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Rumjhum barse baadarwaa

Posted on: June 21, 2011

In Hindi movies, the rainy season is the season of love. And this rainy season has countless songs in Hindi movies in its various sub themes, viz Saawan, jhoola, phuhaar, rimjhim, full fledged rains etc.

Here is one of the earliest rain song in Hindi movies. This song is from “Rattan” (1944). This was a movie where folk music based songs were created (instead of the usual classical music based songs) and they were eagerly lapped up by the music lovers. And this changed the way Hindi movie music began to be created.

This lovely rain song is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewaali. D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Naushad, who pioneered the use of folk music based songs and this innovation was eagerly lapped up by other music directors too.

I am unable to identify the lady who lip syncs the song on the screen. I request my knowledgeable readers to help identify the pretty lady on whom this song is picturised.
PS-She in Swarnlata, leading lady of this movie who lip synced several songs in Zohrabai Ambalewaali’s voice in this movie.



Song-Rum jhum barsen baadarwa mast hawaayen aayin (Rattan)(1944) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewali, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Naushad


rum jhum barsen baadarwaa,
mast hawaayen aayin
piyaa ghar aajaa
piyaa ghar aajaa

ho rum jhum barsen baadarwaa,
mast hawaayen aayin
piyaa ghar aajaa
piyaa ghar aajaa

kaale kaale baadal ghir ghir
aa gaye
aa gaye
aise mein tum jaake julamwaa
dhaa gaye,
dhaa gaye
saawan kaise beete re
main kahaan tum kahaan,
ho more raajaa
ho more raajaa

rum jhum barsen baadarwaa
mast hawaayen aayin
piyaa ghar aajaa
piyaa ghar aajaa

mujh birhan ke haal pe baadal
rote hain,
rote hain
baalam hamre aankh moond kar
sote hain,
sote hain
hamko neend na aaye re
yaad sataaye tori,
mukh dikhlaajaa
mukh dikhlaajaa

ho rum jhum barse baadarwaa
mast hawaayen aayin
piyaa ghar aajaa
piyaa ghar aajaa

kaa karoon aison se ulfat
ho gayi,
ho gayi
unke mast alast nain mein
kho gayi,
kho gayi
pyaase donon nainanwaa
pyaasaa joban moraa,
mori kasam
mori kasam aajaa

ho rum jhum barse baadarwaa,
mast hawaayen aayin
piyaa ghar aajaa
piyaa ghar aajaa

8 Responses to "Rumjhum barse baadarwaa"

Whether it is Swarnalata ?????


A wonderful Radio Ceylon days memory – they used to have a `Purani Filmon ke Geet’ programme that usually ended at 8 am, with the last featured song always being a K. L. Saigal presentation.
I would never have known this song was from Rattan – I remember O jaanewale baalamwaa, lautke aa, lautke aa.


This song is a quintessential “purani filmon ke geet” kind of song, though I do not consciously recall having listened to this song in that programme. That distinction goes to “Dillagi” songs that I clearly recall listening to in that programme.


She is Manju, Later Karan Diwan married her.


No. she is Swarnalata…. go wikipedia, you can find out more about her. after marraige she moved to pakistan with her husband. and did few movies there. perhaps the first movie of pakistan after partition.





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