chupke chupke, rone waale
rakhna chhipaake, dil ke chhale re
ye patthar ka desh hai pagle,koyi na tera hoye
tera dard na jaane koye
pinjre ke panchhi re, tera dard na jaane koye
tera dard na jaane koye
pinjre ke panchhi re

7 Responses to "Pinjre ke panchhi re tera dard naa jaane koye"

What a beautiful song !
This is the first time I am hearing it.
I just lost myself in the song.
Like you say, it makes you think about a caged bird that cannot speak out and express its feelings – and the cruel world that has caged it.
Philosophical indeed.

I will definitely listen to this song more often. What a gem of a song.

And so beautifully sung by Pradeep. He does have the ability to draw you into his singing – he sounds so genuine himself.


So you are listening to this song for the first time ?

Well, there is at least one song which I can claim to have stolen a march over you in hearing this song since childhood.

And I am surprised that finding a video of a song like this is so difficult. This is very much an iconic song as far as I am concerned.


Namaste, thank you, I have been searching for the lyrics and this song always reminds me of my late father, he loved this song with all his heart …. now I know why … thank you


Nice to know that your search for this song brought you here. Welcome to this blog.


One of the greatest songs ever.


if we go subtle, then this is the story of every person…….
it is just explained with the help of a bird, unable to speakout its emotions, and can do nothing but cry silently…..
somewhere within everyone is suffering from such pain but as rightly said,”ye pathar ka desh hai pagley,koi na tera hoye,tera dard na jaane koye.”
a song that tells you your own story………


does anyone know the raag of this songs


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