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Mere do nainaa matwaare

Posted on: June 29, 2011

When one listens to the songs of the golden era, one realises that the overall quality of the songs was quite high. Not just the big name music directors, even small time music directors were creating quality stuff. The only difference between big names and small names was marketability, otherwise qualitywise, even music directors confined to B and C grade movies were just as good as the A grade music directors.

There are a few small time music directors that deserved much better fate than what they finally ended up with. Among these less successful music directors, G S Kohli will ap=lways occupy a pride of place. He got very few opportunity to showcase his talent, and he left his mark on the few opportunities that he got, but unfortunately those opportunities came in B grade movies which failed to be box office successes and as a result his career failed to take off in a big way.

I have discussed a few G S Kohli compositions in this blog and I would like to discuss all his compositions that I can lay my hands on.

Here is a lovely G S Kohli composition from a movie called “Namaste Jee” (1965). The song is sung by Lata. Anjaan is the lyricist.

This song, which is not known to too many except true music lovers who search deep (like Prakashchandra, who sent the lyrics of this song to me). Songs like this deserve to be better known among music lovers.

Here is this wonderful song from a wonderfully talented composer.

Song-Mere do nainaa matwaare (Namaste Jee) (1965) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anjaan, MD-G S Kohli

Lyrics (Provided by Prakashchandra)

Mere do naina matwaare,
kiske liye
bechain hai chaand sitaare,
kiske liye
bheegi hai raat,
mere dil ke saath
barsaa ho pyaar jaise
ho oo o
mere do naina matwaare,
kiske liye
bechain hain chaand sitaare,
kiske liye

ho o o
rang layee hai ajab ye
rang layee hai, ajab ye
shokh dhadkan pyaar ki
hai wohi duniya, magar
hai wohi duniya, magar
har baat lagthi hai nayee
ho o o
dhadkta dil mera
machalti har ada
dhadkta dil mera
ye dekhe nain jalwe
aaj pehli baar ulfat ke
ho o o
mere do naina matwaare,
kiske liye
bechain hain chaand sitaare
kiske liye

ho o o
pyaar ki nazare inaayat
pyaar ki nazare inaayat
jabse hum par ho gayee
khushnuma khwaabon mein hanskar
khushnuma khwaabon mein hanskar
zindagi ye kho gayee
ho o o
jawaan har khwaab hai
ye dil betaab hai
jawaan har khwaab hai
deewaana kar na dil
do ishaare ye mohabbat ke

4 Responses to "Mere do nainaa matwaare"

Atul ji,

Wow, and thanks for posting this wonderful favorite of mine since ages.



Atul ji,
What you said about less fortunate composers is true.Atleast,GSKohli,Bipin Babul,etc were known to many,but there were other less known music Directors who gave excellent songs.
Some of them are:
Dada Chandekar,Datta Korgaonkar,Sudhir Phadke,Pannalal Ghosh,Madhulal master,Govindram,Ashok Ghosh,Gulam Haider,Timir Baran,Harishchandra Bali,Vasant Naidu,C.Balaji,S.K.Pal,Saraswatidevi,Zande Khan,Sreedhar Parsekar,Master Krishnarao,Ganapat rao,Ninu Mujumdar etc.etc.
Many of these composers did not get opportunity to cut records of all their songs,hence their sweet melodies are heard only from their movies.
You have,I think,given some songs from this list of composers like,Ganapat Rao,Ashok Ghosh, Pannalal Ghosh,D.korgaokar,Gulam Hider,etc.




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