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Main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche

Posted on: July 8, 2010

I am posting the songs of “Phaagun” (1958) these days. Here is another song from this movie.

This song “main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche” is a duet which is sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. It is picturised on Bharat Bhushan and Madhubala. The song is written by Qamar Jalalabadi and music is composed by O P Nayyar.

This is one song about which I had read but I listened to this song for the first time only a couple of days ago. This is one of the better known songs from this movie that has nearly a dozen nice songs in the movie.



Song-Main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche(Phaagun) (1958) Singers-Rafi, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-O P Nayyar


hmm hmm
main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche
teri zulfon ke neeche
duniyaa ko bhool deewaani
ab rahaa zamaanaa peechhe
main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche
teri zulfon ke neeche
duniyaa ko bhool deewaani
ab rahaa zamaanaa peechhe
main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche

aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa
ye kaun haseen sharmaayaa
taaron ko paseenaa aayaa
hirni ki aankhen le kar
dil kaun churaane aayaa
dil kaun churaane aayaa
main soyi ankhiyaan meenche

ab chaahe kahin le jaa
tu aage aur main peechhe
main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche
aaa aaa aaa
ye mere nain kanwaare
teri ankhiyaan dekh ke haare
o janam-janam ke saathi
meri maang mein bhar de taare
meri maang mein bhar de taare
main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche
teri zulfon ke neeche
duniya ko bhool deewaani
ab rahaa zamaanaa peeche
main soya ankhiyaan meenche

6 Responses to "Main soyaa ankhiyaan meenche"

I love this song! We have this song on one of our CD’s, and it fits my mental picture perfectly, except that I thought the hero would be someone with a little more expression than Bharat Bhushan! How did he get away with so little expression on his face?

A perfect song for late night listening!


Bharat Bhushan in fact was a leading hero in those days.


कितनी फुर्सत मे ये गीत बनाया एवं गाया गया होगा और उतने ही शुकून से इसका फिल्मांकन भी किया होगा … क्या ये सब आज के दौर में संभव है ?
इस धीमी तर्ज का भी कोई जवाब नहीं और नैयर साहब हों तो पंजाब की महक तो होगी ही । ‘फागुन’ इस परिवेश में उनकी लाजवाब फिल्म थी ।
मैने पढ़ा है कि इस गीत की रिकार्डिंग के समय रफी साहब तो पार कर गये पर आशा जी की आवाज के बास और रेंज को सटीक से उभारने के लिए कई रीटेक लेने पड़े ।




working video


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