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Raat suhaani jaag rahi hai

Posted on: August 1, 2010

“Jigri Dost” (1969) is a movie chokefull of awesome songs.With time, the movie as well as its songs have gone into oblivion but listening to these songs again is always a good and pleasant experience.

Here is a song from “Jigri Dost” (1969) which is sung by Rafi and Suman Kalyanpur. The song is picturised an a “Dream” song where Jeetendra falls into a disturbed sleep and then watches this song where he is joined by Mumtaz. As a child, I had read that people watch dreams in black and white, but in case of Hindi movie actors, they always dream in vivid Estmancolour, and that is very much the case here.

This song is wtitten by Anand Bakshi and music is composed by Laxmicant Pyarelal.



Song-Raat suhaani jaag rahi hai (Jigri Dost) (1969) Singers-Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


raat suhaani jaag rahi hai
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho
prem kahaani jaag rahi hai
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho

chal rahe hain jaadu
tham gayaa zamaanaa
dil churaa rahaa hai
ye samaan suhaanaa
paalki chaman mein
phoolon ki utaar ke
ye bahaar gaa rahi hai
geet pyaar ke
o o o
ho o o
aur jawaani jaag rahi hai
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho

chaand kar rahaa hai
yoon hamen ishaare
ye hamaare nainaa
ban gaye hain taare
neend ne na aane ki
uthaayi hai qasam
neend kaise aaye man ke dwaar pe sanam
o ho o ho o a ho
ho o o
preet deewaani jaag rahi hai
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho

wo kis jahan kaa
chaandni se poochho
aa gaye kahaan ham
ye kisi se poochho
ye zameen lag rahi hai aasmaan si
dil ki dhadkanon mein pad gayi hai jaan si
o o o o o o
ho o o
zindagaani jaag rahi hai
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho
ho o o
raat suhaani jaag rahi hai
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho
ho o o
dheere-dheere chupke-chupke chori-chori ho

7 Responses to "Raat suhaani jaag rahi hai"

Suggested corrections in the lyrics provided as above:

3rd stanza, 10th line: the initial words are “preet deewani…” and
not “neend deewani…”.

4th stanza, 1st line: the line is “naam is jahan kaa…” and not “woh kis
jahan kaa…”.



Sorry, the second correction suggested in my earlier comment as above is incorrect. I am not able to make it out exactly, perhaps it is “naaa is jahan ko, chandni se poochho, but certainly it is not “woh kis jahan kaa…”.


Oh! I missed the biggest one of all the mistakes that is there in the lyrics above (I simply didn’t expect it). And it is in the 3rd stanza, 2nd line. The lyrics are “yuun hamein ishaare” and not “gungune ishaare”.


Now that the purpose is served, please delete all my comments including this one. One correction that is left out may be carried out as and when you take a decision on it.Thanks.




What a lovely and soothing song.. Rafi saab is really something else. Suman Kalyanpur complements him very well.


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