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Hai preet jahaan ki reet sada… Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon

Posted on: January 26, 2009

This song from “Purab Aur Paschim” is the most well known patriotic song from Manoj Kumar, along with the “Upkaar” song.

When some NRIs mock India in a five star hotel, Manoj Kumar takes up cudgels on behalf of his country and sings this song. In this song, he lists out the achievements of India, that have helped the world to progress.

The song also discusses the values that India stands for and the lessons that the world can learn from India.

This is a Mahendra Kapoor-Manoj Kumar song that has become an iconic song by now and it is a mandatory song to be played on days of national importance.

Song- Hai preet jahan ki reet sada…..Bharat ka rahne waala hoon (Purab aur Paschhim) (1970) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Indeewar, MD-Kalyanji Anandji


Jab zero diya mere Bhaarat ne
Bhaarat ne mere Bhaarat ne
duniya ko tab ginti aayi
taaron ki bhaasha Bhaarat ne
duniya ko pehle sikhlaayi
deta na dashamlav Bhaarat to
Yoon chaand pe jaana mushkil thha
dharti aur Chaand ki doori ka
andaaza lagaana mushkil thha
Sabhyata jahaan pehle aayi
Sabhyata jahaan pehle aayi
pehle janmi hai jahaan pe kala
Apna Bhaarat wo Bhaarat hai
jiske peechhe sansaar chala
Sansaar chala aur aage badha
Yoon aage badha badhta hi gaya
Bhagwaan kare ye aur badhe
Badhta hi rahe aur phhoole phhale
Badhta hi rahe aur phhoole phhale

hmm hmm
hmm hmmm
hmm hmm
hmm hmm
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho

Hai preet jahan ki reet sada

hai preet jahaan ki reet sada aa aa
hai preet jahaan ki reet sada
main geet wahaan ke gaata hoon
Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon
Bhaarat ki baat sunaata hoon
Hai preet jahaan ki reet sada

ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho o o

kaale gore ka bhed nahin
har dil se hamaara naata hai
ae ae ae ae ae ae
kuchh aur na aata ho hamko
hamen pyaar nibhaana aata hai
ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
Jise maan chuki saari duniya
ho Jise maan chuki saari duniya
main baat
main baat wohi dohraata hoon
Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon
Bhaarat ki baat sunaata hoon
hai preet jahaan ki reet sadaa

Jeete hon kisi ne desh to kya
hamne to dilon ko jeeta hai
ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
Jahaan Raam abhi tak hain nar mein
Nari mein abhi tak Seeta hai
ae ae ae ae ae ae ae
Itne paawan hain log jahan
ho itne paawan hain log jahan
main nit nit
main nit nit sheesh jhukaata hoon
Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon
Bhaarat ki baat sunaata hoon

ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho ho
ho o o

itni mamta nadiyon ko bhi
jahaan maata kehke bulaate hain
aen aen aen aen aen
ho ho
Itna aadar insaan to kya
patthar bhi poojee jaate hain
aen aen aen aen
Uss dharti pe maine janam liya
ho Uss dharti pe maine janam liya
Ye soch
Ye soch ke main itraata hoon
Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon
Bhaarat ki baat sunaata hoon
Hai preet jahaan ki reet sada
ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho o o
ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho
o o o


51 Responses to "Hai preet jahaan ki reet sada… Bhaarat ka rehne waala hoon"

Very good song. It speaks very highly of India and Indians – I hope Indians listen to this and try to live upto the high compliments being paid to them here.

The lyrics, by Indivar, are pretty strong – and Mahendra Kapoor’s voice is perfect for songs like this.

Unforgettable voice…

the unforgettable… ADVITYA

ye desh jaha sab kuch hai Har rang, Har rup, har sanskrity, Har sondarya har woh chees jo dil ko kuchi de sub kuch mila is desh se ab hamar waqt hai kuch karne ka ,kuch asa jo yad rahe ,kuch asa jo desh ki bhali ke liya ho…….

this is the super hit song in upkaar

this song is not in upkar. this is in purab or pashchim.

