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Main ye soch kar uske dar se uthaa thaa

Posted on: March 18, 2010

I have posted as many as six songs from “Haqeeqat” (1964) and I thought that I had covered all the songs. But it turns out that I had missed out on posting another very fine song from this movie.

Yes, I had not posted the song “main ye soch kar uske dar se utha tha”. This song is a heart rending song which is wonderfully written by Kaifi Azmi and rendered superbly by Rafi, with the music of Madan Mohan keeping the listener spell bound.

It boggles the mind to realise that one single movie can have so many immortal songs in it. The songs of this movie are gems indeed !

PS-I came to know much later that this song, penned by Kaifi Azmi, was originally composed by Iqbal Qureshy in “Panchaayat”(1958). So it is a case where the same song was recorded for two movies. This song was not picturised in “Panchaayat”(1958) though.



Song-Main ye soch kar uske dar se utha thaa (Haqeeqat) (1964) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-Madan Mohan


hmm hmm
hmm hmm

main ye sochkar uske dar se uthaa thaa
ke wo rok legi manaa legi mujhko
hawaaon mein lahraataa aataa thaa daaman
ke daaman pakadkar bithaa legi mujhko

kadam aise andaaz se uth rahe the
ke aawaaz dekar bulaa legi mujhko
magar usne rokaa
na usne manaayaa
na daaman hi pakdaa
na mujhko bithaayaa
na aawaaz hi di
na waapas bulaayaa
main aahistaa aahistaa badhtaa hi aayaa
yahaan tak ke usase judaa ho gayaa main
yahaan tak ke usase judaa ho gayaa main
judaa ho gayaa main
judaa ho gayaa main
judaa ho gayaa main
judaa ho gayaa main

21 Responses to "Main ye soch kar uske dar se uthaa thaa"

Anmol nageena hai yah geet bhi!
aaj mera pasandida geet sunwaya aap ne!
bahut bahut shukriya!


Thanks so much.I’ve been looking for Haqueeqat songs on youtube–I think I only found 2-3. I don’t think any of the songs were picturized on Dharmendra which is a pity.


I agree with you about how this one film Haqeeqat had so many wonderful songs in different moods and styles. You may correct me, but I understand that the violin in this particular song is played by none other than Pyarelal of the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo.


Madan Mohan had originally decided to use eight violinists for this song, but finally decided to use just one violinist and that happened to be Pyarelal. And indeed this is one song for which Pyarelal earned lots of fame as a violinist.


Really a great song pened by Kaifi Azmi. Madan Mohan as usual has rendered fine music. did not know that Pyrelal has played the violin.


Just to add some trivia, I read about an interview of Pyarelal on Vividh Bharti in which he volunteered that when Laxmikant-Pyarelal were nominated for the Filmfare award for Dosti in 1964, while they were paid Rs 10,000 for composing the film’s music, they took out a loan of Rs 65,000 to buy some 25,000 copies of the Filmfare magazine that had the Filmfare awards voting forms to vote for themselves. He said it was a common practice at that time. He said, “Ismein koi buri baat naheen hai, yeh ‘business’ hai, jab tak aap kuchh karenge naheen to ‘business’ chalega naheen. Aap bahut sat chalenge to naheen chal paayenge.”

Madan Mohan is said to have refused to take part in such schemes. Dosti narrowly beat Madan Mohan’s Who Kaun Thi and SJ’s Sangam to win the Filmfare music award in 1964.

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I read one interview of Bhupinder Singh in which he quotes Madan Mohan as saying that he( Madan Mohan) was asked Rs 25000 by the magazine to get Filmfare award.

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This is a fantastic song. The picturisation is also very good. It makes you really think about the life our soldiers face on the front.


Thank god that there were some B&W movies which were not made in colour though the technology was available at the time of making those B&W films. HAQEEQAT was one of them.

This song brings tears in the eyes.

New video link :


This song was first used in Panchayat(1958), MD iqbal Qureshi. The source of this info is Yesterday’s Melodies Today’s Memories by manek Premchand.


Thanks for this interesting information.


I think it was part of soundtrack of Panchayat, but as far as i know, wasnt used in the movie.


Atul ji,
Yes,this song WAS used in both films.Panchayat was Quereshi’s first film as a MD.Totally 4 songs from Panchayat were not issued on any record,the above being one of them.So,it is likely that the other 3 songs too were used in some other films.This is a matter of detailed search.
Wonder if this fact was known to MM.


Today is Kaifi Azmi saab’s 10th death anniversary. I was listening to this song this morning – I love all the songs of this movie. In fact Kaifi Azmi saab is one of my favourite poets/lyricists.


Raja ji,
Panchayat-58 had 10 songs,out of which only 1 song(the above) was written by Kaifi Azami.The balance 9 songs were penned by lyricist Shakeel Noomani.


contd….by error the message got cut off.
And in Haqeeqat all the songs were by Kaifi Azami.While all songs of Haqeeqat were popular,panchayat songs-except Azmi’s song-were not popular.


Wah bahut badhiya hai ye geet…


R.I.P. Sudhir ji


This is nice ‘Nazm’ from Kaifi Azmi. Nazm is a well organized, logically evolving poem where each individual verse serves the need of the central concept or theme of the poem. This point was clarified to Sonu Nigam by guest expert (I can’t recollect his name) in one of episodes of ‘Saa Re Gama Paa’ on Zee TV.


very nice song.. there is only two things in this nazm. rafi saheb and violin
. wait for the POV of this song in the upcoming Hindi film ‘black ticket’


Gr8 soulful composition & it amply shows how a nazam ( that has its own flow & practically need no instrumentation for its delivery ) can be so beautifully adorned with equally echoing instrumental pieces & that too with a perfect amalgam with the mood of the nazam.

There are 2 singers and 1 co-singer here … the singers are Rafi’s vocals & Pyarelal’s violin plus the co-singer is the beautiful pieces of piano that accompany Rafi’s vocals.

I do hope MM knew the fact that this KA’s nazam was earlier recorded for Iqbal Qreshi’s Panchayat but not used. Kaifi Azmi was working with MM for the 1st time in Haqiqat & he must have divulged this fact himself to MM. If not then in Panchayat too this nazam was recorded in Rafi’s voice & Rafi too must have told this fact to MM.
I’m always curious to think as to how, in which situation & with what instrumentation this must have been recorded for Panchayat ?.


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