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Dil e naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai

Posted on: April 14, 2010

“Mirza Ghalib” (1954) was a movie based on the life of Mirza Ghalib, who was one of the greatest Urdu poets of all time. This meant that the makers of this movie did not have to hire a lyricist. Mirza Ghalib’s poems themselves served as the lyrics. And what superb lyrics they are too.

All that was left to be done was to hire a fine music director and singers, and one was assured of some timeless classics. And that is exactly what has happened with the songs of “Mirza Ghalib” (1954).

Here is a song from this movie. It is a duet sung by Talat Mehmood and Suraiyya. It is picturised on Bharat Bhushan and Suraiyya. Ghulam Mohammed is the music director.

Many more singers have since sung this same song of Ghalib, but this version remains one of the very best. Listen to to, and savour this fine fine rendition of such a superbly written song.

Incidentally, Mirza Ghalib lived in an era before movies. He even in his wildest of dreams may not have realised that some day his poems would be used in movies, that too long after he was gone. But that is how it turned out to be, and we as listeners are thankful that a movie like tis was made on his life.



Song-Dile nadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai (Mirza Ghalib) (1954) Singers-Talat Mehmood, Suraiyya, Lyrics-Ghalib, MD-Ghulam Mohammed


dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai
aakhir is dard ki dawaa kyaa hai
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai

ham hain mushtaaq aur wo bezaar
ham hain mushtaaq aur wo bezaar
yaa ilaahi, ye maajraa kyaa hai
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai

main bhi munh mein zubaan rakhtaa hoon
main bhi munh mein zubaan rakhtaa hoon
kaash poochho ke mudda kyaa hai
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai

ham ko unse wafaa ki hai ummeed
ham ko unse wafaa ki hai ummeed
jo nahin jaante wafaa kyaa hai
dil-e-naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai

jaan tum par nisaar kartaa hoon
jaan tum par nisaar kartaa hoon
main nahin jaantaa dawaa kyaa hai
dile naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai
aakhir is dard ki dawaa kyaa hai

10 Responses to "Dil e naadaan tujhe huaa kyaa hai"

Thanks for posting this one so quickly too. As you know I love ghazals (good lyrics are a default for ghazals). And if you throw in Talat’s silken voice, you have a perfect combination.


I am on a customer satisfaction mode at present. So keep watching the blog. 😉


Indeed this film could be said to have the best quality lyrics ever, if Ghalib is considered as The Poet!

I can never hear this lovely ghazal without this coming to mind: you know that India-Pakistan cricket relations have had their on and off moments.
When in the early 80s Pakistan came to tour India after a long gap- since the 71 war I guess- they had a lot of famous names like Imran Khan & Wasim Akram etc in their team. However, Imran, their star bowler could not play due to an unknown injury for some of the matches, hot film gossip of the time alleging “an affair” between Zeenat Aman and Imran himself.

A PTV show, which always managed to be sharply critical and funny under the most adverse circumstances, then sang the following:

Arre Imran tujhe huya kya
Akhir tere dard ki davaa kya hai

I cannot remember the rest of the lyrics but they were spot on!


Pakistan team came to India in 1979-80. Imran Khan was there in the team, but Wasim Akram was too young those day. Wasim Akram made his test debut only four years later in 1984.


Thanks for the correction. I have just realised that the person who I meant was Sarfraz Nawaz…. have been out of touch with cricket for too long, although i was a big sports fan at the time. I think the team also had Miandad?

It must have been that series then when this sketch appeared.


Yes the team had Miandad as well as Zaheer Abbas, who had tormended Indian bowlers in Pakistan the previous year.

Sarfaraz Nawaz was not there in the team though. They has a newcomer called Sikandar Bakth (a beanpole in apperance) as a pace bowler who actually destroyed Indian batting in the Delhi test on his debut before India salvaged a draw.


Atul, I know where to come for any cricket questions now:))
Zaheer Abbas of course! Thanks a TON!

Zaheer Abbas was on this programme called Silver Jubilee on PTV, when Noor Jehan was being interviewed here.


I have been a cricket enthusiast for much of my life. I used to maintain cricket records in 1970s and 1980s, when such records were very difficult to come by.






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