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O pardesi yaad mein teri

Posted on: March 1, 2011

I never tire of mentioning that there are countless musical gems lying there that have been forgotten with time. I keep discovering them quite regularly.

Just now I stumbled upon one such gem of a song. I have heard about this movie 9vaguely) and its lyricist and music director are well known names, but I had never heard about this singer !

This song is from “Pugree” (1948) which was a movie starring Wasti, Kamini Kaushal,Amar,Shashikala,Gope etc. This song is sung by Sitara Kanpuri. Youtube mentions her name as Sitara Devi .Sitara Devi and Sitara Kanpuri could well be the same person as the dancer-actor Sitara Devi.She sings in the style that was prevalent in Hindi movie songs those days. Her singing style reminds me of Uma Devi(Tuntun) who was also active in playback singing at that time.

Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist and music is composed by Ghulam Mohammad.

I have got the lyrics almost right except one line where I am unable to get the words right. I request my readers with keener ears to tell me what the missing words are.



Song-O pardesi yaad mein teri (Pugree) (1948) Singer-Sitara Kanpuri,Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni,MD-Ghulam Mohammad


O pardesi yaad mein teri
pal pal manwaa roye
pal pal manwaa roye
bhool gaye kyun apna banaa ke
bhool gaye kyun apna banaa ke
ho ho
apna banaake
man mein hamaare preet jagaa ke
man mein hamaare preet jagaa ke
saajan tumne aankh jo pheri
dukh jaage sukh khoye
dukh jaage sukh khoye

chain nahin hai tujh bin pyaare
chain nahin hai tujh bin pyaare
toot gaye sab dil ke sahaare
toot gaye sab dil ke sahaare
jeewan soona raat andheri
dagmag naiyya hoye
dagmag naiyya hoye
kaise kategi ye to bataa jaa
kaise kategi ye to bataa jaa
rooth gayaa dil aake manaa jaa
rooth gayaa dil aake manaa jaa
soorat ??? na pheri
ro ro jeewan hoye
ro ro jeewan hoye
O pardesi yaad mein teri
pal pal manwaa roye
pal pal manwaa roye

3 Responses to "O pardesi yaad mein teri"

Sitara Kanpuri and Sitara Devi are different.
Sitara of Kanpur/Sitarabai Kanpurwali or Sitara Kanpuri was born in Kanpur in 1920.Discovered by Director W.Z.Ahmed,she was brought to Bombay to sing for only Nina Devi,wife of Ahmed.She sang in Man ki jeet(3 songs)1944,Prithwiraj Sanyukta(1 song)1946,Meerabai(1 song)1947,Pugree(2 songs)1948.
After Ahmed and NinaDevi went to Pakistan,she sang in Pugree and Aparadhi(1 song)1949 and Rasheed Dulhan(1 song)1949.
After this,she simply vanished without a trace.


Thanks for this information.


Sitara of Kanpur, Sitara Bai Kanpoorwali were same, Tara Bai of Lucknow is said to be her sister per W Z Ahmad (owner of Shalimar Studio of Poona) who had signed under contract Sitara of Kanpur to sing for his movie Man Ki Jeet (1945) and other movies he produced. Due to tradition at that time, Sitara’s name does not appear on records, instead actress Nina’s (who was wife of WZ Ahmad) name appeared on original records. Try to listen movie ‘Sajan Ka Ghar’ song of Sitara…woh zindagi men Aaye Aur aakar chale Gaye …you will really appreciate Sitara. Whereabouts of Sitara is unknown today. Wish some one could shed more lights on her life. Now, Sitara Devi must not be confused with Sitara of Kanpur. Sitara Devi was an actress of the 40s. In short there were two Sitaras in the movie industry in the 1940s.


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