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Khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho

Posted on: May 12, 2009

“Dulhan wah jo piya man bhaaye” (1977) was a runaway hit of the year. In fact, this was a bigger hit than “Sholay” in the city where I was growing up.

The songs of this movie were hugely popular, and Rameshwari, the débutante heroine of this movie, became a hot property after this movie. Alas ! she could never recapture the same magic in her subsequent movies. And I expected the next Rajshree movie to be in the same league. So I was mightily disappointed when I went to see “Paheli”, the next offering of Rajshree productions.

Coming to “Dulhan Wahi jo piya man bhaaye” , it was a very simplistic movie- almost Manoj Kumarish, which glorified “India” and its traditional values and looked down upon “western” decadent ways. A woman was supposed to be homely, and women who went to parties wearing “western” dresses and danced there were to be scoffed at.

This song, which was the most popular song of the movie, shows the hero Prem Kishan singing a party song, accompanied by his girl friend ( Shyamli VermaNadkarni), much to the disapproval of the family members who have gathered there. For instance, one can see the expressions on the face of Leela Mishra ( the perennial mausi of Bollywood movies) to find out what she thinks of the whole affair.

While Prem Kishan ( son of Prem Nath, by the way) and Shyamli VermaNadkarni sing and dance, Rameshwari too sings at the end of the song.

This song was written and composed by Ravindra Jain. It was sung by Yesudas, Banshree Sengupta and Hemlata. And as I mentione earlier, this was the most popular song of this movie which had several very popular songs in it.

song-Khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho (Dulhan wahi Jo Piya Man Bhaaye) (1977) Singer-Yesudas, Hemlata, Banshree Sengupta, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain


khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho daaman mein jiske
khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho daaman mein jiske
kyun na khushi se wo deewaanaa ho jaaye
aise mubaarak mauke pe saathi
aise mubaarak mauke pe saathi
pesh duaaon kaa nazraanaa ho jaaye
khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho daaman mein jiske
kyun na khushi se wo deewaanaa ho jaaye

der se samjhaa hamko zamaanaa
shukr karo ke samajh to gayaa
sang rahne kaa khwaab suhaanaa
ban ke haqeeqat saj to gayaa
tum jo kaho to mahfil se kah den
tum jo kaho to saari mahfil se kah den
pal bhar mein mashhoor afsaanaa ho jaaye
khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho daaman mein jiske
kyun na khushi se wo deewaanaa ho jaaye

koyi kyaa jaane ham ne kyaa kyaa
khel rachaaye tumhaare liye
ham bhi kaisi kaisi manzil
chhod ke aaye tumhaare liye
kaliyaan hi kaliyaan mahkaa do aise
kaliyaan hi kaliyaan mahkaa do aise
ke aabaad dil kaa ye veeraanaa ho jaaye
khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho daaman mein jiske
kyun na khushi se wo deewaanaa ho jaaye

hans ke hamri har bhool bhulaa denaa
ham hain tumhre jab chaaho bulaa lenaa
apnon ki is mahfil mein ab kaam nahin hai begaanon kaa
ye duniyaa kyaa mol karegi ik muflis ke armaanon kaa
itni si hai bas apni tamannaa
itni si hai bas apni tamannaa
teri khushi se dil parwaanaa ho jaaye
khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho daaman mein jiske
kyun na khushi se wo deewaanaa ho jaaye


4 Responses to "Khushiyaan hi khushiyaan ho"

I remember this song very well.
I like it a lot as a pleasant, timepass song. Pretty catchy too.

I watched the movie five times. This song must have played an important role in drawing me towards the movie hall so many times. The real reason of course was Rameshwari. It is difficult to imagine today just how much she was loved by the movie watchers in this movie. Unfortunately, she failed to capitalise on all this adulation and faded away.

Hello Mr Atul,

The actress was not Shyamlee Verma. Shyamlee Verma was a model. This actress is Shyamlee Nadkarni an actress who did few films and later on married one of Mahmood’s sons.

Rameshwari became popular after this movie but as you rightly said – all her other movies were not in the league of “Dulhan Wohi Jo….” Excepting for Asha, Sharada and Sunaina, all the other movies that she did were forgettable flicks. that she was the archetypal girl-next-door acted against her as sex and glamour began raising their ugly head during the period after the 80’s.

Oh God! Prem Kishen was a terrible actor – neither did he have the looks or histrionic abilities…no wonder his uncle Raj Kapoor never cast him…Mercifully he became a producer and spared us the torture of watching him again.

So, this Shyamali is different ? Thanks for pointing it out. And thanks for your informative comments that you have left in the blog.

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