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Nainon mein nindiyaa hai maathe pe bindiyaa hai

Posted on: August 23, 2010

This article is written by Raja,a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of articles to this blog

When I was growing up, a certain person in Bollywood was growing too. The difference was I was growing in primary school, he was growing towards superstardom.

I am talking about Rajesh Khanna. I remember being very young when he suddenly exploded all over the country with Aradhana. The success of that film was just amazing – the songs were a rage and overnight Rajesh and Sharmila became the biggest hit pair around.

His success story is well-documented and there is no need for me to bore everybody with the details. Let’s just say, almost everything he touched turned to gold. He went on to deliver hit after hit, with whichever leading lady he chose to act opposite.

I loved all his movies – they were usually romantic stories with wonderful songs and music. Kishore Kumar became his voice and ruled the industry from then on all the way till his death.

One of the movies Rajesh acted in was Joroo Ka Ghulam (1972). I think it was a reasonable hit – in any case, I liked it a lot. It is a sweet movie, a comedy about a couple who are in dire financial straits but have hidden this fact from the wife’s rich parents who had disapproved of the marriage in the first place. Now when the parents decide to visit, the couple is desperate and needs to put on an act.

Cute movie with cute songs. One of the songs – and possibly the best-known of all songs in the movie – was “nainon mein, nindiya hai”.

Here is this pleasant song. Rajesh Khanna has no place to stay and asks Nanda where he can be housed. Every place is occupied – her eyes, ears, hands, feet, hair, forehead, hair – till she finally says “there is only one place for you – and that is my heart!”. Cute song! I hope you enjoy it.



Song-Nainon mein nidiyaa hai maathe pe bindiyaa hai (Joru Ka Ghulaam) (1972) Singers-Kishore Kumar, Lata,Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Kalyanji Anandji

haan to…
nainon mein?
nindiya hai
maathe pe?
bindiya hai
baalon mein?
gajra hai
aankhon mein?
kajra hai
uff, oh!
phir kaun si jagah hai khaali
o matwaali
main kahaan rahoonga
o bolo kahaan rahoonga

o nainon mein?
nindiya hai
maathe pe?
bindiya hai
baalon mein?
gajra hai
aankhon mein?
kajra hai
phir kaun si jagah hai khaali
o matwaali
main kahaan rahoonga
o bolo kahaan rahoonga

teri galiyon ka
main hoon ek banjaara
teri galiyon ka
main hoon ek banjaara
tere bin duniya mein
mera kaun sahaaraa
meri kab marzi hai
hum mein ho ye doori
main to jaan bhi de doon
lekin hai majboori
paaon mein
paayal hai
haathon mein
aanchal hai
zulfon mein
khushboo hai
palkon mein
jaadoo hai
phir kaun si jagah hai khaali
O matwaali
main kahaan rahoonga
O bolo kahaan rahoonga

seekhe koi tumse
jhooti baat banaana
arrey seekhe koi tumse
jhooti baat banaana
dekho dil na todo
kar ke saaf bahaana
kaise sapnon ka
koi mahal banaoon
mere beghar premee
main tumko kahaan basaoon
seene mein
dhadkan hai
baahon mein
kangan hai
kaanon mein
baali hai
honthon mein
laali hai
phir kaun si jagah hai khaali
o matwaali
main kahaan rahoonga
o bolo bolo kahaan rahoonga

bas ek hi jagah hai khaali
ye dilwaali
tum yahaan rahoge
tum yahaan rahoge
achha jee?
Tum yahaan rahoge
tum yahaan rahoge
Thank you!

6 Responses to "Nainon mein nindiyaa hai maathe pe bindiyaa hai"

This was a sweet movie 🙂 Nanda is so sweet, and she had good chemistry with Rajesh. Well I guess he had good chemistry with everyone at that time 😀


The words of the song are so sweet- “sleep resides in eyes,bindiya occupies the there any vacant space for me” that is the gist of the lyrics of this song.


Such a sweet film. You’d done a nice write-up on it Memsaab, as usual 🙂 The other songs are such fun too. I love ‘Taras gayi re baras gayi re’ and ‘Yeh mera bungla hain’. Briyanshu had done some screen shots of Kaka from this film for Kaka gazers of all persuasions–here they are!


Oh, I just love “baras gayi re”. In fact I love all songs of this movie. The movie itself is indeed very sweet. 🙂


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