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Rote huye aate hain sab hansta huaa jo jaayegaa

Posted on: August 23, 2010

This review is written by Santosh Ojha, a relatively new visitor of this blog and a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music

Two songs from this movie have already been posted on this blog, and Atul has gone public with his negative views on the movie. He found the movie too contrived, too silly even. Maybe he has a point of view, but may I present the alternate view.

Remember this is late 70’s and yours truly is a teenager. Like a teenager I have confused views about life, where to head to, what to do. One keeps toying with various idols, various “ideologies”, multiple ideals (too heavy words for a kid!). There is no clear solution in sight. There is one beacon however in this miasma, Amitabh Bachchan. Or rather the persona of Big B those days (who was called AB still, not Big B then), the angry-young-man, ready and keen, to take on the establishment. He, from the dregs of the society, taking on the heavyweights. Remember Trishul, Ganga Ki Saugandh, Adalat, Deewar? If he was not from the dregs, he was tortured soul personified. Mili, Namakharam, Zanjeer, etc. etc., remember?

Sorry, I digressed, I do not mean this piece to be a discussion on Amitabh Bachchan’s filmography. Let me just tell you that I loved this movie, loved enough that after watching it for the first time, I saw it twice again within seven days of its release. 😀

Let me tell you a small story. I was born and raised in Jamshedpur, a small town in what is now called Jharkhand. After I completed my 10th in the city, I had to move out as there were limited options for +2 in Jamshedpur. My classmates and I chose Nagpur. There were two simple reasons behind this. Nagpur was just 12 hours away by train (Geetanjali Superfast Express) from my hometown and more importantly the Maharashtra Board exams (for +2) got over in March which gave me enough time to prepare for the IIT-JEE scheduled for May. Those were the rational reasons. There was one more reason, known only to me then, Nagpur had many more cinema theaters, compared with Jamshedpur. And me, a hard-core movie buff, this was incentive enough to relocate from home in Jamshedpur to a hostel in Nagpur.

The year was 1978. The year I saw many interesting movies including AB’s Trishul, Kasme Vaade and Don. And MKS!

It was during my early days in Nagpur when MKS was released. And I saw the movie on the 8th day of its release in a theater called Liberty, in the Sadar area in Nagpur, close to my college hostel. To say I was bowled over would be an understatement. This was the movie about an underdog going down fighting!

I will not go into the details of the movie, but suffice it to say that the great Kadar Khan’s “speech” in the graveyard when young AB (the hapless Master Mayur) is moping on his foster mother’s grave was inspirational:

“Sukh mein hanstey ho to,
Dukh mein kehkahey lagaao.
Zindagi ka andaaz badal jaayega!”

(If you laugh when happy, chortle aloud when sad. You will then find an altogether novel way of living)

And the adult AB comes on screen soon enough riding around in South Bombay on his motorcycle dressed in a natty jacket, singing aloud: “Rotey huey aatey hain sab, hanstaa hua jo jayega.”

Sometime during the song he crosses a hearse on the street. He pauses and sings:

“Zindagi to bewafaa hai, ek din thukrayegi,
Maut mehbooba hai apni, saath lekar jayegi”

Enjoy this song, one of the greatest movies of AB, ever, and one the greatest songs from Amitabh Bachchan/Kishore Kumar combo.

PS: This song was placed 13th in the “Binaca Geetmala 1979”. However the top two songs were AB’s. In fact of the 39 top songs of the year, 16 were from AB’s movies.

Video – Kishore version (Happy)

Video – Rafi version (Sad)

