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Sama hai suhaana suhaana

Posted on: February 2, 2009

Here is a popular song from 1970s, which I liked but then I lost track of it, as the song got forgotten.

Now that I have once again rediscovered this song, I have a better idea why this song was forgotten. This movie was called ‘Ghar ghar ki kahani” which was no great shakes as a movie as it was a low budget movie with all unknown and lesser known actors thrown in, which is a certain recipe for disaster, and so it proved.

The song is nice, but then it has been picturised on Jalal Agha, who is certainly not one who is supposed to sing in the voice of KIshore Kumar.

The song is a “picnic” song, where many college students have assembled in an outdoor location and they are dancing to the song being sung by Jalal Agha.

And one must say that the song is indeed a very good song to be sung during a picnic, provide people know about the existence of this song. Now that I have dug this song from obscurity ( helped by the fact that fellow digger Raja had given the farmaish for this song), I hope that people will now have another nice Kishore Kumar song to sing along.

Song-Sama hai suhaana suhaana (Ghar Ghar ki Kahani) (1970) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD- Kalyanji Anandji


sama hai suhaana
nashe me jahaan hai
sama hai suhaana suhaana
nashe me jahaan hai
kisi ko kisi ki khabar hi kahaan hai
har dil me dekho muhabbat jawaan hai
sama hai suhaana suhaana

kah rah rahi hai nazar
nazar se afsaane
kah rah rahi hai nazar
nazar se afsaane
ho raha hai asar ke jisko dil jaane
dekho ye dil ki azab daastaan hai
nazarr bolti jo dil bezubaan hai
sama hai suhaana suhaana
nashe me jahaan hai
kisi ko kisi ki khabar hi kahaan hai
har dil me dekho muhabbat jawaan hai
sama hai suhaana suhaana

ho gaya hai milan dilon ka mastaana
ho gaya hai milan dilon ka mastaana
ho gaya hai koi kisi ka deewana
jahan dilruba hai dil bhi wahaan hai
jise pyaar kahiye wahi darmiyaan hai
sama hai suhaana suhaana
nashe me jahaan hai
kisi ko kisi ki khabar hi kahaan hai
har dil me dekho muhabbat jawaan hai
sama hai suhaana suhaana


13 Responses to "Sama hai suhaana suhaana"

Hey this one is quite popular song from Kishore! How come you were not aware of the same 🙂 Yes movie is obscure ..but looks like hero is Rakesh Roshan..

I have mentioned that I knew about the song, but not about which movie this song was from. Indeed this song was quite popular those days,

It happens many times in bollywood songs that unkown or lesser known artists get voice of famous singers.

One such song is “Aadmi Musafir Hai” filmised on “Jeetendra & Sulakshna Pandit”.

But in the film “Sudhir Dalwi” (if I am not wrong) and another girl were singing the song.

Gulshan Bawra also got a similar chance in Zanzir (Is it correct?).

a very beautiful song..1 of my favourites 😀

the lyrics of this song are written by hasrat jaipuri and not anand bakshi.

Rakesh Roshan, Bharathi(aka N.Bharathi/Bharathi Vishnuvardhan)feature in this song.
Bharathi`s other hindi movies were Purab aur paschhim,Hum tum aur woh,Sadhu Aur shaitaan,Kunwara baap, Mastaana(opposite Vinod Khanna),duniya kya jaane,Khel(Anil Kapoor starrer), Aao pyare karein(saif starrer)Geet gaya pattharon ne, Meherbaan(Ashok Kumar starrer)Uttar Dakshin(Madhuri Dixit starrer)Izzatdaar(opposite Dilip Kumar)

Bharathi Vishnuvardhan did not act in Geet Gaaya Pattharon Ne. That was a different actress with the same name, who later married Hridaynath Mangeshkar.

The Bharati who had worked in GEET GAYA PATHARON NE was
Bharati Malvankar,d/o Damuanna Malvankar,the famous yesteryear Marathi Comedian hero. She later married Hridaynath Mangeshkar.
Bharati has acted as Heroine in few Marathi films also.

SORRY for the wrong information and thanks for the updating me.


Prakash ji,
I have sent you 2 E mails.
Please see.

Dear Sir,
This movie had eminent starcast like Balraj Sahani, Nirupa Roy, Omprakash, Shashikala, Bharati, struggling Rakesh Roshan and of course Neetu Singh, etc.unlike what you mention above. The film was a family story, a hit and was shown to every child to learn some valuable lessons on ‘hard work,’ ‘honesty’ ‘thriftiness’ ‘duty’ ‘respect’ etc. unlike today’s time when we talk about smart work, short cuts, bribing, splashing and extravagance etc. at the cost of values of higher order. The story revolves around 2 families, one of Balraj Sahani who is an honest manger and Omprakash a dishonest clerk and their lifestyles. Balraj Sahani’s teen children are always facing a lack and are frustrated and more so when they see Omprakash’s lifestyle though he is junior to their father. To teach them life’s valuable lessons Balraj Sahani and Nirupa Roy ask their children to run the house for 6 months with the salary he gets. Not only these children through their experiences learnt wonderful lessons for life, we as kids also learnt very valuable lessons for ourselves. And of course the above song was a highlight of the film. Alas today we do not find family films or films with some valuable messages coming through.

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