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Chalo sajna jahaan tak ghata chale

Posted on: March 14, 2009

There are so many movies starting with “Mere..” that I am confused. The confusion is further compounded by the fact that most of these movies are full of hit songs.

One such movie is called “Mere Hamdam Mere Dost” (1968). This movie had Dharmendra and Sharmila Tagore in lead roles. Laxmikany Pyarelal were the music directors and Majrooh Sultanpuri was the lyricist.

Here is a beautiful song sung by Lata in this movie.

This song “chalo sajna jahan tak ghata chale” is picturised on outdoor locations with both Sharmila Tagore and Dharmendra in the frame. When watching the dresses of the two, I cannot help but feel that the colour combinations that were preferred by the lead actors those days would be regarded as ghastly by present day sartorial standards. But then who is bothered. A song like this helps one go down memory lane and witness how the make believe world of Bollywood functioned those days.

This Lata song is simply wonderful and her voice can still tug at the heart strings of the audience. Ghastly dressses or not, the leading duo cut a nice picture in this song. And do not forget that the two of them were regarded as among the best looking persons in the country at that time.

And this song is 900 th song of this blog, can one believe it ! Despite many hurdles and hiccups on the way, this blog had finally clocked 900 songs in a matter of just 8 months or so.

With 1000 songs mark within striking distance, I hope that the readers of this blog will continue to patronise this blog by their visits, comments and encouragements. It is your encouragement that will help this blog grow and become (hopefully) a one stop blog to find out about the best songs of Bollywood.

Once again, I thank my dear readers without whose encouragement, the blog could not have progressed at this rate.



Song-Chalo sajna jahaan tak ghata chale (Mere Hamdam Mere Dost) (1968) Singers-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri,MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale
lagaakar mujhe gale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale

sundar sapnon ki hai manzil kadam ke neeche
sundar sapnon ki hai manzil kadam ke neeche
fursat kisko itni, dekhe jo mudke peechhe
tum chalo ham chalen, ham chalen tum chalo
saawan ki hawaa chale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale

dhadkan tumre dil ki, uljhi hamaari lat mein
dhadkan tumre dil ki, uljhi hamaari lat mein
tumre tan ki chhaayaa, kaajal bani palak mein
ek hain do badan, do badan ek hain
aanchal ke tale-tale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale

pathreeli raahon mein tum sang main jhoom loongi
pathreeli raahon mein tum sang main jhoom loongi
khaaoge jab thokar, honthon se choom loongi
pyaar kaa aaj se, aaj se pyaar kaa
hamse silsilaa chale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale
lagaakar mujhe gale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak
jahaan tak ghataa chale
chalo sajnaa jahaan tak ghataa chale

7 Responses to "Chalo sajna jahaan tak ghata chale"

This is a very nice song.
I remember reading an interview with Laxmikant-Pyarelal many years ago. They talked about how they were indebted to Lata Mangeshkar for singing so many hit songs for them. She was much bigger in the industry than they were when they started on their own.

They mentioned quite a few Lata songs – and I was quite impressed. This was one of them.


And oh yes, forgot to congratulate you, Atul, on getting to 900 !!!
That is quite a remarkable achievement in just 8 months !!!

I can imagine the amount of hard work you must have put in for this. My support is always there, you know that !
I may not be posting as many comments nowadays as I used to (I used to post on practically every song 😉 ) but I still visit this site virtually every single day.


Watch the line “pathreeli raahon mein tum sang main jhoom loongi” – doesnt it look funny – walking on a “pathreeli raah” – made of decorative pebbles ! ?



Good observation.


What raag is it? Is this shivranjani ?




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