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Piyaa milan ko jaanaa

Posted on: June 24, 2010

When I was a kid, I liked new songs and scoffed at old songs, especially the songs that were played in Radio Ceylon’s “puraani filmon ke geet” between 7-30 AM to 8 AM. I wondered why the old singers could not sing like the new singers. I had no sense of history to realise that there would be no new singers but for the older singers.

One of the songs that was constantly played in the “Puraali filmon ke geet” programme was this song from “Kapaal Kundalaa” (1939). This song is a one man show. The song is sung by Pankaj Mullick, who is the music director, as well as the actor, and I suspect that he is the lyricist too !

Now, when I am presumably older and wiser (?), I find myself bowing down to the genius of Pankaj Mullick. This song came in the earlier days of Bollywood movie music. Followers had yet to come in and there were only pioneers those days as far as creating music was concerned. And Pankaj Mullick was one of the major pioneers in this field.

And just listen to the voice. What a powerful and well trained voice he had. As was the tradition those days, the music was miniscule, and it was the singer’s voice that was required to do most of the work, and here Pankaj Mullick’s voice does all the hard work.

This song made Pankaj Mullick a household name, and quite deservingly so. Now, over 70 years later, this song still retains the same magic that it must have weaved over the generation of our great grandparents.

Song-Piyaa milan ko jaanaa (Kapal Kundala) (1939) Singer-Pankaj Mullick, Lyrics-Panjkaj Mullick, MD-Pankaj Mullick


piyaa milan ko jaanaa
haan piyaa milan ko jaanaa
jag ki laaj
man ki mauj
donon ko nibhaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
haan piyaa milan ko jaanaa

kaante bikhraa ke chaloon
paani dhalkaa ke chaloon
kaante bikhraa ke chaloon
paani dhalkaa ke chaloon
sukh ke liye sekh rakhoon
sukh ke liye sekh rakhoon
pahle dukh uthaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa

paayal ko baandh ke
paayal ko baandh ke
uthi chubh naan ke
paayal ko baandh ke
dheere-dheere dabe-dabe
paaon ko badhaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa

bujhe diye andheri raat
aankhon par donon haath
bujhe diye andheri raat
aankhon par donon haath
kaise kate kathin baat
kaise kate kathin baat
chal ke aazmaanaa,
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
haan piyaa milan ko jaana
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa
piyaa milan ko jaanaa


18 Responses to "Piyaa milan ko jaanaa"

I agree with you, Atul, I also wondered why the old singers could not sing like Lata and Rafi and kishore kumar! Now I find myself yearning to listen to old songs, and wishing those days would come again, and wondering why people want to listen to the cacophony that passes for music these days. My husband agrees with me, so our children grew up on a diet of old songs, and have never understood the new songs, either! This song by Pankaj Mullick is certainly a gem.

Indeed now I have nothing but admiration for the old masters of 1930s and 1940s.

I first heard this song when I was in school. At that time there were only two “really old” singers I had heard of – KL Saigal and Pankaj Mullick.
I must also plead guilty that I did not really appreciate their singing that much because I was more caught up with the “then-modern” songs of the 70s.
Now I realise that every generation has its music, its followers – and when there is hard work that goes into something, that work needs to be appreciated regardless of generation and taste.

This is a great song by Pankaj Mullick, btw. Just listened to it after decades. Thanks for posting this, Atul.

Thanks for posting this classic.

I can!t stop listening these old songs again n again,it is an execllent poetry too.and is sung from the heart.Thanks Atulbhai.

You are right,Atulji.
The song is written by Pankaj Mullick himself.
I remember,the Trio of 30s,namely K.L.Sahagal,Punkaj Mullick and Jagmohan was doing magic on the people of India.One will be surprised to know that there are few songs sung by all three,some(more) are sung by PM and KLS and it was a heated debate to identify the singers !
Jagmohan,however, was more famous for his non filmi songs.
You have already posted 3 songs from DOCTOR(1941),but the song that put P.Mullick on the pinnacle of popularity was ‘Chale pawan ki chaal,jagmen chale pawan ki chaal’,which I am sure,will be posted by you eventually.
These songs really take us on a Nostalgia Trip !

I thought I had already posted “Chale pawan ki chaal”. If not then I will need to do it promptly.

There is also a short female version of this song used five years later in My Sister (Meri Bahan, 1944) :

Kamath ji,

This was sung by ILA GHOSH.


This is wonderful… My dream come through… The each and every one of this collection of songs are a gem ! Thank you… thank you.. thank you.

Thanks for your kind words. Indeed this blog is a labour of love that is now 4700 plus songs strong. And with encouragements like yours, we will hopefully continue to add many more thousands of songs in future.

happy 2 hav found tis song here :)..coz it was 1 of my favourite songs of my nanaji 😉

What a fantastic labour of love .Came across the site purely by accident. I am 78 years old and thoroughly enjoyed the musical trip down memory lane.

Thanks for your appreciation. It made my evening.

Just Heard this song today for the first time. Absolutely amazing simplicity. Pure genius.

Atulji, thanx a lot for posting this musical blog. One of my friend Bhaskar Iyer have also posted musical blogs on all legendary music directors, singers, great yesteryear actors and actresses. Hats of to you for taking so much pain in posting these blogs and your efforts are not gone waste. Everyday we listen to songs sung by K.L.Saigal, Punkaj Mullick, C.H.Atma, Noorjehan, Suraiya, Khurshid, Lataji, Rafiji and so on posted by you. We get to listen to songs of 1950 till date. But prior to that, aapke badaulat yeh purane gaane hum thak pahunchti hai. Bhagwan aapko lambiiiiiiiiii umar de.

Thanks for your kind words.

Song’s tune used in Tamil film ‘Ashok Kumar’ (1941)

Song’s mukhda tune used in Malayalam film ‘Thenmavin Kombath’ (1994)

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