This song was taught to me by my teacher way back in class 4 and I used love this song. We Had done this cherography on it where in the line yahan ram abhi tak hai nar mein naari mein abho tak seeta hai” we actually made two people garland each other and we had this boy dress up as manoj kumar

Notable in this song is the way 3 sardars get up (in full form) SIMULTANEOUSLY in the middle, and start dancing !


am speechless…………
hats off…………..

i liked the song….
its the best one…..

i love dis song…: )

singed by:
ujjwal jain

great song. it gives u immense pleasure

this is a great song
i really love it
all indian must hve ego of being an indian
india in described in best way evr
i proud to b an indian

kya song hai. Salute to Shri Bharat Kumar

one of the best patriotic song.

salute to the lyricist and singer…

i m speechless… just feeling proud of being an indian.

jai hind 🙂

it is great song.

this is a great song but due to the presence of manoj kumar this becomes my most favourite songbecause manoj is my favourite hero.

this is very emotional

this is my mooooooooooost favourite patriotic song
this song separates india from all other countris and is a msg for all indians those settle outside

The best song ever produced in india ..

This is most petritic song of the year

This song always brings tears to my eyes, every time. And fills me with immense pride, positive thoughts and goodwill towards fellow humans. This is Boliwood music at its best.




That’s why..?

talking of patritic songs Kar chale hum fida is matchless.

I like this song from the core of my heart. I am really proud of to be an Indian.

Reminds me of another song like the above that talks about high ideals that India stood for or was known for…
Hothon pe sacchai rehti hai jahan dil mein safai rehti hai,
hum us desh ke wasi hai, jis desh mein ganga behti hai..
(Ganga was symbolic of purity, sacredness and abundance..
Ab puchhti hoon, like Gurudutt in pyaasa, jis Hind par naaz hai, woh Bharat kahan hai, kahaan hai…
And when I live on such ideals I am called unpractical, sensitive fool, emotional fool, one from the extinct tribe..not fit for this world.. etc…

mera mulk mera desh mera ye vatan shanti ka unnati ka pyar ka chaman isske vaste sab nisar hai mera desh mera bharat

everything is already said. More words are not neccesarly. It will do no justice.

India is one of the best country in the world .


I like side very good song,

its really a beautiful song a very good patriotic film”purab aur paschim” and a really very good patriotic song.

I just love this song..My mother taught me this song long backk.wen i listen this song,i get tears in my eyes and get goose bombs…nw my mother is not with me..she passed away recently….I love India and I love my MAA…
Proud to b an Indian
From nagpur

I love much more to my country also like & loves all person of all states in my india. I am very lucky & proud that got the born as an Indian. Thanxs god thanks too much. I read all of the pleasure line which one commented by my indians.

ye mera sabse pry gana he

how can any one be indian nd not be proud off.what an inspiring song !todays youth must get inspiration from this nd work for INDIA

My patriotism was nursed and nurtured by Manoj kumar’s patriotic songs like-Hai preet jahan ki rit sada, Mere desh ki dharati, Ai watan ai watan hamko teri kasam etc. Such songs always make me proud to be an Indian.

Every word in this song has touched my heart and proved what we indians are , mein to manoj kumar jaisa desh bhakth nahi hun magar jab ye gana suntha hun toh dil mein se ek aawaz aathi hai , shayad ek indian hi aisa mehsoos kartha hoga. Proud to be a part of this land to be an indian. kaash hum b apne badonke jaise soch paathe desh ke liye!!

I love this song. This is the real representative song of my INDIA.

it represents how India is .it is a very sweet song of India.I am very proud of this song after listening this song it can win every human heart

very nice song, but kar chale hum fida is matchless.

I love dis song very much

yah gana pure bharat ki sachi tsvir samne lata h
duniya ko btata h ki hmara bharat kya h
mujhe proud h ki mai ek indian hu ….sach me ye gana dil me josh jga deta h
jaiiii hind ….jai bharat

This song simply takes me to my school days when we used to hear it at every fair or meets on independence/republic days.

Hats-off to Indeevarji and the team of this song. The song that words my feelings to our Beloved Nation. Really,

Iss dharti pe maine janam liya
Ye soch ke mai itraata hoon….

Proud to be an “INDIAN”.

You have not covered “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from this movie.

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