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Baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re

Posted on: June 23, 2011

Not too many people are aware of this movie called “Uddhaar” (1949). When one searches for the details of this movie, it turns out that the movie had quite a few big names in it. This movie had Dev Anand, Munawwar Sultana,Pratima Devi,Bharat Bhushan,Nirupa Roy,Ram Singh etc in it. This movie, which was produced by Pratibha Chitra Mandir was directed by S S Kulkarni.

The songs of this movie are just as obscure as the movie itself, but what lovely songs this movie has ! I have discussed two songs from this movie in the past and here is another one.

I find this song a refreshing cange from the usual songs because it is sung by a “fresh” female voice which sounds different from the voices who have dominated the playback singing in Hindi movies. This song is sung by a singer called Mohan Tara. She has a lovely and different voice that has me mesmerised (if it is possible to get mesmerised aurally).

Pt Narendra Sharma is the lyricist and music is composed by Vasant Desai. Only the audio of this song is available, so I am unable to say how and on whom this song is picturised in the movie. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw more light on this matter. Of course, one can enjoy this song even without being aware of these details. What a delightful song it is !

Song-Baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re (Uddhaar) (1949) Singer-Mohan Tara, Lyrics-Narendra Sharma, MD-Vasant Desai


baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re
baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re
ho ho ho ho
nainon ke pyaalon mein pyaasaa
pyaasaa jiyaa laayi re
bijuriyaa aali re
baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re
baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re

ho ho ho ho ho
laten kaali kaali
hain resham ki jaali
laten kaali kaali
hain resham ki jaali
hai veni mein kesar ki pyaar basaa le
hai veni mein kesar ki pyaar basaa le
ho ho ho
main rasrang chhalkaati gaagariyaa
gaagariyaa laayi re
bijuriyaa aayi re
baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re

najariyon se armaan kar loongi poorey
ho ho ho ho ho
ho ho ho ho ho
najariyon se armaan kar loongi poorey
rahengey hamaarey naa sapney adhoorey
madan chand ke pahley
madan chand ke pahley
paayaliyaa aayi re
paayaliyaa aayi re
ho ho ho ho
nainon ke pyaalon mein pyaasaa
pyaasaa jiyaa laayi re
bijuriyaa aayi re
baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re


9 Responses to "Baadar ki chaadar mein bijuriyaa aayi re"

Atul ji,
MOHANTARA AJINKYA was a popular playback singer in the 40s.She also sang some memorable songs in Marathi(Bhavgeet and Cinema geet).
In 1946 she sang in Chehra,Dharati,Kuldeepak,Phulwari,Pujari,Mugdharaj etc.
In1947 she sang in Aap ki sewa mein,Bhakt Dhruv,Pati patni,Rishta,Voh anjane etc.
In 1948 she sang in Khidki,Adalat etc.
I remember her famous song from Patanga,with Shamshad,Rafi and Chitalkar
“Pahle to ho gayi Namaste Namaste-phir pyar ho gaya haste haste…..”(1949).
After marriage she became MOHANTARA TALAPADE,and continued singing.
Her one more identity is as mother of the Dancing Duo JAYASHREE T(alpade) and MEENA T(alpade).

Thanks for this great information. I was not aware that she is the mother of Jayshree T.

and Deshmukhji
if i am not wrong the actress Nanda is also a cousin of the “T” sisters?

Peevesie’s Mom ji,
Nanda is a cousin of NAMRATA AND SHILPA SHIRODKAR and not the Ts.
Born on 8-1-1941,Nanda is the daughter of Master Vinayak(Karnataki)-a very popular Marathi actor in his days and Meenakshi(Shirodkar)-a well known Marathi actress. Nanda and Shirodkars are Gomantak Marathas and the Talpadeys are C.K.P.(chandraseniya Kayastha Prabhu).There is no relation between the Ts and Nanda,as far as I know.
Nanda,who was once engaged to Manmaohan Desai in 1992(he committed suicide by jumping to death-not because of this,of course),is very friendly with Waheeda Rehman and Saira Banoo.

Just knowing the filmi facts from you gives me immense pleasure(you are a such a treasure house of facts relating to movies),I just want to know whether Master vinayak is the same actor who acted as Comedian in “Gulyacha Ganapathi”(I don`t know marathi, That`s why there may be spelling mistakes, But I have seen that film in a Retro Film festival)

Further, I have read in some Hindi film glossy, that Shilpa shirodkar`s(who appeared in Kishen kanahiyya in wet sarees) Grand mother(I don`t know whether her name is Meenakshi or Mandakini shirodkar,I want to know the exact name)appeared in Swimsuits, in that era itself.

Jee karta hai, aapka ghar dhoondke, aapse miloon aur aapse dher saari baat karoon, aapka articles regularly pad padke aapka FAN ban gaya hoon main.
lot`s of regards

Nandaji`s brother married JAYASHREE.T.I have seen their marriage photos in SCREEN

In fact, Jayashree.T. and Sulakshana pandit both of these actresses are interested in marrying the Late actor Sanjeev kumarji,
But,because of his failing health(this news is from gossip magazines-Hema maliniji ne Sanjeev kumar ka marriage proposal ko tukaraya tha, usi gam mein sanjeevji ne Shaadi nahin ki).

Jayshreeji ne Nandaji ke chote bhai ke saath shaadi karke, settle ho gayee(unka ek bachcha bhi hai,screen magazine ke ek photo mein jayashreeji ,unke pati aur bachche ka tasveer chhap gayi thi)

Sulakshanaji abhi bhi sanjeevji se apni shaadi nahin ho paane ka shokh mana rahi hai, Filmfare ki ek article mein, radio programmes mein.

Prakashchandra ji,
Thanks for your appreciation.One really feels happy to know that there are people who recognise one’s efforts.
Firstly GULACHA GANAPATI was a movie produced,directed,composed,edited,and acted in,by Maharashtra’s pride P.L.Deshpande.He was the Hero of that film.P.L.Deshpande is the same person who was,due to his credentials,called by the Govt.Of India,to become the first Director of Television,and to do the initial spade work in India, around early 60s.He was technically qualified also.
Secondly,Meenakshi Shirodkar and Master Vinayak acted in Marathi’s landmark movie’BRAMHACHARY’ in the 40s.In this movie,Meenakshi,very boldly,donned swimsuit for a famous song ‘Yamunajali khelu khel kanhaiya,kaa laajata’ sung by Meenakshi herself.In those days the puritans of Maharashtra made lot of hue and cry and there was a talk of bycot of the film.
The film was also made in Hindi later on.
I am based in Mumbai.I am available on Facebook also(My photo is with specs,blue shirt and moustache.This is because there are hundreds of ADs on Facebook.)

Arunji,Thank you so much, for the valuable information,

with love and regards

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