Song-Rote huye aate hai sab hansta huaa jo jaayegaa (Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1979) Singer-Kishore Kumar/Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics-Anjaan,MD-Kalyanji Anandji


he he
rote huye aate hain sab
rote huye aate hain sab,
hanstaa huaa jo jaayegaa
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
jaaneman kahlaayegaa
rote huye aate hain sab,
hanstaa huaa jo jaayegaa

wo sikandar kyaa thaa jisne zulm se jeetaa jahaan
wo sikandar kyaa thaa jisne zulm se jeetaa jahaan
pyaar se jeete dilon ko wo jhukaa de aasmaan
jo sitaaron par kahaani pyaar ki likh jaayegaa
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
jaaneman kahlaayegaa
rote huye aate hain sab,
hanstaa huaa jo jaayegaa

zindagi to bewafaa hai
ek din thukraayegi
zindagi to bewafaa hai
ek din thukraayegi
maut mehboobaa hai
apne saath lekar jaayegi
mar ke jeene ki adaa jo duniyaa ko sikhlaayegaa
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
jaaneman kahlaayegaa
rote huye aate hain sab,
hanstaa huaa jo jaayegaa
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
wo muqaddar kaa sikandar
jaaneman kahlaayegaa

14 Responses to "Rote huye aate hain sab hansta huaa jo jaayegaa"

That’s a wonderful write-up, Santosh.
I am of the same generation, so I can fully understand the emotions you are expressing here.

As you know, MKS was a HUGE hit and further consolidated AB’s position at the top. He could hardly put a foot wrong in those days.

But I was one of those who did not watch this movie then. I saw the trailer, I read the storyline and I hated it.

I liked Amitabh. I liked Vinod. I could not stand the idea that one of them had to die. I did not like Rekha AT ALL, I liked Amitabh-Rekha combo even less. And I did not like Raakhee much.

I intensely disliked that song “O saathi re” (all its versions). And that song “Salaame ishq meri jaan”.

Over the years, I have begun to tolerate these songs though they will never be anywhere close to my favourites.

I liked “pyar zindagi hai” but that may be because it is catchy. I liked it way before I saw the picturisation.

I did not mind “rote hue” that much, but that could be because it is a street song and does not have anything to do with Rekha or Raakhee. But I preferred its twin song “ek raasta hai zindagi” (picturised on Shashi Kapoor in Kaala Patthar) any day.

Just a matter of taste, I guess.

Am not saying these songs or the movie was not good. Who am I to judge whether something is good or not? All I am saying is that I did not like it.

I loved Amitabh in Zanjeer, Majboor, Deewar, Sholay, Don, AAA and lots of other movies. So it is certainly not that I did not like Amitabh. It is just that MKS was a bit too mushy, melodramatic, formulaic for my taste.

To each his own, I guess. 🙂

But fantastic write-up here. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


All three of us are from the generation and we were all growing up within a few hundred kilometres of each other,Raja. And it is always fun to know how people of our generation dealt with movies of those days. You disliked this movie, I disliked this movie, whereas Santosh, like an archtypical Amitabh Bachchan fan enjoyed this movie thoroughly.

I find it interesting to note that he watched this movie in a movie hall in Sadar,Nagpur where he had come to study. These days I stay in the same location in Nagpur and that threatre may not be too far off from where I stay.

Personally I watched this movie at Ranchi. I was in college- the same college where Mahendra Singh Dhoni is trying hard to graduate from. The movie hall was a few hundred metres from the college- at walking distance and I bunked practical classes (we had practicals in the afternoon) to watch this movie in the movie hall. And this movie that I later found not good enough had so many takers that one needed to buy the tickets in black if one was not of the kind to fight one’s way into the overcrowded booking counter, which in any case was opened only for the sake of formality. Most of the tickets were sold in black.

The writeup is indeed great fun to read, as Raja has mentioned.


Wonder whatever happened to Liberty Cinema! Does it not exist anymore?

Nagpur was the place I saw some of the most fascinating movies of those days. And not only AB films, but also movies like Dada, Apna Khoon, Mera Rakshak, Anjanein Mein, Bagula Bhagat etc etc.

Anyone remembers these movies?

Wow, what joys these movies brought!!


Thanks a lot, Raja, for you kind words!

I have been an unabashed fan of AB, and Rekha. Ah! The joys of an AB/ Rekha movie in the late 70’s and early 80’s!!

Rekha’s pics adorned the walls of my hostel room. (There was one more woman’s pics, the model Anna Bredmeyer’s; wonder where she is these days!)

Prakash Mehra wrought magic with AB, right from Zanjeer onwards.

Those glorious days!!


