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Tum gagan ke chandrmaa ho

Posted on: August 10, 2010

While posting a song of “Sati Savitri” (1964) I had remarked that there are certain value system (Sanskaar) that are difficult for westerners to comprehend. In the Indian value system, woman may be described as ardhaangini (better half) of her husband, but paradoxically, she is required to treat her husband as her God and a superior being, and she is required to regard herself an inferior being. Not very demcratic, but then these ancient scriptures were written in an entirely different era.

In the ancient scriptures, Savitri is regarded as the ideal woman and she is held up as the example of how a “Bhaartiyaa Naari” should be like. When Savitri’s husband Satyavan died, the Lord of death, Yama arrived to take his soul. Savitri begged Yama to spare Satyavan’s life and take her life instead, which he could not do. So Savitri kept following Lord Yama. She kept following Yama a long way after which Yama noticed that Savitri was losing strength but was still following him and her dead husband. Lord Yama offered Savitri a boon, anything other than her husband’s life. Savitri asked to have children from Satyavan. In order to give Savitri her boon, Lord Yama had no choice but to restore Satyavan to life and so Savitri gained her husband back.

Here is a song that is picturised on Satyawaan and Savitri in the movie, I am sure. In the lyrics, Savitri describes her husband as a superior being and deprecates herself, and Satyawaan too does the same, viz describes Savitri in glowing terms and himself in less glowing terms. In a way, Savitri’s conduct is “Bhaartiya Naari” like, whereas Satyawaan’s conduct in treating Savitri as her equal may not meet with the approval of some.

Let us just enjoy listening to the song without going into such details. This song, which is sung by Manna Dey and Lata is a superb song, and I vaguely recall this song being played in “Chhaayaageet” programme late at night. This is an ideal Chhaayaageet song, best heard late at night. It is written by Bharat Vyas in pure Hindi as was his wont. Laxmikant Pyarelal composed the music.

Song-Tum gagan ke chandrmaa ho (Sati Savitri) (1964) Singers-Lata, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


tum gagan ke chandrmaa ho,
main dharaa ki dhool hoon
main dharaa ki dhool hoon
tum pranay ke devtaa ho,
tum pranay ke devtaa ho,
main samarpit phool hoon
tum ho poojaa main pujaari,
tum sudhaa main pyaas hoon
tum sudhaa main pyaas hoon

tum mahaasaagar ki seemaa,
main kinaare ki lahar
tum mahaasangeet ke swar,
main adhoori saans bhar
tum ho kaayaa main hoon chhaayaa,
tum kshamaa main bhool hoon
tum gagan ke chandrmaa ho,
main dharaa ki dhool hoon
main dharaa ki dhool hoon

aaaa aaaa
aaaa aaaa

tum ushhaa ki laalimaa ho,
bhor kaa sindoor ho
mere praanon ki ho gunjan,
mere man ki mayoor ho
tum ho poojaa main pujaari,
tum sudhaa main pyaas hoon
tum gagan ke chandrmaa ho,
main dharaa ki dhool hoon
main dharaa ki dhool hoon
tum gagan ke chandrmaa

4 Responses to "Tum gagan ke chandrmaa ho"

Thaks for the info on Bharat Vyas. I googled him–he also wrote the lyrics for ‘Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum”.


I was just listening to “Yeh kaun hai chitrakaar” another of Bharat Vyas’ song. Yes, the same writer–he uses some of the same words in both songs e.g. “lalimaa”. (I haven’t heard that word much so it is distinctive.)


Lyricist Bharat Vyas and Music Director Vasant Desai were a standard combination, particularly for Shantaram’s films. “Ae Malik Tere Bande Hum” is from the Shantaram movie, “Do Ankhen Baaraa Haath”. Just as Bharat Vyas used mostly pure hindi/sanskrit for the lyrics, Vasant Desai used mostly desi and semi-classical tunes. No OP Nayyar was he.


I’d be grateful to anyone who provides the video. I cldnt find it on youtube!


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