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Nis din barsat nain hamaare

Posted on: June 27, 2011

“Bhakt Surdas” (1942) a rich source of K L Saigal songs. I have so far discussed as many as 8 songs from this movie, and majority of these songs have been in the voice of K L Saigal in them.

Here is another song from this movie. Lyrics of this song are quite familar and I in fact thought that I had already discussed this song. But I realise that this song, despite its lyrics sounding so familiar has not been discussed.

This song is sung by K L Saigal. It is a traditional song originally created by Soordas. Music is composed by Gyan Dutt.

PS-The other voice calling out “Soordas ji” and then singing the next few lines belongs to Mohinder Saigal, K L Saigal’s brother. I thank Mr A C Tuli for this rare information.

song-Nis din barsat nain hamaare (Bhakt Surdas) (1942) Singer-K L Saigal, Mohinder Saigal, Lyrics-Soordas, MD-Gyan Dutt


Nis din barsat nain hamaare
nis din barsat nain hamaare
sadaa rahat paawas ritu hampe
sadaa rahat paawas ritu hampe
jab se Shyaam sidhaare
jab se Shyaam sidhaare
nis din barsat nain hamaare
nis din barsat nain hamaare

ankhiyaan dhoondhh thaki man thaakyo
ankhiyaan dhoondhh thaki man thaakyo
chalat chalat pag haare
Soordaas jee !
ankhiyaan dhoondhh thaki man thaakyo
ankhiyaan dhoondhh thaki man thaakyo
chalat chalat pag haare
Soor shyaam bhatko mat dar dar kholo man ke dwaare
Soor shyaam bhatko mat dar dar kholo man ke dwaare
kholo man ke dwaare kholo man ke dwaare

7 Responses to "Nis din barsat nain hamaare"

Isn’t there a Lata Mangeshkar song too, with this beginning? I will go YouTube hunting forthwith. What a delight to hear Saigal sing it. Thanks.


Dear desi-at-large ji,

Yes, Lata ji has also recorded this bhajan, albeit that is not part of a movie. It is from a non-filmi bhajan selection.
YouTube link is



Sudhir ji / desi -at-large ji,
There was an LP of Lata titled “All India with Lata”.In this LP there were 2 songs of Lata each of Punjabi,Bengali,Gujrathi,Tamil,Marathi and Hindi in it.One of the Hindi songs was ‘Nisidin barsat nain hamare”.
This is a Soordas bhajan and many classical singers like to recite this in their programmes.Pt.Bhimsen Joshi has also sung this song.


Thank you, Sudhirji and Deshmukhji, for all the information. I do remember the Lata version only played on the `gair-filmi geet’ programmes. Yes, Soordas bhajan, as learnt from the KLS post.


One thing that is perhaps little known about this bhajan that Saigal sang for the film ‘Bhakt Surdas’ was that in the later part of the song he is joined by another singer, named Mohinder. Mohinder in fact was Saigal’s younger brother. He had some skill as a singer. But he was never heard singing any other son after this one.
Mohinder joins Saigal in this song when he hails him, ‘Soordas ji’. And then completes the song in his own voice, ‘Soor shyam bhatko mat dar dar, khol man ke dware…’ This fact was confirmed by me when years ago I visited Jalandhar and happened to meet Mohinder Saigal’s wife who was then teaching in Kanya Maha Vidyale. Mohinder was the youngest brother of Saigal. He died years ago.


Thanks a lot. This is a great nugget of information.


very nice anecdote. Thank you


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