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Kahaan se aaye badra

Posted on: May 12, 2009

“Chasme baddoor” (1981) was a small bugdet non mainstream movie. This kind of movie, sans fights and sans lost and found storylines had their own fan following. There were several movies like this in 1980s that did reasonably well.

Here is a very well sung song from “chasme Baddoor”. It is sung by Yesudas and Haimanti Shukla. Lyricist is Indu Jain and music director is Rajkamal. The music of Rajkamal reminds me of the music of “Saawan ko aane do” which was a Rajshree Productions movie and a musical blockbuster to boot. Here Rajkamal comes up with another nice musical effort. Frankly, I had never heard about Indu Jain ( the lyricist) and Haimanti Shukla ( the female singer). Yesudas, a living legend of South Indian playback singing, sang very few songs in Bollywood movies, but these few songs have become memorable.

And this song is certainly a memorable song.

It was picturised on Vinod Nagpal and Dipti Nawal. Vinod Nagpal incidentally is better known for his role in Indian TV’s first mega serial called “Hum Log” in 1980s, where he played the role of “Basesar”.

Song-Kahaan se aaye badra (Chashme Baddur) (1981) Singer-Yesudas, Haimanti Shukla, Lyrics-Indu Jain, MD-Rajkamal
Yesudas + Haimanti Shukla


aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
aaa aaa aaa
kahaan se aaye badraa ho
kahaan se aaye badraa ho
ghultaa jaaye kajraa
kahaan se aaye badraa ho
ghultaa jaaye kajraa

kahaan se aaye badraa ho o

neend piyaa ke sang sidhaari
ruk kyun gayi
neend piyaa ke sang sidhaari
sapnon ki sookhi phulwaari
sapnon ki sookhi phulwaari
amrit hothon tak aate hi
jaise vishh mein badlaa
kahaan se aaye badraa ho
ghultaa jaaye kajraa
kahaan se aaye badraa ho

utre megh hiyaa par chaaye
aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa
utre megh hiya par chaaye
nirday jhonke agan badhaaye
nirday jhonke agan badhaaye
barse hain ankhiyon se saawan

man hai paglaa
kahaan se aaye

ma pa dhi na sa
re ma pa ni sa
re ma pa ni sa
re ma pa ni sa
aa aa aa
aa aa aa
aa aa
aa aa
aa aa
aa aa
aa aa

Translation (Provided by Sudhir)
kahaan se aaye badraa
ghultaa jaaye kajraa

Oh wherefrom have these dark clouds descended
The kohl in my eyes is getting washed away

(NOTE: To set the context for this song – the film ‘Chashme Baddoor’ is a romantic comedy of young hearts. And as happens in any romance, there are interludes of misunderstanding and separation. This song is placed in such an interlude. Deepti Naval and Farooque Sheikh are diverted, they are not seeing each other for some time, on account of a deliberate misunderstanding created by Farooque’s roommates. Deepti is hurt, but is also lonesome and is missing meeting her beau. And then her music teacher brings in this song for practice.

In poetry, dark clouds represent both kinds of emotion – exuberance as well as depression. In this song, the emphasis is on the latter. The lady is wondering, where from these dark clouds have descended upon her relationship. And the clouds are not raining; but her eyes are. For the kohl (kaajal, kajraa) she applies to her eyes for makeup is getting washed away due to her tears.)

neend piyaa ke sang sidhaari
sapnon ki sookhi phulwaari
amrit hothon tak aate hi
jaise vishh mein badlaa
kahaan se aaye badraa

The sleep from my eyes
Has departed along with him
And my small bouquet of dreams
Has faded away
It was as if
The nectar turned into poison
Just as my lips were about to touch it
Ah wherefrom have these dark clouds descended

utare megh hiyaa par chhaaye
nirday jhonke agan badhaaye
barse hai akhiyon se saawan
roye mann hai paglaa
kahaan se aaye badraa

The descending clouds
Engulf my heart
And the cruel gusts of winds
Spur on the flames (in me)
The monsoon rains from my eyes
And thus cries my imprudent heart
Ah wherefrom have these dark clouds descended


24 Responses to "Kahaan se aaye badra"

This is one of my favourite movies.
Total timepass, very funny. I could totally relate to it because I lived in Delhi for a few years.

Lovely song too.

I have read some rave reviews about this movie. It appears that I need to watch this movie.

Another absolute favorite. Love, love Yesudas 🙂 Haimanti Shukla is a very popular singer in Bengal.

I was not aware that she is a popular singer in Bengal. I thought that she had ended up being a one song wonder.

Oh Atul, you HAVE to see this movie. I think it’s one of the funniest films (Holly- and Bolly) I’ve ever seen, especially the songs. You will love it, I feel sure!

I am sure that I am going to love this movie.

there are 2 gr8 fun songs in this movie. one goes “pyar lagvat” with rakesh bedi ravi baswani and farooque shaikh on a bike.
another is a song on the farooque shaikh and deepti naval in the garden which the couple try to make a song with rhytmic words.
please try and find the words
thank you in advance

Wonderful song, and lovely acting by M/s Nagpal, Naval and the anonymous tabla player. The raga is Madhyamavati (Madhumad Sarang in Hindustani). The tears look real!

Thanks for the information.

I think the raag is Megh Malhar, not Madhyamavati. It is one of the favorite ragas of Sri Rajkamal

Great! Sounds much similar to Megh malhar but it is just Megh raaga. Isn’t it?

Dear Atul,

Would you be able to translate the lyrics into English,please?
Will be checking in later.Thanks in advance.

I LOVE Chashme Buddoor.We still quote dialogues from this movie-me and my sisters.:)))


Here is a wonderful translation of the lyrics by Sudhir Ji, our in house translation expert.

Dear Atul and Sudhir ji,

A BIG THANK YOU ! Wow! Sudhir ji ,you’ve done a fantastic job of translating and capturing the emotions in English.

Keep up the great work! I hope you don’t mind if I copy this down in my diary with due credit to you-only for my reading pleasure.Thanks in advance!


Not at all, Sheela ji,

And I am glad to read your message, thanks for your kind words of appreciation. 🙂


Thanks Sudhirji

Thank u soo much for lyrics and beautiful translation……

A great song indeed

Wonderful duet sung by Yesudas and Haimanti Shukla . I did’nt know that the artist whom Yesudas lent his voice is Vinod Nagpal . I have gone through the video of the song , the series of emotions going over Deepti Naval’s face is capable of bringing tears in the eyes of watchers . Indu Jain is totally unknown to me however Haimanti Shukla is a popular singer who chiefly sings Bengali songs .

A fascinating song indeed…!!

Lovely lyrics, and even lovely translation. Great work Sudhirji, you have kept full justice to the original poetry.

And, Yesudas…!! Alas, Rajkamalji opted for the most mellifluous voice of that era to make it more appealing. What special gift this celestial singer has got to take any rendition beyond the expectation of the composer !!

Haimanti Shuklaji has done a commendable work as its not easy for a classically trained singer to sing like she is unable to sing the song to her full potential due to overdose of emotions, which was needed for the song sequence. Hats off to her…

And finally, a big salute to both the heroine Deepti Naval and the director Sai Paranjpe, who crafted the picturization of this song a pure work of art !!

excellent and one of my favourite song. I am thankful to Sudhir ji for his translation. By the by I request Sudhirji to send his telephone number to my email id, so that I can get his help in future.
Prof. Ajaya kumar Mohanty Bhubaneswar Odisha

Thank you very much for the translation! My Hindi is pretty weak, so your translation and explanation helped me understand the song.

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