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Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye

Posted on: July 7, 2009

This song “naani teri morni ko mor le gaye” is one of the most memorable children’s song in Bollywood. And this song to my mind has a very special place among all children’s song that we have had so far.

There have been children’s song prior to this song as well, and even later, but it was the first time that a kid gave playback for a kid. Otherwise it was a female singer whose voice was used to sing songs for kids.

Secondly, the kid must have been under 2 years old when she sang this song. And that way, this has got to be a Bollywood song sung by the youngest singer of them all. And I do not think this record has been bettered even today.

And interestingly, information about this song is not all that easy to come by.

This song “naani teri morni ko mor le gaye” was from a 1960 movie called “Masoom”. Another kids movie by the same name was released in 1983, and people have forgotten all about this earlier “Masoom”.

This cute song was written wonderfully well by Shailendra and music was composed with such loving care by Hemant Kumar. The singer was none other than Hemant Kumar’s own daughter Ranu Mukherji.

This single song that Ranu Mukherji sang is enough to immortalise her in the history of Bollywood playback singing. I am surprised to note that hardly any information is available on her. I could not locate a single photo of her. Searching Ranu Mukherji gets you Rani Mukherji, who for all her stardom today cannot claim to have the same place in kids’ and their parents’ minds as Ranu Mukherji.

Since I could not get any photo of Ranu Mukherji, I have used her father, the legendary Hemant Kumar’s photo and uploaded the original song of Ranu Mukherji. No amount of karaoke and cover versioning can come any where close to this cute original voice of a two year old kid singing this song.

Here it is. Enjoy.

PS- Now this rare video is finally available. I as well as many fans of this song are heartily thankful to the uploader of this rare video clip. And I thank the reader of this blog, Mr Arun Kumar Tejaswi, who pointed me to this video link. The link shows this song picturised on Honey Irani.

Video link

Song-Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye (Masoom) (1960) Singer-Ranu Mukherji , Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Hemant Kumar


Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye
baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye
Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye
baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye

khaake peekhe mote hoke chor baithe rail me
choron waala dabaa kat ke pahunchaa seedha jail me
khaake peekhe mote hoke chor baithe rail me
choron waala dabaa kat ke pahunchaa seedha jail me
Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye
baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye

un choron ki khoob khabar li mote thaanedaar ne
moron ko bhi khoob nachaaya jungle ki sarkaar ne
un choron ki khoob khabar li mote thaanedaar ne
moron ko bhi khoob nachaaya jungle ki sarkaar ne
Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye
baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye

achchi naani pyaari naani roosa roosi chhod de
jaldi se ek paisa de de tu kanjoosi chhod de
achchi naani pyaari naani rootha roothi chhod de
jaldi se ek paisa de de tu kanjoosi chhod de
Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye
baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye
Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye
baaki jo bacha tha kaale chor le gaye


43 Responses to "Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye"

Fantastic song.
One of the earliest songs I remember from my childhood.

the more I think, the more I am amazed about this song. Ranu Mukherji obviously was too young at that time to sing this song by reading it from a piece of paper. She must have sung it from memory. And moreover, being too young, she may not have been aware of the enormity of her achievement at that time.

I love this song. I remember hearing it in my younger days and loving the line “Jaldi se ek paisa de de tu kanjoosi chhod de …”!

Yes, “ek paisa” was worth a lot those days.

fabulous song THE BEST FOREVER

i like this is really very fanstastic song

how can i download it pls tell.I love this song.want it for my son to learn

my daughter is turning one in pls tell me where can i find this and other hindi b’day songs as well as kids songs.

Dear Vandana ,
Please check your e mail for information.

Not the only song of Ranu. She sang in Bees Saal Pehle (Hemant Kr), Saazish (Shankar Jaikishan), Eent Ka Jawab Patthar (Shankar Jaikishan) and Resham Ki Dori (Shankar Jaikishan)

Yes, she has sung in a few more movies as mentioned by you, but very little information is available about her.

