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Aaaa jaa mere saathi aajaa

Posted on: April 20, 2011

“Saaranga” (1960) is a mythological movie with lovely songs in it. Listening to the songs of this movie on a peaceful evening is a wonderful experience. That is how I had first heard the title song of this movie (Saarangaa teri yaad mein(Saarangaa)(1960)) in 1970s in Vividh Bharati in a summer evening.

I have discussed as many as five songs from this movie. Here is another song from this movie. This song is a duet sung by Rafi and Asha Bhonsle. Only the audio of this song is available, so it is not possible to know for sure about the actors on whom this song is picturised. This movie had Sudesh Kumar and Jayshree Gadkar playing lead roles. But then I have seen songs sung by Mukesh/Rafi and Lata /Suman Kalyanpur respectively picturised on them in this movie. Finding the same actors lip syncing in the voices for multiple singers in a movie is not all that uncommon, so who knows, this song too could well be picturised on them as well. I request my knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter.

Bharat Vyas is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sardar Malik. I had first heard the name of Sardar Malik when I heard the title song of this movie on that evening in 1970s, and till this day, I associate this movie with the name of Sardar Malik.



Song-Aaa ja mere saathi aajaa (Saarangaa) (1960) Singers-Rafi,Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas,MD-Sardar Malik


aaaaa jaa
mere saaathi aa jaa
aaaaa jaa
mere saaathi aa jaa
aaaaa jaa
mere saaathi aa jaa
aaaaa jaa
mere saaathi aa jaa
aaaaa jaa
mere saaathi aa jaa

yahi yahi jaadoo bhari meethi meethi taan
jisko sun kar dolte mere tan man praan
kis murli ne chheen lee meri subah aur shaam
raaton ki nindiyaa gayi din kaa gayaa aaraam

3 Responses to "Aaaa jaa mere saathi aajaa"

Atul ji,
Saradar Malik,father of Anu,Abbu and Dabbu Malik,was an unique person in cineworld.
He started life as a dancer and was trained by the legendary Dancer,Uday Shankar,in his own home school in Almoda.He was musically inclined and had a gifted voice too.He worked in Uday shankar’s troupe as a singer and choreographer.
Due to his singing ability,he started getting offers for singing and Music composition.During this time,film JUGNU was released.When he heard Mohd.Rafi’s songs in that film,he was convinced that he can never sing like Rafi and he gave up singing at once !
In his last phase of career,he stuck to only B grade movies,because,being a very upright person he never sought work from anybody.
He spent his last days in teaching Music,till Parkinson’s disease got him finally.


Thanks for this information. He composed for very few movies, but his music was always a delight to listen to.


Here’s the video of the song. 🙂
Such a delight to listen to Rafisaab in this song!
Just a few lines, but so beautifully sung.


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