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Keh rahi hai zindagi

Posted on: May 9, 2011

This aricle is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie songs and a regular contributor to this blog.

I met another long lost friend today, that I had not heard from in a very long time.

This wonderful melody is simply out of this world. A song, so simply constructed with easy lines to hum, and the effortless melody that simply flows from one tone to the next, and even when the composer makes deviations, it simply enhances the beauty of the flow, making it more lovely. I assure you, this is a “love at first hear” type of song.

The words of this song are created by Qamar Jalaalabaadi, and the soul stirring music is by none other than Anil Biswas. And as I heard this song again today, in the deep bass voice of Hemant Kumar, my heart spontaneously responded with “Masha-Allah”.

The song is from the movie Jalti Nishani (1957), a social drama starring Kamal Kapoor, Geeta Bali, Ulhaas, Sunder, Chaman Puri, Kuldeep Kaur etc. Only the audio of the song is available, so I cannot comment on its picturization.

Two songs of this movie are already discussed in this blog. Here is another, simply superb creation by Anil da.

Song-Keh rahi hai zindagi (Jalti Nishaani) (1957) Singer-Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Qamar Jalalabadi, MD-Anil Biswas


hmm hmm hmm
keh rahi hai zindagi
jee sake to jee
keh rahi hai zindagi
jee sake to jee
ek jaam pyaar ka
pee sake to pee
ek jaam pyaar ka
pee sake to pee
keh rahi hai zindagi

jaam ye usi ka hai
jaam ye usi ka hai
jo aage badh ke thhaam le
intezaar kis liye
jaam uthha jaam le
jaam uthha jaam le
aasmaan ke haath se
chheen le khushi
aasmaan ke haath se
chheen le khushi
keh rahi hai zindagi

husn hai khaamosh kyoon
husn hai khaamosh
ishq beqaraar hai
saamne bithha ke tujhko
tera intezaar hai
tera intezaar hai

ho o o o o o o o o
shokhiyon ki phuljhadi
kuchh to idhar bhi
shokhiyon ki phuljhadi
kuchh to idhar bhi
keh rahi hai zindagi
jee sake to jee
keh rahi hai zindagi
jee sake to jee sake to jee sake to jeeeeeeee

4 Responses to "Keh rahi hai zindagi"

Dear Friends,

Earlier in the day I got a communication from Harish Raghuvanshi ji. He has forwarded us another email from Raju Bhartan ji, in which Raju ji has shared some anecdotes about Anil Biswas.

One of the anecdotes relates to this song, and so I am including it here. I was surprised to come to know that this song was originally composed without chorus. Read the narrative below, from Raju Bhartan ji.

“He (Anil Biswas) was an amazingly spontaneous composer. I was there (still fresh on the music scene) when Anil Biswas recorded, in Hemant Kumar’s aristocratic voice, “Keh rahee hai zindagi jee sakay toh jee”. for “Raja Birbal” (“Jalti Nishani” – 1957). We were coming out after Anil Biswas had okayed the third take when Anil-da burst out: “Why not turn it into a chorus?”

Hurriedly, all of us went back into the music studio; swiftly Anil-da picked 7-8 chorus singers from among those present (they were not even professionals!); rehearsed these amateurs on the spot; and, inside the 45 minutes following, had recorded “Jee sakay toh jee”! Recorded it as the perfect chorus-accompanied Hemant Kumar number!

Just re-hear “Jee sakay toh jee”, remembering that there was no chorus at first, and you would be astounded.”

Yes, amazing, it is.



Yahin to pehchaan hai ek sachhe MD ki. Jahan kuchh nahin hai wahaan sab kuchh dekh sakte the. How intelligent,creative and smart they were!
BTW, who is this Raju Bhartan ji? Aap agar jaante ho to thhodi bahut pehchaan karwaa sakte ho? I mean can you give us some information about him? Thanks.


It’s really very touchy song…with a superb message through words and Hemanantda’s voice is most appropriate for such songs..Hearty congrats to share such a rare tresuare on the Full Moon day..>>!!


Anil Biswas was ahead of his times. Unfortunately, he was not associated with any camps but what he has composed is timeless.


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