Nice writeup. I, of course, grew up a million miles away from the three of you. These songs were so popular that even *I* heard them somewhere or the other and even I knew who Amita Bachan was (that was what I thought his name was –Amita!!).
Nagpur is where you get nice santaras. I’m better with those sorts of details.


Thanks Sophy!

During my time at Nagpur, Santara meant not only the fruit which we partook of with much joy but also the generic name of a country liquor (distilled, presumably from oranges) which had the potency to knock out a human being for at least 72 hours, give or take 24 hours!

I thought you would like additional details re. Nagpur and its santaras. 🙂


and to think that me a die hard Amitabh fan (according to my Peevesie, i love any of Amitabh’s antics and that even these days after he has aged) i saw this movie years later on Door Darshan. and as if to make up for it i ve seen it everytime it comes on TV.


Thank God! I now have one more AB fan- and a lover of MKS- on this site!


one more AB fan? she is absolutely crazy. she can actually go verbatim on MKS, AAA, suhaag, Namak Halal, Mili, Chupke Chupke, etc etc etc etc etc not only with the dialogues but also Big B’s expressions and gesticulations.

and as someone who grew up in the next generation? I was okay with the storyline but I also ask, who watched these movies for story lines? its the individual scenes comedy, tragedy, action romance and songs you look forward to, too bad if they are only loosely linked to one other, they are still enjoyable


Nice song.


I did not see this movie when it was released even though I was in India at the time – I was too busy being a new bahu, and all that! I saw it recently on a DVD and thought it was pretty standard 80’s stuff!

Interesting write-up, Santosh! Incidentally, my first four years of life were spent in Ramdaspet, Nagpur! Sadly, though, I have absolutely no memories of that place and my only memory of Nagpur is the fact that when we lived in Delhi and Lucknow and made our annual visits to Madras for the summer holidays, the train used to stop at Nagpur and my mother would jokingly tell us to look out for a man in a white shirt and glasses (that would be my dad!). Apparently, when they lived in Nagpur, my mother’s job was to meet all the relatives who were going to Madras for the summer and hand them a home cooked meal, and she would start getting the letters for these requests as early as January itself! It was my Dad’s job to take this food to the station!

Thanks for the memories and the song!


Bravo Santosh ji ,
I could empathise with your written word, as MKS, despite being melodramatic and exaggerated in its scenic details, had all meaningful hit songs in it.
And Atul ji, much as i enjoy your song blog, which is what your blog is about,i was really shocked to read that you consider “dil toh hai dil” as just a popular song with no meaningful lyrics. In other words you are rubbishing the great songwriter of contemporary life in those times—ANJAAN JI.
Atul ji ….. dil toh hai dil is all about being in love…and the aam janta knows its heart. pls check your heart…haha.

The Best of Anjaan
Song Movie
Aap Ke Hasin Rukh Pe
Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi

Khaike paan banaras waala

Dil to hain dil dil kaa ayetabaar kyaa kije
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar

Rote huye aate hain sab
Mukaddar kaa Sikandar

O saathee re
Muqaddar Ka Sikander

Pyaar jindagi hai
Muqaddar Ka Sikander

Log Kehte Hain Maein Sharaabi Hoon

Kehna hi kya ye nein ik anjaan se jo mile

With Malice Towards None,



I have not seen this movie either in theatre or an T. V. I have seen parts of it and songs certainly, familiar with all of them. “Dil to hai Dil Dil ka Aitbaar ” is the best . Salaam – e – Ishque is the most popular song. It was the biggest hit of 1979. I remember every body at home went to see it at the theatre, i was the only one to refuse, for some reason. Finally a nieghbour went on my ticket.

The movie is also remembered for the climax seen where Amitabh dies and he asks Vinod Khanna to sing those lines ”
“Zindagi to bewafa hai Ek din thukrayegi,
Maut mehbooba hai apni saath lekar jayegi,
Mar ke jeene ki ada jo duniya ko dikhlayega
Woh muqaddar ka sikandar jaaneman……. ”

These lines were sung by Mohammed Rafi. True words in true voice.


a very powerful song 😀


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