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Pahle na samjhaa pyaar thaa

Posted on: October 7, 2010

In this blog, I post songs mainly from the golden era of Hindi movie music spanning across three decades from 1950s to 1970s. The decades just prior to 1950s, viz 1940s and 1930s were where the decks were cleared for the golden era to commence Listening to songs from these two pioneering decades is an enriching experience as it helps us go down memory lane by more than six to seven decades back to an era when I was not born and even my parents were small kids at that time.

There are people who lived those days and who preserved records of songs from those days. And thanks to internet, it is now possible for those songs and information about them to be shared. It is so nice to see rare gems from 1930s and 1940s now available on internet. These gems are mostly from the private collections of private individuals and not from any official sources viz record companies etc.

It is so nice of private individuals to share rare gems with the rest of us through video upload sites. Thanks to their generosity , music lovers come to know of songs that we knew nothing about.

Then there are other individuals who painstakingly catalogue all the songs composed by music directors and share them with others. Such sharing and caring is what is helping us preserve the rich legacy of Hindi movie music from the past.

Here in this blog, it gives me great satisfaction when I am able to discuss songs that are rare to find but which were once extremely popular. Such songs are there in every era, but it is more satisfying if one can get such songs from the earlier decades.

Here is one such song from “Aath Din” (1946). This movie was S D Burman’s first movie as a music director ( or may be second- if you chose to regard “Shikari” as his first movie). The songs of “Aath Din” are difficult to find, but finding them and listening to them is a hugely rewarding experience. I have posted two awesome songs from this movie, one of them was sung by S D Burman himself, and other was sung by Meena Kapoor.

Here is another song from “Aath Din” (1946). It is sung by Amirbai Karnataki. This song was hugely popular in its day. Listen to the words (written by Qamar Jalalabadi) and how well Amirbai Karnataki has sung this song, and it is easy to realise why. It is a gem that has unfortunately been forgotten by now.

Here is this lovely song from an era gone by.

Song-Pahle na samjha pyaar thaa (Aath Din) (1946) Singer-Amirbai Karnataki, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-S D Burman


pahle na samjha pyaar thaa
samjha to tumhi chal diye
tum to gaye pardes
ham rote hain milne ke liye
pahle na samjha pyaar thaa
samjha to tumhi chal diye

taaron bhari wo raat thi
apni gali aabaad thi
bachpan thaa bholi baat thi
pahli pahli mulaaqaat thi
tum to gaye pardes
ham rote hain milne ke liye
pahle na samjha pyaar thaa
samjha to tumhi chal diye

chubhti hai ab wo kahaaniyaan
pyaar bhari pareshaaniyaan
hamse huyi naadaaniyaan
tadpa kare ab jawaaniyaan
tum to gaye pardes
ham rote hain milne ke liye

preetam gaye kyun chhod ke
aao phir naataa jod de
kyaa paaoge dil tod ke
apne ghar se munh mod ke
tum to gaye pardes
ham rote hain milne ke liye
pahle na samjha pyaar thaa
samjha to tum hi chal diye
chal diye
tumhi chal diye

3 Responses to "Pahle na samjhaa pyaar thaa"

What a lovely song! Amirbai Karnataki sang this song with emotions.

I feel ‘?? aaoge’ in the last verse should be ‘kyaa paaoge’.


Line 3 of the last para- your question mark, the lyrics are ‘Kiya paaoge dil tod ke’


Thanks for the missing word.


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