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Jab dil se dil takraataa hai

Posted on: April 4, 2010

In movies, only the young and beautiful (read hero and heroine) are seen romancing, which to my mind is not fair. even old and ugly people also have the right to romance. So I always rejoice when villains, comedians and bit actors are shown romancing in movie songs.

But most of the time it is always hero and heroine in their twenties. But then there are exceptions. Dev saab continued his herogiri till he was into his 60s. And there were ageing heroines who were shown romancing when they (by Bollywood standards) were eligible to play the roles of mothers.

Here is a romantic song picturised on ageing actors Dilip Kumar and Vyjyanti Mala. Dilip saab was 46 and Vyjyayti Mala, I am told was only 32 ! (I cannot believe it). Both of them look so over the hill in this picturisation. Of course, ageing and over the hill people are allowed to romance in my book, but they can do so while acting their age. They should not be shown to be teenagers for that.

The song is “jab dil se dil takraataa hai” from “Sangharsh” (1968). Everyone, and not just the lead actors were on their way to the sunset of their careers, it would seem to me. Shakeel Badayuni was the lyricist and Naushad composed the music.

Rafi is the singer, and he was in the peak of his prowess, though.



Song-Jab dil se dil takraataa hai (Sangharsh) (1968) Singer-Rafi ,Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni,MD- Naushad


aaa aaa aaa

Jab dil se dil takraata hai
jab dil se dil takraata hai
mat poochiye, kya ho jaata hai,
jhukti hai nazar, rukti hai zubaan,
maathe pe paseena aata hai,
jab dil se dil takraata hai

dekhaa thaa tujhe ik baar kahin,
us din se abhi tak hosh nahin,
us din se abhi tak hosh nahin,
phir ishq ne karwat badli hai,
phir saamne tu hai maahjabeen,
ab dekhiye kya kya rang naye,
deedaar tera dikhlaata hai
jab dil se dil takraata hai

ye husn sharaabi mehkaa badan
aur uspe tera ye bholaapan,
teri bhi ummeedein jaagin hain,
kehti hai tere dil ki dhadkan,
betaab hai tu bhi mere liye,
andaaz tera batlaata hai
jab dil se dil takraata hai
mat poochiye kyaa ho jaata hai

mukhdaa na chhupa yoon haathon se
din ko na badal ab raaton se
din ko na badal ab raaton se
gulshan mein bikharne de nagme,
tu pyaar ki meethi baaton se
ae husn ki devi aankh mila
apnon se koi sharmaata hai
jab dil se dil takrata hai,
mat poochiye kyaa ho jata hai
jhukti hai nazar rukti hai zubaan
maathe pe paseena aata hai
jab dil se dil takraata hai

3 Responses to "Jab dil se dil takraataa hai"

I agree with all you have said whole-heartedly. America is a youth culture but in India it’s worse. It’s as if you’ve signed off on living after you reach a certain age. Where I disagree is when you say Vyjayantimala is old. I think she is absolutely divine here — young and lovely. Dilip is a problem but Rafi’s song makes up for it.


working video




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