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Aaja rasiyaa man basiyaa

Posted on: March 16, 2011

When it comes to titles for Hindi movies, most of these titles are one to three words long and then tend to have certain common Hindi/Urdu words in them. Combination of an adjective like Badi/Chhoti plus a noun for a woman itself may yield half a dozen or more titles. Then using words like Afsaanaa/fasaanaa/Kahaani either alone or in combination of a few other words leads to many titles. The possibilities are in fact endless.

Then there are some movie makers who give English title to their Hindi movies apparently in the belief that the public would be suitably impressed. There were lots of English titles in Hindi movies , especially in 1950s and 1960s,and most of these movies were B grade low budget movies. Names like Tower House,Detective,Inspector,Smuggler,12 0’clock,Bank Manager, Station Master, Railway Platform,Black Cat,Prince,Bombay Race Course, etc etc. And interestingly, most of these movies ended up as obscure movies.

When it comes to esoteric English titles, how about this title-“Commercial Pilot Officer” ? Believe it or not, there is actually a Hindi movie of this name. I have no idea who were the actors of this movie and who plays the title role, but I know for sure that this movie has got songs and the atrists involved in creating these songs are quite well known artists too.

Here is a song from “Commercial Pilot Officer” (1963). It is sung by Suman Kalyanpur. Anand Bakshi is the lyricist. It must be one the first lyrics that Anand Bakshi must have written. Music is composed by Roshan. Indeed Roshan composing a song written by Anand Bakshi is also a raere occurrence.

Here is this extremely rare song from a rare movie with a rare name .

Song-Aaja rasiyaa man basiyaa (Commercial Pilot Officer) (1963) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur,Lyrics-Anand Bakshi,MD-Roshan


aaja re
man basiyaa aa
aaja rasiyaa
more basiyaa
chanda waale gaaon mein
aa do batiyaan karen
taaron waali chhaaon mein
aaja rasiyaa

saari nagariyaa hai sapnon mein khoyi piyaa
main hi baawariyaa na pal bhar soyi piyaa
neend ganwaa baithhe hain nainaa
aaj ki rainaa
aaja rasiyaa
more basiyaa
chanda waale gaaon mein
aa do batiyaan karen
taaron waali chhaaon mein
aaja rasiyaa

gori chandaniyaa jo saj dhaj aaye sainyya
mori painjaniya to baj baj jaaye sainyya
laakh sambhaalo jiyaa dole
aur ye bole
aaja rasiyaa
more man basiyaa
chandaa waale gaaon mein
aa do batiyaan karen
taaron waali chhaaon mein
aaja rasiyaa

soche bina nainaa jhat uljhaane waale
tu hai kahaan uljhi lat suljhaane waale
chhed gayi hai purwaiyya
haay ri daiyya
aaja rasiyaa
more man basiyaa
chandaa waale gaaon mein
aa do batiyaan karen
taaron waali chhaaon mein
aaja rasiyaa

2 Responses to "Aaja rasiyaa man basiyaa"

Anand Bakshi wrote his first song for Bada Aadmi in 1961.His big break came with Mehendi Lagi Mere Haath in 1962.Till he wrote songs for Commercial Pilot Officer in 1963,he had already written over 50 songs.He was a prolific writer and wrote about 4000 songs by 2000 when he died.He has written almost all types of songs in all types of films.He had no qualms for writing for anybody as long as he was paid his fees.


Roshan gave music from 1949 to 1967.By the time A.Bakshi came on the scene,Roshan was already waning.Still,in addition to the above movie,A.Bakshi wrote songs for 2 more films of Roshan,namely Devar and Vallah kya baat hai.
Later Anand Bakshi wrote for Rajesh Roshan also,albit for only one movie Tumhari Kasam.


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