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Yoon dard bhare dil ki aawaaz sunaayenge

Posted on: June 27, 2010

I have posted a song from “Kapaal Kundalaa” (1939) in the past. Here is another song from the same movie.

This song “yoon dard bhare dil ki aawaz sunaayenge” is not as well known as the song posted earlier. But this song is sung just as superbly. What voice quality ! The music is as spartan as was the custom those days and it is the singer’s voice that had to carry the song, and what wonderful singing it is ! One has to take one’s hats off to Pankaj Mullick.

Aarzoo Lucknowi is the lyricist and the music is also composed by Pankaj Mullich himself. Here is this wonderful song that is 70 years (i.e. 4 generations) old. This venerable grandfather of present days songs must be compulsory listening to the budding singers of various music competitions of today, in my humble opinion.

Song-Yoon dard bhare dil ki aawaaz sunaayenge (Kapaal Kundalaa) (1939) Singer-Pankaj Mullick, Lyrics-Aarzoo Lucknowi, MD-Pankaj Mallick


yoon dard bhare
yoon dard bhare dil ki aawaaz sunaayenge
yoon dard bhare
bedard ke
bedard ke dil ko bhi hamdard banaayenge
bedard ke

Ganga se mile Jamuna
aur milke bahe donon
Ganga se mile Jamuna
aur milke bahe donon
haan hogaa
haan hogaa
agar aansoo takeer dikhaayenge
haan hogaa
agar aansoo takeer dikhaayenge
yoon dard bhare

ai aarzoo aap aakar
jo de gaye yaad apni
ai aarzoo aap aakar
jo de gaye yaad apni
ab koi
ab koi
ab koi bulaaye bhi to kaahe ko aayenge
ab koi bulaaye bhi to kaahe ko aayenge
yoon dard bhare dil ki aawaaz sunaayenge
yoon dard bhare


3 Responses to "Yoon dard bhare dil ki aawaaz sunaayenge"

A memorable classic from Pankaj Mullick. I had a craving for this song for the last 40 years or more. Thanks a million for fulfilling my heart’s desire.

In ‘agar aansu takeer dikhayenge’ the word ‘takeer’ should be replaced by ‘ taseer’. There is no such word as ‘takeer’ whereas ‘taseer’ means effectiveness and makes sense. In the 2nd line of this stanza, bahe should be replaced by bahen, plural of bahe.

In my humble opinion, Pankaj Malik was a better music director than a singer (same goes for Hemant Kumar). His rendering of ‘geet’ (piya milan ko, ye raaten) was fine but ghazal sure was not his forte. Also, his singing lacked ‘acting’. Inadequate knowledge of Hindi was also a handicap.
Wisely, he let Saigal sing some of his compositions that he would not have done full justice to.
Please try to imagine Pankaj Malik doing the following:
ye tasarruf alla alla
laakh sahi haa, pi ki batiya
an main kaah karoon kit jaau
…man darpan hai jag saara
haaye, kis but ki muhobbat me
–and so on.

Atulbhai! I love your blog and always wanted to tell you that.. This post really got me going as I, too had been looking for this song. After almost fifty years of waiting, I was excited to find it and then a bit disappointed after listening to it.

In appreciation,

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