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Saat samundar paar ke…pappa jaldi aa jaanaa

Posted on: June 19, 2010

Though I have not watched the movie”Taqdeer” (1967) , I have a fair bit of idea about its story line mainly thanks to its songs. I have posted the superb song Jab jab bahaar aayi aur phool muskuraaye from this movie and readers’ comments on this post has given me a good idea about the story. Then song is bound to move the watchers.

Here is another song from this movie, which is equally moving. The sole breadwinner of the family had gone abroad and his wife and kids are missing him. Unlike present days, when communications are reliable and instantaneous around the world, those days it was not possible for the family to keep track of the breadwinner for months and years together. The misery of the family missing their beloved husband/Papa cannot be imagined today.

This song captures the feelings of a family missing the head of their family superbly. The song is sung by Lata, Sulakshana Pandit, Meena Patki and Ila Desai. I can identify Shalini (playing the mother) but I am unable to identify the kids (all these kids may be in their late 40s, early 50s by now). The sadness in the faces of the kids and their mother can bring tears to the eyes of the watchers even today, even when one knows that it is just a movie.

This song is written by Anand Bakshi and the music is composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

This song was a long pending farmaish by Sid, and I thank him for reminding me of this song yet again.

Song-Saat samundar paar ke…papa jaldi aa jaanaa (Taqdeer) (1967) Singers-Lata, Sulakshana Pandit, Meena Patki, Ila Desai, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


saat samundar paar ke
gudiyon ke baazaar se
saat samundar paar ke
gudiyon ke baazaar se
achchhi si gudiyaa laanaa
gudiyaa chaahe naa laana
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
saat samundar paar ke
gudiyon ke baazaar se
achchhi si gudiyaa laanaa
gudiyaa chaahe naa laana
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa

hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm

tum pardes gaye jab se
bas ye haal huaa tab se
dil deewaanaa lagtaa hai
ghar veeraanaa lagtaa hai
jhilmil chaand sitaaron ne
darwaazon deewaaron ne
sabne poochhaa hai ham se
kab jee chhootegaa gham se
kab jee chhootegaa gham se
kab hogaa unkaa aanaa,
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa

maan bhi lori nahin gaati
ham ko neend nahin aati
khel khilaune toot gaye
sangi saathi chhoot gaye
jeb hamaari khaali hai
aur baasi deewaali hai
ham sabko naa tadpaao
apne ghar waapas aao
apne ghar waapas aao
aur kabhi phir naa jaanaa,
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa

khat naa samjho taar hai ye
kaaghaz nahin hai pyaar hai ye
doori aur itni doori
aisi bhi kyaa majboori
tum koyi naadaan nahin
tum isse anjaan nahin
is jeewan ke sapne hai
ek tumhi to apne ho
ek tumhi to apne ho
saaraa jag hai begaanaa,
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
saat samundar paar ke
gudiyon ke baazaar se
achchhi si gudiyaa laanaa
gudiyaa chaahe naa laana
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
saat samundar paar ke
gudiyon ke baazaar se
achchhi si gudiyaa laanaa
gudiyaa chaahe naa laana
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa
pappaa jaldi aa jaanaa


14 Responses to "Saat samundar paar ke…pappa jaldi aa jaanaa"

yah film Doordarshan par dekhi thi..aaj bahut arse baad yaad aayi…bahut hi achchee movie hai aur sabhi gaane bhi .

shukriya is geet ke liye.

[I was searching here, songs related to Mitti'[mud/soil]…/maati..did not get any..[?]]


Thanks Atul for another gem.

We used to sing this song as kids (having not watched the film), whenever my Dad went away on a business trip, esp to Europe (those days going that far away was a rarity).

We used to sing this as a fun song, but years later, when I saw the film, I realised that my mother could not have liked it too much, seeing what happens to the dad in the film.

What a meaningful song! I am wondering how I could have forgotten it so completely all these years, since it is a song I used to like a lot. Thanks for bringing it back, Atul!

Personally I listened to this song properly for the first time only recently, and I found it a moving song.

Thanks for posting this song.

i am so attached to this song that even now i feel the pain of it. my father was always away as he was in merchant navy n i missed him more than my life. that stage of my life i dont think i can ever come out, no wonder it still brings tears to my eyes n leaves me craving for my dad at the age of three………please dad i need u the most now…..please come back for ue lil daughter…………………..

hi seema .r u the same seema from goa k v no 1 varunapuri….if yes then reply.

Hey Seema, This is Sandeep from our Dhempe’s Gang, we lost touch after Pune and no one knows where you are, you suddenly disappeared from everyones list including Reema, Munish, Atul, if you get this message please write to me on

I was a part of Goa for quite some time but not sure which Seema u r talking about so can u pl describe Seema u knew of only then I want to get back else ignore……

There can’t be more than one Seema Kalhans I have known. After Goa, we met in Pune when you were staying in hostel….

I used to love this song so much coz my papa was always working for giving a better living for children across the world – he used to visist so may countries as he was a doc working for UNICEF. We used to miss him so much. I still remember when he returns he used to bring so much of goodies for us. But as a daughter I used to be so happy only to see him home.
Noe he is no more…. I miss him and will miss him all my life….

Lost our Pitaji in 1966 when I was 7yrs old and my sister was only 6 (in Fiji). The first film I remember seeing after dad’s passing and can remember all the songs of the beautiful movie, however this is the best song and am still singing after all this years, hoping, one day I’ll see him past the horizon.

Super feelings of a kid towords her missing daddy

audio link

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