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Panchhi kaahe hot udaas

Posted on: June 21, 2011

In my daily series of K L Saigal songs, searching for “new” songs to discuss may become difficult with time. I hope that I will have at least 100 K L Saigal songs to cover before I run out of them.

At present I am just about halfway there. Here is the 56th K L Saigal song of this blog. It is from “My Sister” (1944). This song is written by Pt Bhushan and music is composed by Pankaj Mullick. This song is yet another example of K L Saigal’s wizardry with his vocal chords. This is an immortal K L Saigal song indeed.

Correction-This song is a non movie song. It is written by Kidar Sharma. Any idea who is the music director of this song ?
PS-The music director is Pankaj Mullick. I thank Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh for this information.

Song-Panchhi kaahe hot udaas (Non Movie song)(1935) Singer-K L Saigal, Lyrics-Kidar Sharma, MD-Pankaj Mullick


panchhi re
e e e
panchhi kaahe hot udaas
panchhi kaahe hot udaas
tu tod na man ki aas
tod na man ki aas
panchhi kaahe hot udaas
panchhi kaahe hot udaas

dekh ghataayen aayin hain wo
dekh ghataayen aayin hain wo
ek sandeshaa laayin hain wo
dekh ghataayen aayin hain wo
ek sandeshaa laayin hain wo
pinjra le kar ud jaa panchhi
i i i
pinjra le kar ud jaa panchhi
jaa saajan ke paas panchhi
kaahe hot udaas
panchhi kaahe hot udaas

uthh aur utth kar aaga lagaa de
uthh aur utth kar aaga lagaa de
phoonk de pinjra
pankh jalaa de
phoonk de pinjra
pankh jalaa de
uthh aur utth kar aaga lagaa de
uthh aur utth kar aaga lagaa de
phoonk de pinjra
pankh jalaa de
phoonk de pinjra
pankh jalaa de
raakh baboolaa ban kar panchhi
raakh baboolaa ban kar teri
pahunchhi unke paas
kaahe hot udaas
panchhi kaahe hot udaas


14 Responses to "Panchhi kaahe hot udaas"

Atul ji,
MY SISTER (1944) had 8 songs,out of which only 4 songs were sung by saigal
1)Do naina matwale
2)Chhupo na chhupo na
3)haay kis butt ki muhabbat and
4)Aye qatib-e-taqdeer.
The rest of the songs were of Utpala Sen.
Panchhi Kaahe hot Udaas is NOT from My Sister or Dushman(as some internet sites show),but it is his NON FILMY song.
This fact can be corroborated by checking the list of saigal songs compiled by HARMANDIR SINGH HUMRAAZ and Harish Raghuvanshi.
This list is published on the official site of Saigal.
One more thing.Since Saigal’s 185 songs are available,you will be able to get your century,anyway !

Arun sir,
You are absolutely right that ‘Panchhi kahe hot udaas’ is Not from My Sister .It is a Non-filmi geet,which had become instantly popular when released in those days.
I provide further info on the 185 songs of Saigal.
Out of these 185,
110 are Hindi film songs
37 are non filmy/bhajans
38 are Bengali/Punjabi/Tamil etc.
Again out of the 110 film songs,4 songs(2 from Karvane hayat,1 each from Bhakt Soordas and Dharatimata) are not available.
Therefore,Atul sir have 106+37=143 songs available to complete his century of Saigal songs.
I am sure he will do it !

Thanks for the breakup of Saigal songs.

Normally I would like to discuss movie songs, and discussing non movie songs is an exception rather than the rule in this blog. I have discussed well known non filmy songs, viz songs like “Ae mere watan ke logon”, and now I inadventently discussed a non filmy K L Saigal song, misled by youtube entry mentioning it as a filmy song.

I will try to see if I can complete a century of K L Saigal Hindi movie songs. It is going to be a tall order, because I am sure many of these movie songs may not be all that readily available.

Atul ji,
The Music Director for this song was PANKAJ MULLICK.

Non-film songs virtually straddled the same space. They had to be fitted into in a 3 minute 78 rpm record, they were not classical, but more on the popular side, many of them achieved mass popularity, for some singers such as Saigal, Pankaj Mullick and Talat Mehmood, their best songs would include many non-film songs. Saigal achieved nation-wide acclaim with Jhulna jhulao ri, Pankaj Mullick with Ye raatein ye mausam and Talat Mahmood with Tasweer teri dil mera bahla na sakegi, all non-film songs. Jagmohan appealed to the same audience that loved film music. You should not have any hesitation in covering non-film songs wherever necessary.

Atul ji,
I agree with AK ji and also thank him for vouching for the importance of Non Filmy songs(NFS).
Some NFS achieved a cult status and the singers were famous and wellknown for their NFS.One example is that of MASTER MADAN,who in the 40s,became so famous that his reecord came out while he was just 12 year old or so.His gazals like ‘yun na rah rah kar hamein tarsaiye’ and ‘hairat se taq raha hai’ were sold like hot cakes.Please remember that in 30s and early 40s,ie. till 1942,all songs in the films were not made into recorded songs.By one estimate,some 600 films having about 5000 songs in the movies,only 700 recorded versions came out.
In such a situation,popular melodious NFS,available on records,became famous all over India.They too are India’s heritage songs.
I would,personally,love to enjoy old famous melodious NFS in your blog with your comments.I believe,good music has no label !

I never realised that there were so many NFSs going around. That opens a new dimension of popular music.

In the past, I have discussed popular non filmy patriotic songs. Perhaps I should discuss the non film songs of K L Saigal too, to begin with. Seeing that the entire number of K L Saigal songs in any case runs into less than 200 songs, I think we can have all K L Saigal songs in the blog in near future.

Addendum to the above post……
According to Dr.Suresh Chendwankar,Secretary,Society for Indian Record Collectors,
during 1931 to 1940 for 9000 songs in 930 films,only 900 recorded songs were avalable and
during1941 to 1950 for about 11000 songs in 1236 films,only 7000 recorded songs were available.
MASTER MADAN was born on 28-12-1927 and died on 5-6-1942.
He recorded only 8 songs(3 Bhajans,3 Gazals and 2 Punjabi songs).
More information about Master Madan and to listen to his songs,you may visit

Atul ji,

A correction to the lyricist name. According to the KL Saigal compilation by Harmandir ji and Harish ji, this geet is penned by Kidar Sharma ‘Hasrat’. Apparently the information on the KL Saigal website is an oversight, which I have informed to Harmandir ji.

One more piece of information. This song was recorded in 1935.
In 1959, the gramophone company re-released this song as a duet by mixing in the voice of Ila Chakravarty (Bose).


Is this Kidar Sharma “Hasrat” same as Kidar Sharma or he is a different person altogether ?

Atul ji,

It is the same person, In some places, where his songs and ghazals are printed or referred, the name appears with ‘Hasrat’ which is his takhallus. Otherwise, very much the same person.


Thanks for this information. This doubt was bugging me for quite some time whether the two were the same person.

What a pity this audio should be claimed by so many for copy rights though audio is not covered for exclusive rights. There must be a way to upload only the song may be with a static picture of the singer.

Dear Atul,
In view of discussions above and also the fact that Kidar Sharma himself has mentioned this song being written by him in his autobiography ‘The One and Lonely Kidar Sharma’ (2002), please correct the tag as’ Kidar Sharma’ instead of ‘D N Madhok’.

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