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Jhoomta saawan dekho aaya

Posted on: April 19, 2009

While looking for forgotten gems, look what I have discovered. This Rafi song is from a forgotten movie called “Do Khilaadi” (1976). Gauhar Kanupri is the lyricist and Usha Khanna has composed the music.

This is a rain song, and I now realise that Usha Khanna for some reason has composed some nice rain songs. “Barkha raani zara jam ke barso” was also her composition. This song “jhomta saawan dekho aaya” is just wonderful. Rafi sounds at his most divine. I know that I say it for just about every Rafi song, but then what else can one say about his voice. The lyrics are superb, as is the music.

And no, this song was not picturised on Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz. This was a B grade movie in comparison, and this song was picturised on Vinod Mehra and Zahira.



Song-Jhoomta saawan dekho aaya (Do Khilaadi) (1976) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Gauhar Kanpuri, MD-Usha Khanna


jhoomta saawan dekho aaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
jhoomta saawan dekho aaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
maine jo tujhko chuaa
dil beimaan hua
saanson ka taar jhanjhanaaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
o jhoomta saawan dekho aaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya

baanhon me chori se
tumko uthaa loongaa
hothon se thodi si
laali churaa loongaa
hamko bulaate bhi ho
aankhen churaate bhi ho
aakhir deewaana kyun banaaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
jhoomta saawan dekho aaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya

bandhan tere-mere
ab tak kunwaare hain
ban jaa dulhan dil ne
sapne sanwaare hain
dil ko bahlaanaa hogaa
badlaa chukaanaa hogaa
kyun hamen raaton ko jagaayaa
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
jhoomta saawan dekho aaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
maine jo tujhko chuaa
dil beimaan hua
saanson ka taar jhanjhanaaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
o jhoomta saawan dekho aaya
barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
dekho barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
dekho barkha ne pyaar barsaaya
dekho barkha ne pyaar barsaaya

13 Responses to "Jhoomta saawan dekho aaya"

I am hearing this song after about 32 years !!!
I have such faint recollections of this song – yet I have definitely heard it.

Lovely song !!! This was at a time when most of the industry had abandoned Rafi saab. Usha Khanna still believed in him (esp after he had given her that 1974 superhit “Teri galiyon mein”).


raja’s comment is true. Usha Khanna supported Rafi and result was the superhit song from Hawas. It was a daily heard song over vividhbharathi during those days.




i am hearing this song after decades. when i read the title i wondered “yeh kaunsa geet hain?”
and the minute the opening music started i recognised


Exactly Rafi was always Usha Khannas main singer because he was instrumental in elevating her carrer.


can somebody translate this song for me please


This song comes keeps haunting me every monsoon and for years i was searching this song and the other being ‘ khushboo hoon main phool nahin hoon jo murjhaunga….’ from film Shayad. I believed that both were composed by Usha Khanna, but later discovered that the later one is composed by Manas Mukherjee. I have got the mp3 audio of this song (first it was only available on , but the audio of the later still eludes me.
With this song ‘ jhoomta saawan dekho aaya..’ the other song keep haunting me is ‘main jhonka mast hawa ka…’ by Kishore which now i find that is from the film ‘Double Cross’ starring Vijay Anand. I remember i had seen these movies back to back and then Vikram starring film ‘Toofan’. i was eight years old then.
Thanks for reviving our old memories and Rafi saab in this song is just in his full glory.. i like this song very much. Please let us have the Kishore sung ‘ main jhonka mast hawa ka, subah yahan aur shaam wahan’.. from Double Cross and i would request Prakash ji to please let us know if there are any good songs from the movie ‘Toofan’ (1975/76). Thanks Atul ji once again !!!


You can download this one. Most youtube video downloader sites also give u the option to extract audio only as well in mp3 format:


Avinash ji

In Toofan (1975/76)
I think there are 2 Rafi,Asha Duets,
one Rafi solo title song
one Mahendra kapoor,Asha climax song
one Asha Bhosle solo dance song

I like Asha bhonsle solo dance song:
“Reshma mera naam hai, naachnaa mera kaam hai, raajaa ho yaa bhikaari, main toh sabkaa dil behlaane aayee aayee, dekho dekho”
picturised on Priyadarshini, Vikram, Roopesh kumar.

On those days, this song used to be a vividh bharathi radio station favourite song on their morning slot programmes.

Thanks and Regards


Here is the video of this beautiful song



Thank you Prakash ji for providing more links of this song !!!



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