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Badnaam na ho jaaun

Posted on: November 23, 2010

What is it that makes a song enjoyable ? It is not just one aspect of the song, rather one enjoys several things about it. It is the voice of the singer, as well as the music that appeals to the ears, it is also the lyrics. In fact, the contribution of lyrics in making a soul can never be overemphasised. I am always fond of saying that lyrics are the soul of songs and it the lyrics that makes songs come alive. That is why I give so much importance to the lyrics of the song.

Here is a song from an obscure movie called “Chaar Paise” (1955). This forgotten movie had Kishore Kumar, Nimmi,Roopmala,Agha etc in it, but that is ablout all that is known about this movie. For instance, information about the lyricist of this song is not available. I am keen to know who has written this beautiful song. The song is sung by Lata and the song is picturised on someone who bears amazing resemblance of Shyama, but it cannot be Shyama since her name does not figure in the credits. She cannot be Nimmi either, so by the process of elimination it appears to me that she must be Roopmala.

PS-If the lady looks like Shyama, then it is because she IS Shyama. Mr Sudhir, a reader of this blog, took pains to watch the movie credits and he confirms that Shyama is there in the movie. And curiously, Nimmi and Roopmala are not there in this movie ! And he also tells us that the lyricist is Sartaj. Thanks a lot for these valuable nuggets of information, Mr Sudhir.

The music director is someone called B D Burman. And I must say that B D Burman has come up with wonderful music, not only in this song, but for other songs of this movie as well.



Song-Badnaam na ho jaaun (Chaar Paise) (1955) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Sartaj, MD-B D Burman


Badnaam na ho jaaun
ae aansuon na behlaa
ae mere dil ke toofaan
aankhon mein band rehnaa
duniya se na kehnaa
badnaam na ho jaaun

nakaamiyon ne dil ki
khilti kali masal di
nakaamiyon ne dil ki
khilti kali masal di
phoolon ke badle hamne
ashqon ka haar pehnaa
ye pyaar ka hai gahaa
badnaam na ho jaaun

itne sitam uthaaye
kucch yaad bhi nahin hai
itne sitam uthaaye
kucch yaad bhi nahin hai
hothon pe ab amaare
fariyaad bhi nahin hai
seekhaa hai zulm sehnaa
badnaam na ho jaaun

toofaan badh rahaa hai
aur door hai kinaaraa
toofaan badh rahaa hai
aur door hai kinaaraa
tinke ka bhi nahin hai
dil ke liye sahaaraa
ye jaa ke unse kehna
badnaam na ho jaaun

4 Responses to "Badnaam na ho jaaun"

Atul ji,
The lyricist for the movie Chaar Paise is Sartaj.

The intriguing thing is about the music director. He is referred to as both VD Varman as well as BD Burman (depends on how one tranliterates Bengali to Hindi to English). I tried hard to search, but there appears to be no other movie that credits BD Burman as a music director.

About the actress who is lip syncing this song; it is Shyama. As I checked other sources, I realized that the cast list available online is erroneous, and that both Nimmi and Roopmala are not in this movie. I pulled up the video link for the movie at and viewed the credits. Shyama has the top billing for this movie, and Nimmi, Roopmala are not listed. Also, the movie credits spell the music director as BD Burman.



Thanks a lot for this information, Mr Sudhir. You are quite right about the unreliability of the information available online. If one source has a wrong information, then that is dutifully replicated by all other sources.




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