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Agar main poochhoon jawaab doge

Posted on: August 26, 2010

This post is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor of posts to this blog

Shikari (1963) was a B-movie, starring Ajit and Ragini. I had the pleasure of watching it a few months ago and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a typical jungle adventure story with the necessary ingredients of tigers, gorillas and such. This may not be to everybody’s taste but I do enjoy such movies, even at this age. 😉

The movie is best-known for the song “tumko piya dil diyaa”. This song, thanks to lovely music and brilliant choreography, became such a huge hit that it resulted in a successful remix a few years ago. There are other variants of this song also available on the net. The music director, G.S. Kohli, can justly be proud of having created something for posterity.

This song has already been posted. But there is another reasonably famous song from this movie that had not yet been posted. I remember hearing this song also “agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey” quite often on radio. It is a wonderful Rafi-Lata duet, with fine nuances that only serve to illustrate what a hugely talented music director G.S. Kohli was. It is a pity he did not get many opportunities in his career, otherwise I am convinced he would have produced many more gems for us.

This song is picturised on Ajit and Ragini. Apart from the song itself, I like Ragini’s movements in this song. Ragini was an accomplished classical dancer (youngest of the three Travancore sisters) and the grace that she displays here, not just with body movements but also facial expressions, is typical of classical dance. I enjoy watching this video for the song and for Ragini’s expressions. I am sometimes dismissive of terms like “old is gold” but songs like this do make you realize how beautifully songs were constructed and composed in those days.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.



Song-Agar main poochhoon jawaab doge (Shikari) (1963) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Faarooque Qaisar,MD-G S Kohli


Agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey
dil kyun mera tadap rahaa hai
o tere bhi dil mein hai pyaar kuchh kuchh
mere bhi dil mein zaraa zaraa hai
agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey

O o o o
buraa na maano
to main apne haathon
ye bikhri zulfen sanwaar doon main
O o o o
o o
O haseen palkon ki chhaon mein ab
ye saara jeewan guzaar doon main
ye dil ki baatein koi na sun le
sanam zamaana bada bura hai
agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey

nazar bachaake agar main jaaoon
to meraa daaman na thaam lenaa
O o o o o
O koi jo poochhe ye kya hua hai
kabhi bhi meraa na naam lenaa
lagaa ke dil se rakhengey hum to
ye dard teraa diyaa hua hai
agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey

O o o o o o
O o o o
ye thandi thandi machalti lehrein
hamaare dil ko jalaa na daalein
O o o o
o o
O uthey hain toofaan dil-o-nazar mein
kisey bachaayen kisey sambhaalein
na chain tumko, na hosh humko
ye kya hua hai
ye kya hua hai
agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey
dil kyun mera tadap rahaa hai
O tere bhi dil mein hai pyaar kuchh kuchh
mere bhi dil mein zaraa zaraa hai
agar main poochhoon jawaab dogey

7 Responses to "Agar main poochhoon jawaab doge"

Great write-up, Raja! Besides, you have written about one of my favorite songs, so what more could one ask for? I think the early 60s produced some of the greatest songs, especially the duets with Rafi and Lata, even in the movies which were in the B and C category. I don’t have the facts to back this, but I definitely feel that ’63 to ’64 produced some of the greatest songs ever. You and Atul probably have the facts but this is my memory of those years speaking! I remember being glued to the radio, especially on Wednesday nights, with my homework in front, and my parents would come in to find the radio being played so softly that they couldn’t hear it in the next room! It was absolutely necessary for me in those days!

Thanks for reviving those old memories!


Madam,why only 63-64,indian music’s journey started from 1947 up to 1965-66.was on top ,every year produced gems of songs.
you can see the list of above mentioned years.AND you have not mentioned wednesday night programme that was BINACA GEETMALA ,CORRECT.


thanx atul beautiful song.


”शिकारी – १९६३” जी एस कोहली की सबसे सफलतम फिल्म मानी जाए तो कोई अतिश्योक्ति नही होगी । वर्षों तक नय्यर साहब के साथ काम करने की आदत / झलक / टीस उनकी कंपोजिश्न मे साफ झलकती है । नैय्यर साहब की ट्रेडमार्क रिदम उनके संगीत में भी और इस गीत में भी साफ सुनाई देती है ।
लेकिन वो नय्यर साहब की तरंह लता जी से विमुख नही रहे और इसीलिए लता जी के गाए उनके गीतों से ये तो अंदाजा लगाया ही जा सकता है कि ऐसी रिदम पर लता जी की खनकती आवाज कैसी मधुर लगती … इस दोगाने में भी ये आभास आसानी से महसूस किया जा सकता है । सुंदर बीटज् और ढ़ोलक का जोरदार इस्तेमाल नैय्यर साहब की तरंह कोहली जी के गीतों भी खूब जम कर हुआ है ।


Its great to think and imagine that IF lataji would have sung for OPN ,the tunes of GS KOHLI are similar to OPN,LATAJI would sung like GSKOHLI TUNES.Not only tunes but instruments are also same.
All songs of SHIKARI are gems.We cannot forget …..




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