Our favourite song as children,sang it all the time, cos we had a 45 rpm with 4 children’s songs on it.

Saw this film only once on DD and can only remember the very sweet scene where Ranu sings it.

You saw this movie ? This means copies of this movie must be available somewhere. Unfortunately, this “Maasoom” is totally forgotten after the “Masoom” of 1983 came up. The older “Masoom” (1960) is not available easily.

i have seen this movie only once on dd….long…long..time ago…when dd was the only channel available and used to movies on sunday evenings.another song of this movie-hame un rahon par chalna hai jahan girna aur sambhalna hai is also very good.nearly twenty years have passen by since then…i still remember these two songs and the movie…its a great film..a sad one but with happy ending.

these days, VCDs/DVDs of even obscure movie are available. I hope the VCDs of this movie come up for sale, seeing the popularity of this song from this movie. I am also surprised at the fact that hardly any information is available about Ranu Mukherji on internet , or even otherwise.

Is this the original video???

Thanks a lot for this link, Mr arun Kumar Tejaswi. This is indeed the original video, while I as well as many others were searching for for years. What a great find ! You really made my day. Today I post the 2000th song in this blog, and as an icing on the cake, you show me the link to the original vide of this song. Thanks a lot, sir !

Hemanta Mukherjee (16 June 1920 – 26 September 1989) was an Indian singer, composer and producer. He sang in Hindi films under the name Hemant Kumar

In 1945, Hemanta married Bela Mukherjee (died 25 June 2009),[5] a singer from Bengal. Although Bela (maiden name also Bela Mukhopadhyay) had sung some popular songs in a Bengali movie, Kashinath (1943), with music by Pankaj Mullick – she did not actively pursue her musical career after marriage.

They had two children: a son, Jayant,

and a daughter, Ranu.

Ranu as Ranu Mukhopadhyay pursued a music career in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with somewhat limited success. Jayant is married to Moushmi Chatterjee, an Indian film actress who was popular in the 1970s.

i have made a tribute play list for Ranu mukherjee
In fact i found that she sang in more than 50 songs in hindi and bengali .till now [AND THE LIST IS NOT COMPLETE ]
Very few songs of her has been found on YOU TUBE after a lot of search

I feel very glad to see this song on this site…I have many sweet memories of all these songs…Thanx a lot..
If you can find another is—O Kaali re Kaali re tu to kaali kaali re,Gora s a ek bhaiya Maa ab lane vali hai, lanevali hai..

Atulji , Aapne Movie Love In Simla ka ek bhi gaana nahi rakha hai list mein.

Hamari farmaish ” Alif Zabar a , ……..” And E baby Eji … Ab kaho kya khaoge. Both thse songs are wonderful. And sadhna and Joy Mukherjee looked perfect as newcomers in it….

The reason why I have not posted this song so far is that I was unable to understand the words “Alif Zabar…” that appears in the song, otherwise I would have posted this song long back.

Hi Atul,

Thanks. There were two farmaish from my side. First one is Joy Mukherjee is teaching a kid Urdu/Arabic.

But the second song is really loveable ” E Baby eji, idhar aao aa gaya” Rafi is great as usual. This must be ur fav song too. Please post it on your blog. And one more farmaish “Main tumhi se poochti hoon mujhe tumse pyar kyon hai” song from Black Cat.

your blog is a wonderful collection and Music/song lovers would visit again and again … Thanks for this blog…

i love this song.i love old songs since i am now 10 but i love them.keep songs ever heard

Please tell me how can I download this song. I want this for my son.

Songs are not hosted in this blog. They are embedded from sites like youtube and dailymotion. So I cannot tell you how to download stuff hosted on other sites.

Hi ..Can you give me an english translation of the song plsssss

overwhelmed with flooding memories of childood and masoom. ye daulat bhi le lo,ye shohrat bhi le lo, bhale chhinlo muzse meri jawani, magar muzko lauta do bachpan ka sawan, wo ranu ka gaana, wo maasoom zubani..

