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Dil le ke chhupne waale

Posted on: June 23, 2011

During late 1940s and early 1950s, Rehman used to act as hero in Hindi movies. Unfortunately most such movies with him as the hero seem to have ended up as obscure movies, and he finally had to end up making his living as character artist in subsequent years.

“Paaras” (1949) was a movie with Rehman and Kamini Kaushal in lead roles. Here is a duet song from this movie. It is sung by Rafi and Lata and it is picturised on Rehman and Kamini Kaushal. Shakeel Badayuni is the lyricist and Ghulam Mohammad composed the music.

This song is just as obscure as the movie itself, but the song is a lovely song and deserves to be much better known among music lovers.



Song-Dil le ke chhupne waale (Paaras) (1949) Singers-Rafi, Lata, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


dil le ke chhupne waale
dil le ke chhupne waale
tu hai kahaan bataa de
dil le ke chhupne waale
tu hai kahaan bataa de
soorat nahin dikhaataa
aawaaz hi sunaa de
o dil mein basne waale
o dil mein basne waale
nazren zaraa uthaa de
o dil mein basne waale
nazren zaraa uthaa de
aur chaand ban ke meri
duniyaa ko jagmagaa de
dil le ke chhupne waale

tujhko meri qasam hai
mil kar judaa na honaa
duniyaa hazaar chaahe
tu bewafaa na honaa
haathon mein haath le kar
jeewan ke din bitaa de
aisaa na ho ke duniyaa
tujh se hamen chhudaa de
dil le ke
o o
dil le ke
ho o
dil le ke chhupne waale
tu hai kahaan bataa de
dil le ke chhupne waale

5 Responses to "Dil le ke chhupne waale"

Rehman was one fine actor, who somehow played the heroine’s husband in a no. of films like “Sahib bibi aur ghulam” “Chhalia” and “Dil ne phir yaad kiya”(Nutan’s husband). Also in Guru Dutt’s “Pyaasa” where he is Mala Sinha’s husband. I have seen one more film where he is Meena Kumar’s husband, but dont know the name. He did that all important role of Guru Dutt’s friend in “Chaudvi ka chand ” too, if i recall correctly. Almost always third angle in the triangle.

I hope, Deshmukh Sir, would like to share some more about “Rehman”.



Whether it is Gazal(1964), which paired sunil dutt, meena kumari and Rehmaan ?


No, i am not referring to “ghazal”. In “Ghazal” Meena Kumari is getting married to someone(I am not sure if it was Rehman) in the climax of the film.

I have seen another film, where Rehman has brought his sister-in-law(Meena Kumari) to his house, who has lost here memory in an accident /fire in which the whole family of Meena Kumari(Parents & sister – who is actual Rehman’s wife) has died. He claims that Meena Kumari is his wife. Dharmendra played the doctor who is treating Meena Kumari.


Nahm Bhai, Prakash ji,

It is the 1968 movie Baharon Ki Manzil, directed by Yakub Hassan Rizvi.



Sudhir Sir,

Thanks. “Bahaaron ki Manzil” is the film i saw a part of (one hour or so), on T. V. It has a very nice Lata Solo “Nigaahen kyun bhatakti hain”.


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