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Udan khatole pe ud jaaun

Posted on: September 5, 2010

In Hindi movies, Kids are supposed to be a straight line extention of grown ups, so they are shown behaving like grown ups. Lead actors who are shown in love with each other in their grown up age are shown to be in love with each other even in their childhood in case their childhood is depicted in the movie.

In many cases they are even shown sporting the same hairstyle and the same dress during their childhood that they are later shown to wear in their grown up stage. Examples that readily come to mind are “Muqaddar ka Sikandar” (1978) and “Ham Kisi Se Kam Nahin” (1977). In fact, one can notice that the childhood version of Tariq and Kajal Kiran are wearing the same dress (in addition to singing the same love song) in their childhood as grown up Tariq is singing in the party in the presence of a grown up Kajal Kiran in the song Kyaa huaa teraa waadaa wo qasam wo iraadaa (Hum Kisise Kam Nahin) .

In these movies where kid version of the lead actors are shown in love with each other, they also sing a song, which later comes in handy for them to recognise each other after they separate. Yes, this lost and found formula was first used in Hindi movies for lovers, before the same formula was used for family members. In each cases, a song would be sung by them before they separate and that song would be later used as identification marks. Another variation was later introduced (applicable in case of siblings) where they would be aware of some identification marks on each other bodies, and that way they would not be required to sing a re union song. This was useful in lost and found movies where separated brothers grew up as hero and villain respectively, because unlike heto and heroine, you do not expect hero and villain to sing a duet from their childhood. 😀

One of the most well known childhood love song before separation is Bachpan ke din bhulaa na denaa (Deedaar) . This song shows Baby versions of Dilip Kumar and Nargis in love with each other and singing a song before they separate.

All these days, I thought that “Deedaar” (1951) was the original lost and found love story, but I was wrong. Even “Deedar” (1951) took its lead from “Anmol Ghadi” (1946). Yes, “Anmol Ghadi” (1946) is the original template for lead actors singing a song in childhood, then separating in childhood and getting re acquainted once again as they grow up. In this movie, the watch (anmol ghadi) serves as the identifying mark.

“Anmol Ghadi” (1946), as can be expected, too has a song like “Bachpan ke din bhulaa na denaa”. This song is called “Udan Khatole pe ud jaaungi”. The song is just as wonderful to listen to as the “Deedar” song. This song is sung by Shamshad Begam and Johrabai Ambalewali. Tanveer Naqvi is the lyricist and Naushad is the music director.

The picturisation shown the yoing girl (who would later grow up to be Noorjehaan) riding on a horse drawn carriage and singing this song, while the boy (who would late grow up to be Surendra) following behind, rolling a hoop on the road.
PS-The girl is Noor (sister of Shakila who would later marry Johny Walker) and the boy is M Kabir. I thank Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh for this information.

Rolling a hoop used to be a favourite game of kids during my childhood days and it is nice to know that the same was a favourite game of young boys even two three decades earlier too. The hoop was typically made by taking a iron bar and rolling it into circular shape and welding it. But the best quality hoop, which gave the best quality “ride” was made by an entirely different process. They were made from rejected piston rings of steam locomotives ! These piston rings, which were naturally round in shape where square in cross section and quite heavy duty and they offered divine ride. One of my neighbouring kid had such a hoop with him and other kids like me, who did not have approach with the local steam locomotive shed unlike the father of that kid, would request him to share his hoop with us, and he would reluctantly agree for some consideration.

I tell you, they do not make hoops like that any longer.

Meanwhile, here is this wonderful song from “Anmol Ghadi” (1946) for my readers to enjoy.



Song-Udan khatole pe ud jaaun(Anmol Ghadi) (1946) Singers-Shamshad Begam, Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Tanvir Naqvi, MD-Naushad


udan-khatole pe ud jaaun
tere haath naa aaun
haan aan aan
tere haath naa aaun
udan-khatole pe ud jaaun
tere haath naa aaun
haan aan aan
tere haath naa aaun

door-door se karoon ishaare
aur tujhko tarsaaun
chandaa ki khidki se jhaankoon
jhaankoon aur chhip jaaun
udan-khatole pe ud jaaun
tere haath naa aaun
haan aan aan
tere haath naa aaun

ho o o o
aayen aur guzarti jaayen
lambi-oonchi-neechi raahen
galiyaan aur baazaar
haan aan aan
galiyaan aur baazaar
meraa pahiyaa
meraa pahiyaa aise bhaage
jaise motor-car
bhaage sab sansaar
bhaage sab sansaar

sooraj bhaage chandaa bhaage
andhiyaaraa ujiyaaraa bhaage
dharti daude peechhe ko
main aage badhti jaaun
teraa haath pakad ke tujhko
door kahin le jaaun
main phir bhi haath na aaun
phir bhi haath na aaun

udan-khatole pe ud jaaun
tere haath naa aaun
haan aan aan
tere haath naa aaun

7 Responses to "Udan khatole pe ud jaaun"

awesome song


“Anmol Ghadi” ka “Anmol Geet”. Thanks.

Btw, you missed most popular song (IMHO) from this movie:

aawaaz de kahaan hai duniya meri jawaan hai

It’s coming in farmaish section.


Atul ji,
The girl in this song is NOOR MAHAL(who later became Johnny Walker’s wife) and the boy is M.Kabir.


I have actually come to know that the boy is Parikshit Sahani


Parikshit Sahni played Hero’s childhood version not in “Anmol Ghadi” (1946) but in “Deedaar” (1951).


There is no video of this song. If you do not have than I can provide you. Please guide me how to send it to you. Give me mail address.


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