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Aandhi aaye ke toofaan koi gham nahin

Posted on: May 20, 2011

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

The general memory of the 1969 movie, Saat Hindustaani, is linked to the fact that it was the debut movie for Amitabh Bachhan. However, in my mind, this movie is more associated with the writer director Khwaja Ahmed Abbas or KA Abbas. The Wikipeadia page on Abbas Saab contains very interesting information about this personality, e.g. fact like his family tree is traced back to Ayub Ansari, a close associate of Prophet Mohammed, and that his grandfather was one of the prominent soldiers in the 1857 uprising against the Britishers and a martyr, sentenced to be blown on a cannon, and that Abbas Saab is the great great great grandfather of Shahid Kapoor. Besides these familial facts, Abbas Saab has been a prolific writer and journalist, and a noted story writer and film maker in Hindi Cinema. His column ‘Last Page’ in ‘Blitz’, the Bombay based newspaper, ran from 1935 to 1987, the longest running column in the history of Indian journalism. He wrote 73 books in Hindi, Urdu and English, and is considered as one of the premier Urdu short story writers of the 20th century.

Abbas Saab started his career in the film industry in 1936, as a publicist for Bomaby Talkies. He wrote the story and screenplay for Naya Sansar (1941) that launched his career as a writer. He also had strong Marxist leanings, and was part of the IPTA (Indian People’s Theatre Association) movement in the 40s and 50s. His debut as a director was with the movie Dharti Ke Lal (1945), a movie based on the catastrophic Bengal famine of 1943, produced by IPTA. His other notable screenplay contributions have been Chetan Anand’s Neecha Nagar, V Shantaram’s Dr. Kotnis Ki Amar Kahaani, and many movies from the RK studios including Aawaara, Shri 420, Jaagte Raho, Mera Naam Joker, Bobby, Henna etc. Incidentally, the movie Neecha Nagar (1946) has the unique distinction of winning the Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

Abbas Saab was the pioneer of the neo-realistic parallel cinema, and through his own production house Naya Sansar, made many notable films like Anhonee, Raahi, Munna, Shehar Aur Sapna, Aasmaan Mahal, Char Dil Char Raahen, Saat Hindustani, Do Boond Pani etc. He won the National Award for Shehar Aur Sapna, and the awards for best film on national integration for Saat Hindustani and Do Boond Pani.

There is a handful of movies that were made on the subject of liberation of Goa, that happened in 1961. I can recall ‘Trikaal’ (1985) by Shyam Benegal, ‘Goa’ (1965) by IS Johar, ‘Tu Hi Meri Zindagi’ (1965) by S Mukherjee. I saw Saat Hindustani first time on Doordarshan, a while after it was released in 1969. The impressions I recall strongly from that viewing is more about national integration, rather than about liberating Goa itself. A team of six young men is selected to infiltrate into Goa, and to create disaffection and mutiny amongst the masses in Goa. A seventh person joins them in Goa, a lady by the name Maria, thus completing the team if Saat Hindustani. They are not carrying guns, and are not fighters. They are simple people passionate about the mission and their objective is to simply raise the Indian Tricolour at as many important places in Goa, as possible, thereby sending a message to the people of Goa, that the entire country of India is with them, and that they should rise against their Portugese rulers. More than this specific mission, there is a very strong sub plot about how this group of six Indians, from different regions and different religions start off with their own personal biases against each other, and how they finally come together as a single team, as a single unit, overcoming their personal antagonisms and hostilities, after passing through the trials and tribulations of their mission.

The casting of this movie is very interesting. Abbas Saab pushed the actors into very opposite characters. Utpal Dutt (from Bengal) plays the role of a north Indian, Madhu (from Karnataka) plays the role of a Bengali, Irshad Ali (from north) plays the role of a South Indian, Jalal Agha plays a Marathi manoos, Anwar Ali (brother of actor Mehmood), plays the role of a Hindu Brahmin, and Amitabh Bachhan plays the role of a Muslim poet. The role of Maria, the Goan girl is played by Shehnaaz. The casting itself carries a strong message of national unity, as does the rest of the movie. What the movies endeavors to accomplish may sound idealistic, but to a child’s mind it was a very strong influence, in terms of viewing India as a whole, as a unit, and not only as a collection of disparate “tribes”.

This song is almost an army marching song, picturized on this team of Saat Hindustaani, as they start their mission after infiltrating into Goa. The tempestuous music is by JP Kauhik (Jag Phool Kaushik). The challenging words are written by Kaifi Azmi – ‘is tarha jamm ke toofaan mein rakho kadam, ke kadam choomne ko kinaaraa badhe’, what lofty encouragement to accomplish. The singer is that wonderful far reaching voice that will stand out in any chorus or noise – Mahendra Kapoor. It is a background song, no one is lip syncing on the screen.

Come enjoy this uplifting and encouraging creation.



Song-Aandhi aaye ke toofaan koi gham nahin (Saat Hindustani) (1969) Singer-Mahendra Kapoor, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-J P Kaushik


aandhi aaye ke toofaan koi gam nahin
hai yehi aakhiri imtihaan saathiyo
imtihaan saathiyo
yoon badho jaise lehraa ke dhaara badhe
thhokren khaayen to dil hamaaraa badhe
is tarah jam ke toofaan mein rakho kadam
ke kadam choomne ko kinaaraa badhe
badh ke manzil ka sukh chain ban jaayengi
oh ho ho
oh ho ho
badh ke manzil ka sukh chain ban jaayengi
raaston ki ye katthnaayi’aan
saathiyo saathiyo saathiyo

ajnabi mod kaaton bhari rehguzar
jaal nafrat ke phailey hain dekho jidhar
chup rahogey to badh jaayengi dooriyaan
baat karne se aasaan hoga safar
jis zubaan mein sunaao sunaao magar
oh ho ho
oh ho ho
jis zubaan mein sunaao sunaao magar
aaj tum pyaar ki dastaan
saathiyo saathiyo saathiyo

qatl-o-gaarat se hum pyaar karte nahin
thhandi laashon ka vyopaar kartey nahin
jiska jo bhi watan hai mubaarak usey
hum kabhi sarhaden paar kartey nahin
hai ye dharti hamaari to lehraayenge
oh ho ho
oh ho ho
hai ye dharti hamaari to lehraayenge
apni dharti pe apna nishaan
saathiyo saathiyo saathiyo

2 Responses to "Aandhi aaye ke toofaan koi gham nahin"

Dear Sudhir ji,

An excellent write up on K.A.Abbas and very informative too !
In the fifth para of the write up,you have written about the casting.After reading it I recollected that V.Shantaram,in his famous film PADOSI(1941),also had cast in the same way.
The Main character of Mirza was enacted by Jahagirdar and Patil’s role was done by Mazhar khan.Thus Hindu actor for Muslim role and Muslim actor for Hindu role was arranged.


Dear Sudhir saab, Wow what a great song – very very rare… commendable job by the three greats Kafi Azmi saab, K A Abbas Saab & Mahendra Kapoor Saab…one of the most inspiring songs I ever heard. Thanks for te article & song.


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