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Sabaa se ye kahdo

Posted on: January 27, 2009

“Bank Manager” (1959) is a movie few people today may have heard about. If I say that this movie had the music of Madan Mohan, then many people may consider it inevitable in the sense that most Madan Mohan movies indeed ended up as consigned to the dustbin of time.

But one has got used to the fact by now that even forgotten Madan Mohan movies tended to have great music.

As it happens, few people have even heard the music from this movie. I managed to find a clip of a song from this movie. And wow, I was not disappointed.

This is a very nice song in a female voice. No it is not the usual Lata-Madan Mohan classic, rather it is an Asha- Bhonsle- madan Mohan classic, so to say.

The lyricist was someone called Jalal Malihadabi whereas this song was picturised on Meenu Mumtaz.

This song called “Sabaa se ye kahdo” grew up on me after I listened to it a few times. It is a wonderful Madan Mohan gem that had been forgotten, and which deserves to be brought to the attention of the fans of old Bollywood songs.

So here it is, Listen to it and admire at the quality of this song.



Song-Saba se ye kah do (Bank Manager) (1959) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Jalal Malihabadi, MD-Madan Mohan


Saba se ye kah do ki kaliyan bichaaye
wo dekho wo jaane bahaar aa raha hai
chura le gaya jo in ankhon ki neenden
wohi leke dil ka karaar aa raha hai
Saba se ye kah do

ye kaun aa gaya dil ko kartaa ishaare
ke mehki fizaa muskuraaye nazaare
kadam badhte tu choomle ae mohabbat
ke dil ko bahut unpe pyaar aa raha hai
Saba se ye kah do ki kaliyan bichaaye
wo dekho wo jaane bahaar aa raha hai
Saba se ye kah do

Ye maana ke mahfil me anjaan hai tu
magar jab bhi tujhse nigaahen mili hain
yoon laga hai payaam e muhabbat
nazar se teri baar baar aa raha hai
Saba se ye kah do ki kaliyan bichaaye
wo dekho wo jaane bahaar aa raha hai
Saba se ye kah do

ye rangeen fasaanaa koyi mujhse poochhe
ke tu kaisaa pyaaraa hai kitnaa haseen hai
sunaa thaa haseen jinpe karte hain jaadoo
tujhe dekhkar aitbaar aa rahaa hai
Saba se ye kah do ki kaliyan bichaaye
wo dekho wo jaane bahaar aa raha hai
Saba se ye kah do

10 Responses to "Sabaa se ye kahdo"

What a gem of a song! I remembered the song when I saw the lyrics, but until then I had also forgotten all about this song. It is a Madan Mohan classic, and I love Asha Bhonsle’s voice here.

You are doing a great service to all music lovers by bringing these old gems back and giving us a chance to listen again and enjoy these songs again.


Heard this song for the first time today.
Very nice.


Stumbling upon forgotten Madan Mohan songs is always a rewarding experience.



I am delighted to see your post on this song. Just to clarify, I asked you about this song when I posted a comment as MMfan on your post on ‘Hamen Tumse Pyar Kitna.’ I was toying with the idea of doing a blog under MMfan, but after seeing your work here, decided to enjoy your posts instead. You do an incredible amount of effort here… it is a pleasure to visit your site and discover some treasures.


It was a nice song you pointed me to, bemused321. By now I have realised that there are many forgotten Madan Mohan gems waiting to be discovered.


As another disclosure, I have been posting a few of the Madan Mohan videos on Youtube (under bemused321) that I had found but were not available elsewhere plus some compilations. If you find something of interest there, please feel free to use it.

Madan Mohan has recorded some 600+ songs; I have mp3’s of perhaps 300 of them. I don’t know how many more songs like Saba Se are out there, but it is like a treasure hunt. The more the hunters, the better chance of finding the treasure.


searched for this geet for a long time….


whenever this song is played on radio ( fm rainbow) i thoroughly enjoy it and it makes my day. i feel elevated , i couldnot remember the whole lyrics after wards. thank you for the lyrics. now i can sing the whole song.

film Shankar hussain also has some great music. do you have its lyrics also.


Finally this is the beautiful song that I remember is the song from a film ‘Bank Manager’. It was a regular on AIR’s Urdu Service. And with this song the other song that is ’embedded’ in my memory is ‘ham pyaar mein jalne waalon ko …’ , which was my favorite in ‘Radio days’.
And both happens to be Madan Mohan ji’s compositions.
Thanks Atul ji !!



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