Welcome to this blog where we celebrate nostalgia by discussing songs of the past. 🙂

This was a song that struck me whilst i was at office, i googled its lyrics only to be led to ur site. You have wonderfully compiled all the facts for the song. Amazing work! I have never completely listened to the complete song except for its lyrics, a song that’s filled with innocence, makes us all go back to being kids again.

Great job again!

Thanks for your kind words. It is encouraging words like yours that keeps me motivated and enables me to continue adding songs on a daily basis.

Didn’t Ranu Mukherjee also sing the title song of `Call Girl’ and the `Jawaani mere yaara’ songs, going by the info on the cassette insert? I remember contrasting the Masoom number and this one and thinking it was a cruel joke – or just part of a playback singer’s work?
This song was usually played on Vividh Bharati’s `Gaan and Muskaan’ segment on festive days, when they skipped non-filmi programmes like Gaan-Manjari and had this between `Chitrapat Sangeet’ (12 pm-12.30 pm) and `Manchahe Geet’ (1 pm-2 pm).
Aha, I finally have the complete lyrics to this delightful song.

‘Naani teri morni ko mor le gaye…’ from the film MAASOOM (1960), was Ranu Mukherjee’s first song in her playback singing career. Again this was the only song in the film for which Hemant Kumar, her father, composed the music. Rest of the songs for the film were composed by Robin Mukherjee.

In the same year Ranu Mukherjee had one more song, ‘Kehte hain isse Paisa bachcho…’ with Lata Mangeshkar, Hemant Kumar, and chorus. Needless to say, the music was composed, once again, by Hemant Kumar. Lyrics were written by Sahir Ludhianvi.

Therafter, Ranu sang one song each, for KABULIWALA (1961), SHIV PARVATI (1962), and FARAAR (1965); and three songs for DO DOONI CHAAR (1968) the same story-line was re-produced later as ANGOOR in 1981.

The seventies era saw her songs in:
1971 for the film PHIR BHI;
1974 for CALL GIRL (2 songs), FAASLAA;
1975 for SAAZISH;
1977 for MINOO, PAAPI;
1979 for DOORIYAAN.

Three more unreleased films from the seventies era featuring her songs were EK LADKI BADNAAM SI, NAGINAA, and PATTHARON KAA SHAHER.

The Eighties decade had at least two films EENT KAA JAWAAB PATTHAR (1982) and DARD-E-DIL (1983) for which Ranu Mukherjee had play-backed on song each. I am not aware if there were any more Hindi film songs by her thereafter.

Thanks a lot for these details. And welcome to this blog.

The pleasure is mine. Your concept is very unique and highly applause worthy. I spoke to Har Mandir ji this morning and mentioned your blog which he was already aware of. Once I have had the chance to browse properly I might be in a position to make some suggestions. Keep up the excellent work.

It is very kind of Har Mandir ji that he is aware of this blog. It is encouragements like yours that provides the motive force for this blog.

The name of her 2nd film in 1960 was GIRL FRIEND.

In 1961 there was one more film, PYAAR KI PYAAS, which had a song by Manna Dey, Geeta Dutt, Lata Mangeshkar, chorus and Ranu Mukherjee as well.

DOLI SAJAA KE RAKHNAA (1998) had a duet by her with Sukhwinder Singh.

Ranu also sang some non-film ghazals, of which I have at least 16 in my humble collection.

Three songs from ‘Pyaar Ki Pyaas” (1961) have been discussed in this blog, though not the song mentioned by you.

The song I am referring to is the twp part multi-lingual song:

‘Uttar mein hai khadaa Himalaya, dakshin mein saagar hai vishaal, Paschim mein Punjab kaa pehraa, Purab kaa pehri Bangal… Bolo woh hai kiskaa desh… ‘

Correction: Music director for Maasoom – I meant to write Robin Banerjee
but ended up writing Robin Mukherjee.

I wanted the lyrics for the song and have been singing to my 5 year old son who likes this very much. thank you for the effort taken.

Amazingly wonderful song, too good. The way she has danced in the song has made me a fan & just wonder how can a child so young can do that so beautifully.

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