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Kismat banaane waale zaraa saamne to aa

Posted on: August 30, 2010

I have noticed that songs are used as short cuts to the solution of all problems in Hindi movies. Whenever the movie maker is running short of ideas, he would introduce a song. If the characters in the movie are running out of ideas, they will burst into a song. This is in addition to the standard situations for songs in a movie, viz romantic song, sad song, happy song etc.

As long as the going is good, the characters would be busy singing romantic song, happy song etc, but as soon as the going gets tough, the characters, instead of facing the situation will burst into a bhajan, beseeching the almighty to bail them out.

If the situation is particularly grim and even Bhajan singing seems to have no effect, then actors would start singing song taking the almighty to task for not responding to their SOS. They would call the almighty names like “bewafaa”, “blind”, “deaf” etc as if the almighty would be shamed into action on doing so.

Here is such a song where the actresses is really really sore at the almighty and she gives HIM a piece of her mind. This song, which is written by Shakeel Badayuni, is sung by Lata. Gulaam Muhammad is the music director.

Any idea who is the actress on whom his song is picturised ? The actresses in this movie are Madhubala, Cuckoo and Shakuntala. It can not be Cuckoo, so it has to be a toss up between Madhubala and Shakuntala. And somehow this actress does not look like a very young Madhubala. Instead of speculating, I will let our expert settle the matter of her identification.

In the meanwhile, here is this song from “Pardes” (1950).

PS-Most likely, she is Shakuntala.



Song-Kismat banaane waale zaraa saamne to aa (Pardes) (1950) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni,MD-Ghulaam Muhammad


aaaa aaa aaa
kismat banaane waale
kismat banaane waale zaraa saamne to aa
main tujhko ye bataaun ke duniyaa teri hai kyaa
duniyaa teri hai kyaa
main tujhko ye bataaun ke duniyaa teri hai kyaa
duniyaa teri hai kyaa

laakhon museebaten hain gareebon ki jaan par
shikwaa nahin hai phir bhi kisi ki zabaan par
aa jaa zameen pe so gayaa kyun aasmaan par
aankhon se aa kar dekh jo suntaa nahin sadaa
kismat banaane waale
kismat banaane waale zaraa saamne to aa
main tujhko ye bataaun ke duniyaa teri hai kyaa
duniyaa teri hai kyaa

kyun diljalon ki aah kaa tujh par asar nahin
kyaa tere paas dekhne waali nazar nahin
jaltaa hai ghar meraa tujhe ye bhi khabar nahin
ye haal hai to kyun na kahoon tujhko bewafaa
kismat banaane waale
kismat banaane waale zaraa saamane to aa
main tujhko ye bataaun ke duniyaa teri hai kyaa
duniyaa teri hai kyaa

kyun duniyaa ham gareebon ki barbaad gam se hai
tu hai khafaa to roothaa huaa dil bhi ham se hai
Bhagwaan tera naam hamaare hi dam se hai
ham mit gaye to naam bhi mit jaayegaa teraa

6 Responses to "Kismat banaane waale zaraa saamne to aa"

I see that Chanchal is also listed on imdb as being in this. It could be her—Chanchal was one of Madhubala’s sisters, and this actress is definitely pretty enough to be a Madhubala sister, na? 🙂


Its not Madhubala or Chanchal.Most likely Shakuntala.Chanchal had poke marks on her face as seen in the Film ‘Mother India’.


It does not look like Chanchal to me, even though I am no expert in identifying actresses of that era.

I will for the time being go for Shakuntala.


I think Shakuntala was older than this actress by this time. Ah well. It shall remain a mystery for me anyway 🙂


Atul ji,
The lady lip synching the song is 100% (Baby) Shakuntala only.No doubts whatsoever.




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