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Jo baat tujhme hai teri tasweer mein nahin

Posted on: March 8, 2011

1963 was a year when Hindi movie music was at its pinnacle. There were countless musical extravanzas that were released that year. Just thinking about the names of the movies boggles the mind. In this year, we had movies like “Mere Mehboob”, “Apna Bana Ke dekho”, “Asli Naqli”, “Meri Soorat teri aankhen”,”Sehra”,”Ye raaste hain pyaar ke”,”Ustaadon ke ustaad”,”Bharosa”,”Dil Ek Mandir”,”Professor”,”Gumrah”,”Pyaar kiya to darna kyaa”,”Bluff Master”,”dil Hi to Hai”,”Ek Dil Sau Afsaane”,”Aaj aur Kal”,”Gehra Daag”,”Bandini”,”Dil Tera Deewaana”,”Tere Ghar Ke Saamne”,”Rustam Sohrab”,”Bin Baadal Barsaat” etc etc.

And I have not yet mentioned “Tajmahal” ! Yes, this movie, in a year when a large number of musical gems competed to get a mindshare in public mind, the music of this movie stood out. This movie had lots and lots of songs, and all of them became hugely popular. One song from this movie, viz Jo waada kiya wo nibhaana padega became the most popular song of the year in Binaca geetmala finals of 1963.

Here is a another song from this musical magnum opus. This song is sung by Rafi and it is picturised on Pradeep Kumar and Bina Rai. The immortal music is composed by Roshan. and the words, which are well known to all music lovers by heart, were written by Sahir Ludhianvi.

Yes, Sahir Ludhianvi, whose birthday falls today (8th march) is the lyricist of this song. And seeing the quality of lyrics, it is no wonder that this song should become , and remain, a timeless classic, even after nearly half a century. Yes, this is the stuff that timeless musical gems are made of.



Song-Jo baat tujhme hai (Tajmahal) (1963) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi,MD-Roshan


jo baat tujh mein hai
teri tasweer mein nahin,
tasweer mein nahin,
jo baat tujh mein hai

rangon mein teraa aks dhalaa,
tu na dhal saki
saanson ki aanch jism ki khushboo na dhal saki
tujh mein,
tujh mein jo loch hai
meri tahreer mein nahin
tahreer mein nahin
jo baat tujh mein hai
teri tasweer mein nahin,
tasweer mein nahin

bejaan husn mein kahaan raftaar ki adaa
inkaar ki adaa hai na iqraar ki adaa
koyi lachak bhi zulf-e-girahgeer mein nahin
girahgeer mein nahin
jo baat tujh mein hai
teri tasweer mein nahin,
tasweer mein nahin

duniyaa mein koyi cheez nahin hai teri tarah
phir ek baar saamne aa jaa kisi tarah
kyaa aur,
kyaa aur ik jhalak meri taqdeer mein nahin
taqdeer mein nahin
jo baat tujh mein hai
teri tasweer mein nahin,
tasweer mein nahin
jo baat tujh mein hai

8 Responses to "Jo baat tujhme hai teri tasweer mein nahin"

Oooooh! This is one of my absolute favorites.

In fact, the movie Taj Mahal is one big song extravaganza. You can just sit back and enjoy the songs.

This song is a perfect example of a magical combination – Sahir’s lyrics, Roshan saab’s music and Rafi saab’s voice.

I know I am rarely lost for words but when I listen to songs like this, I am!


beautiful song!!..d urdu usage in it is just bindblowing 😀


I like to dig into the meaning and emotions of what is being recited or being sung. I am not sure if I understand the emotions behind the word Tahreer (Tahrir).

“tujh mein jo loch hai, meri tahreer mein nahin”.

I think it means something like this: “I cannot express myself with any stretch of imagination how supple you are.”
Any further explanation of the wrod Tahrir will be appreciated. Certainly it is not the same as “Tahrir Square” in Egypt.


Shekhar Bhaiya

The word ‘tehreer’ means ‘writing’ or ‘written text’. It also means ‘to express oneself through writing’. The written script of a poet or a writer is called his ‘tehreer’.

“tujh mein jo loch hai, meri tahreer mein nahin”.

The delicate poise, the graceful finesse that is in your being, in your movements
Such finesse is pitifully missing from my words
(My words fall pitifully short of matching, desribing this finesse).



Sahir’s urdu usages and popularity of songs of this movie evenly matched with his pure Hindi usages and popularity of songs of CHITRALEKHA (1964). And Roshan was his ‘companion’ for both the films.


one of the valuable ornament of indian music treasure.






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