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Phir wohi shaam wohi gham wohi tanhaayi hai

Posted on: March 23, 2009

Madan Mohan had the misfortune of composing songs for movies that often failed at the box office.

Even by that standard, “Jahaan Ara” took the cake, This movie, full of great Madan Mohan compositions, failed so spectacularly at the box office that the movie had to be withdrawn from movie halls on the same day when it was released. That is how disasterously this movie fared at the box office.

Many great songs composed in this movie suffered as a result.

Now, with the benefit of hindsight, and with the benefit of easier accessibily of old songs, it is possible to savour these songs.

Just listen to this Talat Mahmood song from “Jahaan Ara”. “Phir wohi shaam wohi gham wohi tanhaati hai”. What lyrics, what music, what voice. Indeed, this is a song that deserves to be regarded as one of the evergreen compositions of Madan Mohan, Rajinder Krishan and Talat Mahmood.



Song-Phir wohi shaam wohi gham wohi tanhaayi hai (Jahaan Ara) (1964) Singer-Talat Mahmood, MD-Madan Mohan


phir wohi shaam wahi gham wahi tanhaayi hai
dil ko samjhaane teri yaad chali aayi hai
phir wohi shaam wahi gham wahi tanhaayi hai
dil ko samjhaane teri yaad chali aayi hai
phir wohi shaam

phir tasavvur tere pahloo mein bithaa jaayegaa
phir tasavvur tere pahloo mein bithaa jaayegaa
phir gayaa waqt ghadi bhar ko palat aayegaa
dil bahal jaayegaa aakhir ko to saudaayi hai
phir wohi shaam wahi gham wahi tanhaayi hai
dil ko samjhaane teri yaad chali aayi hai
phir wohi shaam

jaane ab tujh se mulaaqaat kabhi ho ke na ho
jaane ab tujh se mulaaqaat kabhi ho ke na ho
jo adhoori rahi wo baat kabhi ho ke na ho
meri manzil teri manzil se bichhad aayi hai
phir wohi shaam wahi gham wahi tanhaayi hai
dil ko samjhaane teri yaad chali aayi hai
phir wohi shaam

12 Responses to "Phir wohi shaam wohi gham wohi tanhaayi hai"

This is a beautiful song, but I didn’t know about the movie being withdrawn on the day it was released itself. I know of at least one more great song in this movie – “Aye sanam aaj yeh kasam khayen …” by Lata and Rafi (or maybe Talat?). The musical background in this song was just wonderful, it reminds me of waterfalls and flowers, and makes me wonder what the scene looked like, because I have it on a CD and not a DVD!


Everyone said the movie was good, certainly not the flop it was, perhaps there was the miscasting of Mala Sinha in the title role.

Certainly I could never imagine Mala Sinha as a Mughal princess, don’t ask me why!
So this, that was supposed to be a big break for Madan Mohan, like Mughal-e-Azam, never even got started despite the really beautiful music and lyrics…that person was so unlucky with his movies that it is a wonder he found the energy to carry on creating even greater music with each film.

Really admire him.


It so happens that we still have my other half’s college roommate’s collection of 45 RPMs (which she left her), which includes Jahan Ara with these 4 great songs: Phir Wohi Sham, Teri Ankh Ke Ansoo, Woh Chup Rahe and Haal-E-Dil Yun… simply an amazing set.

When I recently posted a made-up “video” of Ae Sanam (Lata-Talat) on YouTube, one viewer was very much disappointed that it did not have the opening aalap. I then posted the longer audio version with the aalap and he was ecstatic.


You are doing a great service to music fans by posting these great songs, bemused 321.


I disagree about the movie being withdrawn on the day of its release. I happened to be in Madras during its release and saw it there in a very nice movie hall.

Also, if I am not mistaken, there was one more para after the first. The lines in this para were as follows: Phir teri julf ki, rukhsaar ki batein hongi. Hizr ke raat magar pyar ki batein hongi. Phir teri mohabbat mein tadapne ke kasam khayee hai. etc. I am afraid some of my spellings are off!

Somehow I am not able to view the video clip; perhaps some of my computer settings are off. Can you give some suggestion(s)?




Thanks for your informative post, Mr Umesh.

Video clips often have incomplete song unlike the audio version. I will look for the audio version.

I embed video links from youtube etc which are sometimes removed. Now I have provided a working link. Hopefully you will be able to watch the video now.


Atul, thank you! This time, I was able to watch the video.

I discovered this site just a couple of days ago. Needless to say that I have enjoyed it and wish to thank you for making it available!


I have to make a confession: I saw this movie!
In US, on a rental VHS tape no less.

I liked this song and perhaps another Talat song and perhaps two of Lata’s from the movie. The rest are okay too. But I think Mala Sinha was totally wooden, and miscast here. She was simply awful. She was (is-?) essentially a B-grade artist, and here she performed at a C-grade. And worse, it wasted Bharat Bhushan, Prithvi Raj Kapoor, and even Achla Sachdev!


Hi…i checked with Sanjeev kohli whether the full length song is available and understand that not so easily…
But I have this song in an lp with the stanzas…phir tere sulf ki….pls let me know if any one want this but cannot publish the same due to copyright issues..I also checked with hmv/saregama but there was no response to my request.


I would be obliged if you could send me the longer version with the third antra Phir teri zulf ke ruksaar..


Its not full length song…but these lyrics are available ..instead the first stanza of this song is not available in this LP
Pls leave a message at 9886051674…


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