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Deewaanaa leke aayaa hai dil ka taraanaa

Posted on: June 16, 2010

“Mere Jeewan Saathi” (1972) is full of great songs that were big rage during its heydays. The popularity of songs of this movie was just incredible.

Personally I did not like the songs of this movie when the songs of this movie began to get played on loudspeakers, radio etc. But by now I realise that the songs of this movie are superb.

Here is one of the songs from this movie. This is sung by Kishore Kumar and it is picturised as a party song on Rajesh Khanna who is seen wearing black glasses and playing a visually impaired person in this song.

I wonder how this misery befalls Rajesh Khanna seeing that he looks perfectly bright eyed in the other songs of this movie. Perhaps those who have watched this movie may be able to explain this mystery to me.

And he is seen wearing all pink. Those days people, including superstars would wear pink dresses without a second thought and that would become a fashion with public. I do not think any one will consider a dress like this a fashion statement today.

As for wearing black spectacles, that was a fashion statement with kids like me. I was not aware at that time that black spectacles were worn by visually impaired people. Incidentally, politically correct statements like “visually impaired” person were not yet part of the lexicon. One would use direct word like “blind” for such a person and that was that.

Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist and R D Burman is the music director. Kishore KUmar and R D Burman had taken the Bollywood music scene by storm and this song is a very good example of why the duo dominated the music scene those days.



Song-Deewaanaa leke aayaa hai dil kaa taraanaa (Mere Jeewan Saathi) (1972) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics- Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
dekho kahin yaaron,
thukraa naa denaa,
meraa nazraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa

aaj kaa din hai,
kitnaa suhaanaa,
jhoom rahaa pyaar meraa
poori hon dil ki,
saari muraaden,
khush rahe yaar meraa
ho ho,
chaand saa jeewan saathi mubaarak
jeewan mein aanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa

hmm hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm

apne bhi hain kuchh,
khwaab adhoore,
kaun ab gine kitne haay
sach to ye hai mere,
dost ke sapne bhi,
hain mere apne
ho ho,
uski khushi ab, meri khushi hai
ai dil-e-deewaanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
dekho kahin yaaron,
thukraa naa denaa,
meraa nazraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa
deewaanaa leke aayaa hai, dil kaa taraanaa

9 Responses to "Deewaanaa leke aayaa hai dil ka taraanaa"

Saw the movie way back in the mid-70s but still remember it very well.
Rajesh is blind (I am not going to try to be PC) because of what happens at the end of that other song you posted but whose video has now been removed. 😦 – Chala jaata hoon kisi ke dhun mein.

This is a very nice song. In fact all the songs in this movie are very good.


Yes and there is a very interesting song with Helen while is blind. He gets an operation and recovers in the end.


Atul, I just love the way you express yourself 😀 Had to say it.


Greta, I am honoured at your compliment. Personally I love the way you find so many interesting things to say about movies that many of us dismissed as B grade,C grade movies etc in our younger days


All songs are good in the movie except one during numbering 🙂

I think song was “mere jeevan saathi kisise bhi”.

Excellent movie if you are Rajesh Khanna fan, and timepass (due to songs) for others 😉

Aao na gale lag jaao na
Chala jaata hoon kisiki
Deewaana leke aaya hai dil ka
O mere dil ke chain
Kitne sapne kitne armaan

Also, if I remember correctly lyricist was “Majrooh Sultanpuri” in this movie. Though, “Anand Bakshi” was quite popular those days and had many Rajesh Khanna/RD Burman hits.


I too look forward to Atul’s intro to his songs. It is one of the highlights of his blog. 🙂


very moving song :(..but like it 😀




working video


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